The Open Championship Betting Preview

The Open Championship 148th Logo - Dunluce Course

Okay, so the Midwest Swing of the PGA Tour has brought us all the way to Northern Ireland for the 148th Open Championship or as it is known on the European Tour, The British Open.

When you talk about the British Open, courses like Carnoustie and the more familiar St Andrews come to mind.

Winning scores of 2 under par or possibly even-par have been the norm in the past at golf oldest Major tournament.

This weekend will not likely play that difficult as the weather is expected to cooperate.

The Dunluce Links at Royal Portrush Golf Club isn’t the most difficult course to try to navigate…in a perfect world that is.

The challenges will be there, of course, but it gets really gnarly when the wind blows and/or if it plays dry and fast, particularly the greens.

That hasn’t been the case, though, in the preceding weeks here so expect winning scores in the low to mid-teens if not better.

That could all change very quickly on this coastal links golf course if mamma nature decides to throw the best golfers in the world a nasty slider.

All of golf’s big names will, undoubtedly, be in attendance.

Tiger Woods will be there.

Word is, he is looking rather stiff in the chilly wet air trying to loosen up his chronically bad back.

Dustin Johnson, as good as he is, has won only one major tournament in his career and has been a bit of a gatekeeper as of late.

I know he would love to surprise the world and his colleagues with a win here to finish up the 2019 Major season.

Hometown boy, Rory McIlroy has been nearly a perennial top-ten performer this year, and he grew up playing these links as a youth. He will be the betting favorite this weekend and deservedly so.

Brooks Koepka is the man. That is all, really.

He has finished outside of the top 2 just once in his previous 6 majors played. That was last year at this event, so we know the FSU alum will be locked in for this one.

I could go on all day here but let’s get the betting action.

This week, I want to give you some solid picks like always but also some fun bets in which to hopefully keep the mood fairly light.

You can read up on my picks to place well here.

BetOnline has plenty of betting options available.

Let’s check ‘em out.

Props Bets

Playoff Featuring More Than 3 or More Players


This one is always fun. Most all of us would love to see a playoff on Sunday evening but it likely isn’t going to happen, as you can see.

You see the same betting line on every tournament, though, and with a field as thick as this one, skills are more likely to match up as golfers make their way through the weekend.

Maybe, only a few of our picks hit this weekend.

It sure would be nice to come out ahead with say, Brooks, Rory, and Xander white-knuckling it out this Sunday evening after 72 holes.

Bet 10.00 to win 160.00

My Pick
Yes to a playoff with 3 or more

Region of Winner


Is your nationalism game strong?

A proud American?

Maybe, your grandmother is from Korea or your dad is South African.

Yes, of course. It’s probably going to be a European or American to win this thing.

Of the top ten betting favorites, 6 are Euros and 4 American.

Out of the next ten, though, there are four men from either Asia, Australia, or Africa.

Hideki Matsuyama, in particular, has been incredibly consistent this year. The Japanese superstar just hasn’t been able to put it all together over four days.

If you want to go with the longshot and “value” pick, then hit the “other” button.

I think it would be fun, and there are some golfers from other parts of the world that have a great chance to at least have an opportunity to win.

Otherwise, betting on either the USA or Europe is best.

But which one?

Tough call.

Let’s flashback to 1995.

For those of you that don’t remember the greatest personality and golfer the world has and will ever know, John Daly, won this tournament for the good guys.

‘Merica, y’all!

Since then, the US has out-dueled the Europeans 14-7.

Seriously, though. It really is a coin flip.

I like McIlroy, Stenson, and Rose as well as Koepka, Schauffele, and Spieth.

I have to go with my country here.

Bet 20.00 to win 22.00

My Pick
USA golfer to win

Winning Score


I won this bet at the US Open at Pebble Beach this year because of fair weather and I’m going with the same strategy this week.

Hey, Francesco Molinari managed a 276 at Carnoustie at last year’s event.

With the level of talent, depth of the field, and the likelihood of low winds, I’ll spend the extra cash to win.

Bet 40 to win 20.50

My Pick
Under 274.5 strokes

First Hug of the Winner


Isn’t it always the wife or girlfriend?

I imagine it’s going to be a highly emotional moment and the likelihood of the girlfriend holding the kid with the first hug is low, in my opinion.

I’m surprised this is plus money.

I think it’s much more special to see the parent with the first hug because, with all due respect to the girlfriends of millionaires, it’s the parents who likely did more for said golfer’s career.

The world isn’t perfect, though, as we know.

I am halfway tempted to embed a photo of Brooks Koepka and his girlfriend at the recent ESPY awards but her entire dress was see-through, so you can just use your imagination.

Bet 67.00 to win 100.00

My Pick
Wife/Girlfriend to give first hug

Number of Players Finishing Under Par

OVER 29.5
UNDER 29.5

Hmmm, should we double down on the low scores, hedge, or what?

This weekend is meant to be fun, right?

To hedge with it?!

I say no.

30 players to finish under par…

We had 34 to finish even or better at a tougher course under likely worse conditions at Carnoustie last year.

It doesn’t look like the sportsbooks put too much thought into this one. They did go as far as (-115) to try to cover their backsides. That tells me they may need to here.

I like this over bet a lot.

Without blabbering on anymore and jinxing it, let’s take the 30 under par.

Bet 58.00 to win 50.00

My Pick
Over 29.5

Quick Picks

Top Scandanavian


I like him to win the whole thing, actually. I’m not going to list the rest of his viking counterparts.

He is far and above the better golfer than all of them. Henrik won this tournament on another links-style course at Royal Troon at 20 under par!

I couldn’t find a better score ever. His recent form is remarkable as well.

4th at the Scottish Open.

9th at the US Open.

8th at the Canadian Open.

He likes Opens.

Bet 60.00 to make 50.00

My Pick
Stenson as top viking

Graeme McDowell


Many folks are saying that this is Rory McIlroy’s home course and that he owns the course record of 61.

While this is true, Graeme McDowell is from Portrush. He’s also 39 years-old with much more experience here.

I’m not saying he’s going to outplay Rory.

I do like him to make the cut, though. The odds are fairly decent because he has missed two cuts in a row at the Scottish and Irish Opens, respectively.

I don’t really like that but I prefer to think he was just looking ahead to this week like many other top golfers do all the time including world number 1 Brooks Koepka.

Before those two missed cuts, Graeme was 16th at the US Open and 8th at the Canadian Open.

I’ll take that as decent nick.

You got my money, Graeme. Now don’t screw this up.

Bet 80.00 to make 50.00

My Pick
McDowell to make the cut



Si Woo is a mess. I’ve given him a couple of bucks lately in attempts to predict when he’s coming out of his slump but he has missed umpteen cuts in a row.

Jimmy Walker isn’t bad, but Furyk is having the better season. The winds are forecasted to be at their highest on Thursday, so I’ll take the man who has been at the top of driving accuracy stat line all year.

He has been known to fade but this is just the first round.

Bet 72.00 to win 100.00

My Pick
Furyk 3 ball

Louis does smash this tournament and he’s playing great. He doesn’t always get off to the best start, though, ranking 110th in first-round scoring on the season.

Brooks is Brooks and this is a major.

Bet 25.00 to win 20.00

My Pick
Koepka 3 ball

Harding has 3 missed cuts and a 54th place finish. See below for Chezzy.

Bet 53.00 to win 50

My Pick
Reavie 3 ball

Chez Reavie To Be First Round Leader: +10000

He is a good golfer.

Chez is also well-rested and won the Traveler’s a month ago. The previous week, he finished 3rd at the US Open.

Reavie is also 4th in first-round scoring on the year with more rounds played than anyone in the top ten.

Bet 10.00 to make 1000.00

My Pick
Reavie as first-round leader

In Conclusion

Some fun ones, right?

We started with some light-heartedness like I said I would but I am more confident with the picks as we went.

I especially like Henrik as top viking, Graeme to make the cut, 30 or more golfers to finish under par, and the winning score under 274.

The rest are either very high paying odds or difficult calls.

Enjoy the final major of the year, team, and if you have to decrease the suggested investments to keep this one fun, it’s all good.

Mike Pruitt / author

Mike has been covering sports professionally since 2017 but on the amateur scene for 25 years since when he was 12. Before the internet changed the world, he would keep detailed statistical box scores of NFL and NBA contests, write recaps, and voluntarily commentate games and fights alone in his room. Mike's military experience, Bachelors Degree, and employment thereafter were always rooted in engineering, science, and teaching. Now he enjoys being able to express himself through writing about football, golf, and car racing among other sports but most of all fighting as his life has been rooted in mixed martial arts including competing and teaching for the past 15 years.