NBA Team Win Predictions for the Pacific Division

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The NBA regular season tips off on October 22nd with a couple of marquee matchups then on the 23rd, the rest of the league gets their first matchup of the year.

The 2019 free agent season was easily the most economically staggering of any year to date.

Russell Westbrook signed with the Houston Rockets and he’s going to be making over a half a million dollars per game. That, of course, doesn’t even include sponsorships and deals so I imagine in total he must be making close to 1,000,000 every time he steps on the court.

That’s Westbrook, though, and I’m not his biggest fan. Neither are many of the other superstars that have shared a locker room with the man either, and I don’t even want to get into his fashion sense.

Okay, that was one of his better ones. Let’s call it paying respect to the blue-collar workers who built the arenas that players call “my house.”

Speaking of blue-collar, how about Kawhi Leonard and Paul George now playing for the Los Angeles Clippers?

Two blue-collar guys playing in working-class cities are now Hollywood…but will these two and their team be overshadowed by the Los Angeles Lakers, again?

LA now has Anthony Davis to play alongside Lebron James. How cool is that?

Particularly Interested:

In the stylistic pairing more than the individual in this case. As far as megastar teammates, Lebron has had only Kyrie Irving and Dwayne Wade, both smaller guards.

The Lakers will need to knock down jumpers as opposing defenses won’t have much choice not to double team either AD or Lebron down low.

The Pacific Division is obviously one of the most intriguing in the league in the 2019-2020 season.

I haven’t even mentioned the Golden State Warriors!

Let’s break down the NBA team win betting odds, released by the top NBA betting sites, and make predictions for the Pacific Division.

Golden State Warriors Logo

Golden State Warriors

  • Over 48.5 Wins: -115
  • Under 48.5 Wins: -105

Perhaps the team undergoing the biggest change of face in the 2019-2020 season is the Golden State Warriors.

Sure, KD is gone but they won an NBA Championship before he got there and they can win without him.

In my opinion, the loss of Klay Thompson will hurt them more.

Both men were hobbled and eventually went down for the count in the Finals last season and the Warriors still came close to defeating a team that was playing out of its mind in the Toronto Raptors.

The acquisition of DeAngelo Russell is huge. What they do with him after the return of Klay Thompson is another story but for our betting purposes today, it is beside the point.

KD and team leader Draymond Green were publicly having major problems and it was negatively affecting the team. KD is out, which is a loss, but his problems leave with him.

The Western Conference will be tough, of course, specifically the Pacific Division but I think the Warriors have what it takes to win 50 games again this season.

They still have one of if not the best head coach in the league with Steve Kerr, former MVP Steph Curry, and one of the best defenders and leaders in the league in Draymond Green.

Russell can get to the basket and finish as well as anyone in the league, something that wasn’t a major part of Klay’s game.

Their 3-point shooting will likely suffer but a potentially more balanced offense may more than make up for it.

The Bet
Over 48.5 Wins

Los Angeles Clippers Logo

Los Angeles Clippers

  • Over 53.5 Wins: -125
  • Under 53.5 Wins: +105

This may be a bit trickier than first thought.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are both at the peak of their careers and have the ability to dominate this league.

Both men are, in the words of Colin Cowherd, “grown-ups”.

I don’t mean any disrespect to the Russell Westbrook’s and Odell Beckham’s of the world, but there is a clear maturity disparency with certain professional athletes that sometimes go unnoticed when we are overly focused on skill and/or statistics.

I think the Clippers winning 54 or more comes down to health. They will be without Paul George for maybe the first month or so this year but Kawhi is used to being the man and having to carry a team.

I’m going with the over.

The Bet
Over 53.5 Wins

Phoenix Suns Logo

Phoenix Suns

  • Over 29.5 Wins: -110
  • Under 29.5 Wins: -110

It’s not going to be easy for the Phoenix Suns psychologically in the 2019-2020 season. They really didn’t make any kind of waves in the offseason.

Ricky Rubio…

He’s alright but will be a defensive liability attempting to hang with someone like the Warriors’ DeAngelo Russell.

They won 19 games last year! Only the lowly New York Knicks were worse. I don’t see them pulling 10 out of their behinds unless Sir Charles and Dan Majerle come out of retirement.

The Suns will likely be tanking post-All Star break. With the rest of the conference and division loading up like Tony Montana, the Suns are unfortunately outgunned.

The Bet
Under 29.5 Wins

Sacramento Kings Logo

Sacramento Kings

  • Over 38.5 Wins: -105
  • Under 38.5 Wins: -115

The Kings just missed the NBA Playoffs last season finishing 9th in the Western Conference at 39-43.

They improved slightly signing veteran defensive force Trevor Ariza and former Golden State Warrior scorer Harrison Barnes.

Both men have championship rings on their respective fingers and should hopefully solidify a winning culture again in Sac-Town.

This city loves their hoops as they don’t have any other professional sports teams to follow, so you know they will have the support of the crowd if they show that they can at least compete with the elite teams of the Western Conference.

De’Aaron Fox has shown that he wants to be and likely will be the cornerstone of the franchise for at least the next 5 years.

He is a solid point guard with all-around skills and has significantly improved his scoring average and field goal percentage to go along with dishing out more assists as well.

I like the Kings to finish around .500 for the year and get that playoff berth that ever so slightly eluded them last season.

The Bet
Over 38.5 Wins

Los Angeles Lakers Logo

Los Angeles Lakers

  • Over 49.5 Wins: -125
  • Under 49.5 Wins: -105

LA was potentially on their way to 50 wins last year until that fateful Christmas Day.

They had their struggles early in the season, which was expected as Lebron was learning which of his new teammates he could or couldn’t trust.

On December 25th, they blew out James’s rival Warriors but he pulled his groin in the process.

After the inevitable struggles sans King, he was on a minutes restriction upon his return and the 2019-2020 season became the ultimate focus and goal.

Therefore, it’s difficult for us to go off of last season when trying to predict the outcome of the current one.

The addition of Anthony Davis can give any team at minimum of +10 wins.

A healthy Lebron James for more than half a season is at least 7 more.

They also added recent NBA Champ and shooter/defender Danny Green as well as the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard.

They did give up a lot to the Pelicans as far as future draft picks but the majority of the players they lost were mostly fat that needed to be trimmed.

I worry about transition defense with so many aging massive players when other teams go small but if they can dominate the half-court game, this team wins 55 or more.

The Bet
Over 49.5 Wins

In Conclusion

The NBA regular season is fast approaching and after the widest free agent season ever, predicting the over or under for your favorite teams’ wins has never been more fun.

Even if one of these teams in the Pacific Division isn’t one of your favorites, you can’t tell me how this division plays out in the 2019-2020 season isn’t at the very least intriguing.

I think the Warriors, Clippers, and Lakers all hit their projected win total this year.

Maybe, we fall a bit short and just get two out of three but it will still keep us above water.

The Sacramento Kings are a bit of a wild-card here. I wouldn’t empty the bank on the over or under.

I do love the under for the Phoenix Suns, though.

Feel free to let the preseason play out before you make your bets but just remember that you aren’t the only one paying attention and the lines will move accordingly.

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