How to Bet MyBookie’s NBA 2K20 Simulated Games for March 25

  • MyBookie hosting NBA 2K20 streams featuring 5 hypothetical matchups
  • You can bet on the point spreads for all 5 games at MyBookie
  • Games will be played by CPU and streamed live on MyBookie

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the temporary cancellation of sporting events all over the United States. Had there not been a global health crisis, the NBA’s regular season would be in its stretch run right about now. Today’s NBA schedule was slated to have 9 games, but that obviously won’t be the case.

NBA betting sites are trying just about everything they can to keep would-be bettors entertained during the NBA’s hiatus. On Wednesday, MyBookie is introducing simulated NBA 2K20 games that people can place bets on. Yes, they have 5 fake NBA 2K20 matchups with point spreads and everything. The games will be streamed on the website with the CPU controlling both teams. The games will have 12-minute quarters and they’ll be played with a Hall of Fame difficulty level.

The 5 games on Wednesday’s 2K20 stream slate are listed below:

Teams Spread at MyBookie
Charlotte Hornets +4.5 (-115)
New York Knicks -4.5 (-115)
Teams Spread at MyBookie
Cleveland Cavaliers +14.5 (-115)
Houston Rockets -14.5 (-115)
Teams Spread at MyBookie
Oklahoma City Thunder -9.5 (-115)
Memphis Grizzlies +9.5 (-115)
Teams Spread at MyBookie
Dallas Mavericks -8.5 (-115)
Sacramento Kings +8.5 (-115)
Teams Spread at MyBookie
Minnesota Timberwolves +6.5 (-115)
Portland Trail Blazers -6.5 (-115)

As crazy as it sounds, we have actually had some line movement on some of these games. Houston opened as an 11.5-point favorite over Cleveland, but the public has pushed the number up to 14.5. Mavs-Kings started at Mavs -7.5, but it’s now Mavs -8.5. Let’s go through a couple of these matchups and dig for some betting value.

Rockets-Cavaliers Mismatch

Obviously, this is the biggest mismatch on the board with the Rockets favored by over 2 touchdowns at home against the Cavaliers. One thing worth noting about these simulations is that injuries are not a factor. That means that players that were injured in real life at the time the NBA shut down will be available to play in these simulated 2K games. Andre Drummond, Darius Garland and Tristan Thompson had missed a few games for Cleveland before the break began, but all 3 will be available to play in the simulation.

The Cavs actually have more players with a rating of 80 or better (4) than the Rockets (3) do, but James Harden (97) and Russell Westbrook (89) are more highly-rated than anyone on the Cleveland side. Drummond leads the way with an 85 rating.

One interesting thing about this matchup is that Cleveland has a huge size advantage. The Rockets have punted on playing with a traditional center, which means Drummond, Thompson and Kevin Love should give Houston some issues on the glass. Cleveland can’t match Houston’s star power, but having size can be a bigger advantage in a video game than real life basketball.

This spread just looks too big. I think the Rockets still win it, but it wouldn’t be at all shocking if the 2K Cavs managed to cover the spread. 14.5 is just a monster number. Take the value that comes with grabbing the Cavaliers to cover.

The Pick: Cavaliers +14.5 (-115)

Luka Leads Dallas

Mavericks-Kings is a bit like Rockets-Cavs in that the Kings actually have more highly-rated players overall, but the 2 highest-rated Mavs are both better than anyone on the Kings. Luka Doncic (96) and Kristaps Porzingis (86) are better than Sacramento’s highest-rated player, De’Aaron Fox (83).

The Kings boast 4 players with a rating of 80 or higher, while Dallas has 3. Sacramento will have the home-court advantage in this one, but I’m not sure how they’re supposed to stop the Doncic/Porzingis two-man show. Luka is one of the best players in the game, while the 7’3″ Porzingis will own a tremendous size advantage over anyone the Kings try and throw at him. Dallas has enough quality complementary pieces (9 players rated 76 or higher) to where they can still put points on the board if one of their superstars happens to endure an off night from a shooting perspective.

There’s a decent amount of risk here considering the line keeps getting pushed further toward the Mavericks, but I’m still inclined to take a shot on Dallas here. In real life, the 2019-20 Mavericks have been one of the most prolific offensive clubs in NBA history. If that translates at all to the 2K game, this could be a rout.

The Pick: Mavericks -8.5 (-115)

OKC Heavily Favored Over Memphis

A real life Thunder-Grizzlies matchup would have some potential playoff ramifications with both teams toward the bottom of the Western Conference playoff picture. Unfortunately, we currently have no idea when we’ll see that playoff race play itself out. Regardless, we can entertain ourselves in the meantime with a video game matchup between the two teams on Wednesday night at MyBookie.

Few expected either of these teams to be playoff teams this season, but both have obviously exceeded expectations. The Thunder are 9.5-point favorites here, though, thanks to their overall talent advantage. OKC has 4 of the 5 highest-rated players in this game, with Ja Morant being the lone Grizzly rated 84 or higher.

The Thunder are a guard-heavy offense, while Memphis has more capable wings. That should wind up giving Oklahoma City a quickness advantage in this one, as I’m not sure the Grizzlies’ wings really have what it takes defensively to slow the Thunder down. Morant faces a tough individual matchup against Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. If OKC’s guards are able to give Morant problems, I’m not sure where the Grizzlies’ scoring will come from.

Take the Thunder to cover the 9.5-point spread in this one.

The Pick: Thunder -9.5 (-115)

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