A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier Betting Preview, Odds and Predictions

A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier Logo - The Old White TPC

Well, that was a short break for the PGA Tour!

2 weeks off and some of the worlds best are back at it!

Normally, they wait until the beginning of October before teeing off at the Safeway Open to start the season but due to the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, certain tournaments are being held early.

This event is normally held in July but this is the first year it is being held in September.

I for one can’t think of a better time for a tournament entitled the Military Tribute than this weekend.

Today, of course, marks 18 years that have passed since that fateful day that will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of every American.

Conspiracy theories aside, I believe it’s of the utmost importance that we always remember where we were on September 11th, 2001?

In addition, maybe we can ask a new friend or coworker where they were and how the attacks made an impact on their lives.

I was 19 and at my first duty station, Andrews Air Force Base, MD. I was leaving the immunizations clinic when I saw one plane hit on the television. I stuck around for a minute and after seeing the second jet hit the tower, I knew it was probably time to head back to work.

The base went into lockdown and there were multiple false reports on the radio of the State Dept, FBI Building, and others being hit.

We were fairly concerned as Andrews was responsible for flying the President in one of two planes under the call sign Air Force One.

Our office, in particular, was the equivalent of OSHA and the EPA with some radiological sampling thrown in.

We stayed at work until about 7 that night and that’s when we got the call to respond to the Pentagon for air sampling.

Our first mission was to attach personal dosimeters to those who were retrieving the dead bodies from inside the building. That day, I learned the difference in a red body bag and a black one.

I also saw ash imprints on the wall from office workers whose hands never left the keyboard.

For the next two weeks, we focused our efforts around the clock on area sampling clearing the various hallways and offices of various chemicals left in the air inside that massive building with umpteen basements.

Even though this day is always a difficult one for me, I am forever thankful that I was able to do my part as so many Americans felt helpless.

As I said, it is important to remember September 11th but it has seemingly become even more paramount as our nation continues to divide along party lines to remember how we all felt on September 12th.

This isn’t a call for nationalism but more so for love and acceptance of your neighbor. We all have to remind ourselves that we don’t have to agree with someone’s beliefs to be a good co-worker, friend, or lover.

“And that’s all I got to say about that.”-FG

Yes, the PGA Tour is back early and I hope you’re as excited as I am. We have several different betting opportunities for you.

If you would like potentially more options, check out our top golf betting sites here.

Some top stars returning the Tour in week one include Bryson “Slo-mo” Dechambeau, my best good friend Bubba Watson, defending champ Kevin Na, and a couple of budding superstars in Sungjae Im and Viktor Hovland.

Let’s take a look at the course and some picks for your betting spread.

The Old White TPC at the Greenbriar

Located in the border town of White Sulphur Springs in the green mountainous state of West Virginia.

Don’t be quick to judge the name. It garnered its namesake after the now torn down hotel “The White” which later became “The Old White”.

  • Front nine has no par 5s
  • 18th is a 177-yard par 3
  • Resort course
  • 2,000 feet elevation
  • Massive Bentgrass greens
  • Fairways wide at an average of 34 yards
  • Been dry-fairways will bounce
  • No wind in the forecast
  • Potential birdie-fest
  • Likely putting contest


Viktor Hovland: +1400

Yes, a winner. Right out the gate.

Why not?

The 21-year-old kid from Oslo, Norway is primed for an outstanding year and potentially a run at a major title.

Overzealous, you say?

He was three strokes outside of third place at the US Open this year. Let’s put his over//under for Tour wins in 2019/20 at 2.5.

I’m going over all day.

Look at how this kid finished up the season.

From the end of June onwards-13th, 13th, 16th, and 4th.

Since then, he has competed a couple of times on the Korn Ferry Tour where he notched an 11th place finish and a runner-up performance.

This course and the current weather forecast is set up for strong drivers of the ball and Vik is just that averaging more than 300 yards.

With the passing of every week, Hov seems to be getting more and more comfortable and thus placing higher.

The kid is legit. Get on the train.

The Bet
Hovland to Win

Jason Kokrak: +1600

Another strong driver of the ball and consistent performer, Jason has more experience than Vik.

17th last year in driving distance, Kokrak can, well, crack.

He was middle of the road with accuracy on Tour last year but with fairways that are 34 yards wide, room for error is far from premium.

I mentioned this tournament would be a birdie fest and Jason was 31st in birdie percentage last year and 30th in scoring average overall.

He quietly wrapped up the year in excellent form.

  • 6th at the Wyndham
  • 12th at the Northern Trust
  • 19th at the BMW Championship
  • 14th at the Tour Championship

Jason ranks around 100th on Tour in various putting averages but these greens are large and he actually putts better from farther away.

It’s going to take a few breaks to go his way but if you couple talent with experience, he is just as good as any other golfer in the field this week.

The Bet
Kokrak to Win

Sungjae Im: +2500

Still no sleepers?

I’m sleeping on the sleepers this week.

It’s not on purpose. We have quite the combo of consistent and talented near the top of the betting board and that’s what we are hitting today.

Im is another 21-year-old and actually more accomplished on Tour than Hovland.

  • 7 top tens
  • 17th in scoring average
  • 81st in driving distance-eh, not bad
  • 25th in scoring average, 25th in birdies, and 26 in eagles
  • 6th, 11th, and 19th in three out of his last four tourneys played
The Bet
Im to Win

In Conclusion

Wait, the PGA Tour isn’t supposed to be back until October?

But, I was just getting into football?

Yea, I hear ya.

Split-screen was invented decades ago for goodness sakes. You can make it happen.

Do you want to make some money or not?

We are going young this week. I like the hunger. 21-year-olds are hungry, right?

Okay, if I think about it, I was a lot more thirsty than hungry at that age but I couldn’t visualize potentially making 100 million dollars in my 20s like these guys.

Sungjae Im and Viktor Hovland are two men that seem destined to be a large part of the future of golf.

Jason Kokrak is in his 30s but coming off of one of the best years of his career, I like his chances here as well.

Get your bets in early guys, get away from the football, enjoy the links, and above all-NEVER FORGET :)

Mike Pruitt / Author

Mike has been covering sports professionally since 2017 but on the amateur scene for 25 years since when he was 12. Before the internet changed the world, he would keep detailed statistical box scores of NFL and NBA contests, write recaps, and voluntarily commentate games and fights alone in his room. Mike's military experience, Bachelors Degree, and employment thereafter were always rooted in engineering, science, and teaching. Now he enjoys being able to express himself through writing about football, golf, and car racing among other sports but most of all fighting as his life has been rooted in mixed martial arts including competing and teaching for the past 15 years.