Quaker State 400 Betting Preview

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Wow, so how many people had Justin Haley to win last week?

I don’t even think many of the online sportsbooks even had him listed?

He was somewhere around 500 to 1 to win!

In only his third start ever, he was able to do so.

Well, kinda.

Here are the highlights from last week’s race at Daytona.

Ask any winner.

A win is a win.

I don’t think I’ll be betting on him this week but who knows, in the future, he might be a force.

What is going on with NASCAR?

First Alex Bowman wins now Justin Haley.

Could we see another super sleeper get it done at Kentucky this week?

There is a high potential for collisions or at least drivers running one another into the wall.

Turn three, in particular, is pretty gnarly.

It is the flatness of these turns that make them so dangerous.

They even put extra traction in turns one and two just so drivers will have enough speed to lose it in turn three.

Gotta love it!

Watch it all the way through and you’ll get a clip of Kyle Busch straight drifting like his name was Paul Walker.

RIP Brian.

This week, though, yes.

When I think of Kentucky, I don’t think of NASCAR.

I don’t think of horses either.



What’s left?

Rolling hills?

More like the best Bourbon in the world.

Hey, it’s the weekend. What can I say?

When you hear Quaker State, of course, you think of ol’ Pennsylvania.

There’s also wings. If you ever get the chance to treat yourself to Quaker State and Lube wings, don’t be shy!

The race, though.

Martin Truex Jr is the 2-time defending champ.

He’s also having a great year in his new found home on wheels with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Unfortunately for us, he is the heavy betting favorite at (+375).

The Jersey boy is still on my radar.

BetOnline has the odds, so let’s get to it.

Kyle Busch: +500

This wide-eyed burner isn’t looking to get “crepe’d” by Sacha Baron Cohen like Ricky Bobby did several years back.

Martin Truex is on track, though, pardon me, to do just that.

After joining Team Joe Gibbs this year, Martin has experienced a resurgence in his career and evidently looking to supplant Busch as the team’s top driver.

Martin has tied Busch for the most wins on the season with 4 this year and he did so at the road track in Sonoma by holding off a surging Kyle Busch on the last lap.

Rivalry, anyone?

The sport needs it, so bring it on!

Kyle won the inaugural race here in 2011 and again in 2015. He has performed better in Kentucky overall than his new teammate.

7 top tens in 8 races including 6 top fives.

He has led more laps than anyone else as well.

Brad Keselowski: +800

Hey, guess who’s back!

Well, hopefully.

Brad has 3 wins on the season but his last one was in May around this time in Kansas.

He has performed fairly well since, though, by his standards.

He has three top 6 finishes in the past two months.

Kyle Busch is the only driver to have led more laps here in Kentucky than Brad and nobody has won more races than the Team Penske driver.

3 victories could easily turn into 4 by the end of Saturday night.


Erik Jones: +2800

Mr. Jones and me…

I’m just kidding. I don’t know him.

He’s a good driver, though.

In just two starts at this track, he has two top tens.

His average finishing position is second only to his teammate Kyle Busch’s ridiculous number of 5.0.

6.5 is pretty good for just two starts. I’m assuming that was a 6th and 7th place since he doesn’t have a top five.

His average start is 8th is third behind our previous two picks.

Erik gets after it.

Going back to Kansas a couple of months ago, he has an 8th place finish, a 7th, and has finished 3rd twice.

Let’s hope he can keep the sleeper car going on the winning train.

In Conclusion

Kentucky is a new track in NASCAR.

It has only been around for less than a decade.

We have only seen 4 winners here in 8 races too, so picking a winner, hopefully, won’t be too hard.

We have won a couple of times with Martin Truex Jr this year but let’s pull against him on Saturday night.

I see Kyle Busch as a man fighting hard to keep his top spot with the company.

Nobody has driven this place better than him and Keselowski, so why not give them some love?

And, Erik Jones?

Well, after Alex Bowman and Justin Haley took the last two races, why not right?

It is an educated pick, though, as his statistics show.

Remember, the race is Saturday night!

Get those bets in, sit back on the couch with a cold one and enjoy the unpredictability of turn 3.

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