SportsGeek AI Predictions for NFL Week 4

Going into week 4, our model(s) continue to perform slightly better than the 52.4% required to break even (9-7 in week 3). The table above/below provides all our computer predictions going into week 4. We analyzed them and determined what we think, are the best games to bet on.

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Eagles 41% Packers 59%  Packers by 1.5
Redskins 47% Giants 53%  Giants by 4.5
Chiefs 80% Lions 20%  Chiefs by 10
Titans 43% Falcons 57% Falcons by 2.5
Browns 44% Ravens 56% Ravens by 6
Raiders 40% Colts 60% Colts by 3
Patriots 61% Bills 39% Patriots by 8.5
Panthers 29% Texans 71% Texans by 2.5
Chargers 90% Dolphins 10% Chargers by 12
Buccaneers 23% Rams 77% Rams by 7
Seahawks 82% Cardinals 18% Seahawks by 10
Vikings 52% Bears 48% Vikings by 4
Jaguars 55% Broncos 45% Jaguars by 5.5
Cowboys 65% Saints 35% Cowboys by 3.5
Bengals 34% Steelers 66% Steelers by 3

Here Are Our Recommended Bets for Week 4

Chiefs (-6.5) @ Lions – (Our AI system predicts the Chiefs to win by 10) – Somehow, someway the Lions are undefeated through the first 3 weeks. Had the Eagles not caused countless mistakes last week, the Lions probably would’ve been handed their first loss of the season. Now they get to go up against the offensive juggernaut that is the Chiefs. With Mahomes firing on all cylinders (it took him just 10 quarters to go over 1,000 passing yards this season) the Lions will need to play a near perfect game if they stand a chance to contend with the Chiefs.

AI Pick
Kansas City Chiefs

Seahawks (-4) @ Cardinals – (Our AI system predicts the Seahawks to win by 10) – Although the Cardinals defense is filled with stars, that has not translated to success. The run defense has been abysmal through the first 3 weeks, and the pass rush hasn’t been putting nearly as much pressure on the quarterbacks as it should. If Seattle’s running backs can take care of the football next week (don’t fumble), Russell Wilson can do the rest and lead the team to a convincing victory.

AI Pick
Seattle Seahawks


Bears (-2.5) @ Vikings – ((Our AI system predicts the Vikings to win by 4) – Running back production is king in Minnesota. Dalvin Cook has been carrying the load on offense through the first 3 weeks, setting multiple team records in the process, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down at all. Next week he gets to match up against arguably the best defensive team in the NFL in what should be an interesting face off. For as good as the Bears defense has looked this season, their offense has looked the exact opposite. I expect Trubisky to struggle to get the offense going against the Vikings as has been the case the whole season (save for week 3 against the Redskins).

AI Pick
Minnesota Vikings
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