Europa League Semifinals Betting Tips

2019 Europa League Semifinals Betting Tips - Valencia, Chelsea, Eintracht Frankfurt and Arsenal

My oh my, I’m writing this article less than an hour after that amazing Anfield match. Liverpool’s sensational performance and four goals (two from Wijnaldum and two from Origi) knocked Barcelona out of the competition. And what a game it was! What a game! I didn’t see it coming, to be honest. No one did, for that matter. Be that as it is, we’re slowly turning our focus to the second Champions League semifinal between Ajax and Tottenham and two Europa League SFs on Thursday. As the title implies, this article will be focusing on the latter. More precisely, we’ll talk about all four remaining EL teams and assess their forms, domestic runs, and EL aspirations. Of course, we’ll also go through Europa League semifinals betting tips since that’s what most of you came here to see.

So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with the best sites to use for Europa League betting!

Where to Bet on EL Semifinals | Best Soccer Betting Sites

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That said, if you are looking for a proper betting site to use for betting on Europa League semifinals, those names on my list will surely suffice.

Valencia vs Arsenal Betting Tips

Let’s start off with the Spanish-English battle in which two fifth-place teams (in their domestic leagues) will be battling for the Europa League finals. Valencia vs Arsenal, a promising match that could turn into a tight contest. If Valencia scores the first goal, of course. Need I remind you, the first leg result was 3-1 for the Gunners. At first glance, that could seem like a wonderful result for the London team, but that away goal could mean very much for Los Ches.

This match is nicely poised and has all it takes to become a proper beauty. So, let’s start off with the Europa League semifinals betting tips and check out which of these teams will come into this match with higher spirits and better form.

Los Ches Chasing Champions League

Domestically, Valencia hasn’t done itself a lot of justice. At the moment, they are sitting on the fifth spot, three points away from the fourth-placed Getafe. The fourth place leads to the Champions League so that’s something Los Ches definitely want to pursue.

However, there’s a furious team on the other end. Sevilla has the same number of points as Valencia and will also be hoping to take Getafe’s fourth spot ticket to the Champions League. The run is on, and only one of these three teams will qualify for the next CL season through the La Liga.

However, Los Ches can also qualify for the ultimate European club competition by winning the Europa League. Truth be told, Valencia is in a pretty good situation as far as their CL chase goes. They have to play against Alaves and Valladolid. On the other hand, Sevilla has to go up against Atletico Madrid and Ath. Bilbao, while Getafe has to achieve solid results against Villarreal and Barcelona.

Let’s not forget about the fact Valencia still has a chance of winning Copa del Rey. Sure, they’re going up against Barcelona but the chance is still there. And now an even bigger one, considering how Barcelona’s players must be feeling after their Anfield debacle.

Coming into this match, Valencia has a shooting practice against Huesca (6-2) but lost to Eibar and Atletico Madrid. Rodrigo, one of Valencia’s top scorers, is under a question mark for this match. He’s suffered an ankle injury and might not be ready for the Europa League semifinals clash. Add to that an unimpressive spell of matches at the Mestalla and several poor defensive performances, and you’ll realize why I’m fancying Arsenal to take this one home.

The Gunners Chasing Champions League Too

Arsenal is in somewhat of a similar story as Valencia. They’re also sitting at the fifth spot at the moment with one match to go. They’ll most likely stay at the fifth spot (leading to another EL campaign) unless they make a flop against Burnley and United wins against Cardiff. That said, Arsenal can’t really chase the Champions League through their domestic league. Instead, all of their Champions League dreams live in the Europa League… That’s where the Gunners will try and perform at their best level. That’s what Emery will be saving his most advanced tactics for!

After a resounding home leg win (3-1), the Gunners will be fancying their chances of advancing through to the Europa League finals. However, they’ll be met with a fierce atmosphere at the Mestalla, something that might end up chasing them.

We’ve seen them lose crucial points in away fixtures this season. Mind you, if we only count away fixtures in the Premier League, Arsenal would be sitting at the 10th spot with just 22 points from 18 games. In contrast, Liverpool would be at the top with 44 points in 19 games. Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that Arsenal hasn’t been the greatest team in away matches this season. And that’s something that you need to take into account before placing your bet on this match.

Their biggest problem in away matches seems to be their defense. 34 conceded goals in 18 matches speak a lot. The back four has been under fire recently, from both critics and their own fans. If they have another lousy defensive performance at the Mestalla, Arsenal could be in a world of trouble…

EL Semifinals Betting Tips #1

What should we do with this one? Sure, Arsenal is still the heavy favorite coming into this match. They won the first leg and are looking like the better overall team. On paper, that is. However, apart from that 3-1 1st leg victory, Arsenal didn’t win in their last four Premier League matches. Three defeats and a draw is what cost them their Champions League spot. Their last win dates back to 15th April when they defeated Watford. And that too was barely, with 1-0 on the scoreboard against 10-men Watford.

On the other end, Valencia has a slightly better track record across the last five matches. Three wins and two defeats. Not a lot better, but better nonetheless. Make that three wins and a draw if we’re only taking home games into account. With all that information laid on the table, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this is going to be a rather tricky match to predict.

Still, I believe in the Gunners! Even though both teams need a win to increase their chances of playing in the Champions League next season, Arsenal will be playing with a bit more ferocity. Valencia still has a shot at the fourth place (leading to CL) in La Liga so Thursday’s game won’t be imperative for them. However, Emery’s Arsenal doesn’t have that luxury. Europa League victory is be or not to be for them. CL-wise, of course.

With that in mind, I can’t help but go with Draw and both teams to score. This bet is currently at +350 which is a great value in my books. Valencia, driven by an electric atmosphere at the Stadion Mestalla, is likely to score a goal. However, Arsenal’s attacking firepower in the form of Aubameyang and Lacazette is likely to produce a goal on the other end as well.

If that bet is too risky for you, you can always go with both teams to score without betting on the draw. That one is currently listed at -188 and should only be used within a heftier accumulator.

Chelsea vs Eintracht Frankfurt Betting Tips

Now that we’ve analyzed the first EL semifinals match, let’s focus on the second one. Chelsea vs Eintracht Frankfurt is going to be a thriller. From the first to the last whistle, I’m 100% sure we’ll be in for a spectacle. It’s still anyone’s game at this point with 1-1 being the end-result of the first leg. However, with an electric crowd at the Stamford Bridge and highly motivated Blues ready to take the EL title home, Eintracht Frankfurt will have one tough spell ahead of them.

With that in mind, let’s dig deeper into these two teams and after which I’ll give you my thoughts on Europa League semifinals betting tips for this match.

Can Sarriball Win EL?

The Sarriball saga continues. After an entire season of huge oscillations, going back and forth with amazing wins and disastrous defeats, Sarri’s Chelsea is now at the third spot and they won’t give it away without a fight. Their last match is against Leicester and they should close it out with style, securing a Champions League spot and being the third-best EPL team, right behind Liverpool and Manchester City. I said right behind even though there are 23 points separating them from the second-place Liverpool, I know, I know…

Still, the first leg could’ve easily gone in Chelsea’s favor. They were, by far, the better team. The stats showed that perfectly. If they were a bit more critical in the final third, perhaps this match would’ve been all wrapped up before the start of the second match. But Chelsea failed to capitalize and here we are. 1-1 from the first leg and everything to play for on Stamford Bridge.

When it comes to Chelsea’s home turf performance, they haven’t lost a single match since December. We’re talking six wins in last eight PL matches on Stamford Bridge. Solid all-around defensive effort and talented midfield and attacking combo is the bread and butter of this Chelsea team. They have what it takes to reach the finals and I’m sure they’re going to display their sheer quality cometh the Thursday’s EL semifinals match.

If they overcome the fierce Germans, Sarri and his players will definitely fancy their chances of winning the finals. They certainly have the quality, but there’s another very important factor that has to be noted. Chelsea is the only team (among four remaining EL teams) that has already secured a place in the Champions League next season. That said, no matter who emerges victorious in the second SF match, I’m sure that team will have much more desire to win the finals than Chelsea. Desire is a tricky matter and I might be completely wrong here, but I reckon the likes of Valencia and Arsenal will have that extra bit of motivation since they’re not just playing for the EL title. They’re playing for next season’s Champions League spot.

Frankfurt’s Top Four Battle Continues

Hutter’s Eintracht Frankfurt turned out to be the biggest Europa League surprise this season. After a sensational set of victories over Shakhtar, Inter, and Benfica, Hutter’s team will be looking for more of the same against Sarri’s Chelsea. But that’s going to be a lot tougher task than any of the previous ones. Especially at Stamford Bridge which has become a proper fortress for the London team.

Luckily for Eintracht, an EL victory isn’t imperative in order to play Champions League football next season. Their Bundesliga run is looking solid with just a few more matches to go. They’re at the fourth spot that’s leading to CL next season, and all they have to do is keep it and they’re golden.

However, there’s more to it than next season’s CL football. This young team wants to win something big. They want to win an international club competition and this chance is probably the best one they’ll get. With just two matches to go, if Jovic, Rebic and the company can continue playing at such a high level, they might even go all the way.

It’ll be tough, no doubt about it, but from all I’ve seen from this team thus far, the quality is certainly there. To finish off this section, let’s just say Eintracht Frankfurt is Ajax of the Europa League… Whether or not they’ll scalp Chelsea just like their Dutch counterparts scalped Real Madrid and Juventus, is a tough one. On the bright side, we’ll find out in less than 48 hours!

EL Semifinals Betting Tips #2

My heart says Eintracht Frankfurt but my mind says Chelsea. Even though Ein. Frankfurt has been in a tremendous form in EL this season, beating Chelsea away from home will require an extra bit of firepower. While the likes of Jovic and Rebic can definitely create that magical spark, it’s questionable whether or not Kante, Luiz and the rest of Chelsea’s defensive line will succumb to their efforts.

The first leg match portrayed a lonely Jovic up front. Even though the formation wasn’t that defensive, it seemed as though Ein. Frankfurt’s players were a bit heavy on their feet. Especially in the attacking portion of the game. This is bound to change in the second leg and, I’m sure many of you won’t agree with me on this one, I believe the German team will score an away goal.

However, I doubt it will be enough to overcome Sarri’s Chelsea. The fact is, Chelsea’s style of play will be superior to that of Ein. Frankfurt just like it was in the first leg. Plus, the second leg is at Stamford Bridge which will mean more wind in Chelsea’s sails. That said, I expect them to create more chances and be a bit more clinical in front of the goal.

Overall, my Europa League semifinals betting tips for this match are as follows – match-winner on Chelsea at -275 for accumulators, and Chelsea to Win 1-0 and Hazard to score at +1600 for high-risk high-reward seekers.

Europa League Semifinals Betting Tips | Summary

In all honesty, I still can’t stop thinking about that Liverpool vs Barcelona game. It was probably one of the biggest comebacks I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’ve seen plenty of those in my days. If there’s one thing we can all learn from that game, it’s that we can never write off top tier teams. Even when Barcelona is on the opposing end.

That said, with Liverpool already in the Champions League finals and Tottenham fancying their chances against Ajax tonight, I’m left wondering whether we’re going to see Premiership finals in both of Europeans top club competitions. Yep, if Arsenal confirms their win against Valencia and if Chelsea wins on Stamford Bridge, English clubs will once again find themselves at the top of the European football. After a pretty lengthy drought, mind you.

As far as the Europa League semifinals betting tips go, I believe my picks are pretty reasonable. But, then again, if another Liverpool – Barcelona match happens on Thursday, my betting bankroll will suffer as much as yours. In the end, thank you all for reading and let’s hope Thursday will be a lot better than Tuesday.