Betting Preview on CS_Summit 6 | Where to Place Bets

Furia and Team Liquid - CS_Summit 6 Logo

Here we have the next RMR competition featuring both European and American events. CS_Summer 6 betting action kicks off on Monday, June 22nd and is set to last all the way to Sunday, July 5th. Beyond the Summit is the organization in charge of this one. If you’re a seasoned veteran of the CS:GO scene, I’m sure you’ve heard about it already.

This competition has a legendary status in the US but is fairly popular in other regions too. It’s known for bringing forth only the best CS:GO teams, featuring excellent production and large prize pools. Most importantly, it’s known for providing us with fine matches, which is why CS_Summit 6 betting is always a hot topic.

If you’re interested in placing bets on the sixth installment of CS_Summit, keep your eyes peeled for the entirety of this guide since it might help you get the most out of your wagers! As always, we’ll go through the key characteristics of good esports bookmakers before moving onto team storylines and outright winner predictions! There’s a lot of stuff to cover, so let’s stop beating around the bushes and get things going!

Competing Teams

  • North America (NA): 13
  • Europe (EU): 16


  • NA: 22nd June to 5th July
  • EU: 24th June to 5th July


  • Online

  • Twitch

Outright Favorites

  • EU: G2, Faze Clan

Dark Horses

  • NA: Gen.G
  • EU: Mousesports, Vitality, ENCE

CS_Summit 6 Format

EU Format

The European event kicks off with the group stage that packs four groups with four teams in each. Everyone starts at the same stage here, unlike the American event which makes things easier for the teams leading the RMR standings. All group stage matches are Bo3 and only the top two teams advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs are played in a double-elimination format with Bo3 matches up until the grand finals. As you’d expect, the grand finals are scheduled for a Bo5 spectacle, with the upper bracket team enjoying a one-map advantage.

NA Format

If you’re interested in betting on CS_Summit 6 NA event, you need to know about its format. It’s quite weird since it packs an odd number of teams (thirteen). It’s divided into three stages. The first stage features teams that found their way to the event via open qualifiers and bottom RMR rankings (6th to 10th place). They’re set to play in a double-elimination bracket with all matches being best of three contests.

The top three teams advance to the second stage where the event switches to a double-elimination group stage. At this point, the three stage one champions are joined by the top five NA teams according to RMR rankings. The second stage feature two groups with four teams in each. The top two teams advance to the third stage.

The third stage also features a double-elimination bracket, with the semifinals scheduled for Bo3 and grand finals scheduled for Bo5. One last thing, the upper bracket team has one map advantage in the grand finals, which is valuable info if you’re thinking of betting on CS_Summit 6 grand finals match.

Where to Bet on CS_Summit 6 | Best Esports Betting Sites

Even though betting on esports is in many ways identical to traditional sports betting, there are certain aspects you need to know about. For starters, betting on esports can be done with regular money or via in-game skins. The latter is not exactly 100% legal in most countries, but there are still bookies that facilitate such a form of betting by bypassing international gambling laws. Typically, these skin betting sites aren’t nearly as safe or secure as their legit counterparts.

For that reason, if esports betting is something you’re interested in, stick to the safe side of things and opt for the best (ready legit) esports betting sites.

Where to find such platforms?
Well, the easiest way would be to check out our top esports betting sites piece. It’s basically a guide showcasing the best online betting platforms in 2020. If you don’t trust us for some reason, you can do the research on your own. Make yourself a cup of coffee and start digging!

Key Characteristics of CS_Summit Betting Websites

Here’s a quick look at the key characteristics every good esports betting site needs to have:

  • Effective customer support team
  • Plenty of esports markets
  • Plenty of esports specials
  • Low profit margins
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast-loading, responsive website

CS_Summit 6 Betting Preview | Betting Favorites

First off, let’s check out the storylines of most prominent American teams that will compete on CS_Summit 6 later this week:

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Esports LogoI’m really disappointed in the way Team Liquid have been performing over the last few weeks or so. They fell down from the NA pedestal and seem to be struggling. They have something that awfully resembles your typical identity crisis. If not deal with accordingly, it can turn into a massive problem that will require complex roster alterations to get Team Liquid back to the top of the NA food chain.

Team Liquid’s map pool depth is practically non-existent at the moment. It’s at its shallowest point in years, and it’s not looking like it will go back to normal all on its own. We’ll need to see changes… drastic changes – fast!

I hate pointing fingers in situations like these, but I feel like Stewie2K has to be pointed out here. Perhaps not as the only culprit, but as one of many factors that contributed to a terrible set of performances coming from the boys in blue. However, if Stewie starts performing, he’s one of those players that can quickly snowball his way to greatness. So, if CS_Summit 6 betting is what you’re waiting for, watch out for Stewie2K’s performance on the opening match and then place your bets accordingly.


FURIA LogoFURIA played well on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. In the end, they failed to reach the grand finals and won just one match on the event, but their overall presence was still at an admirable level. How come? Well, they eliminated Team Liquid; it’s as simple as that. Even though Team Liquid isn’t at their best, taking them down with style is not an easy task…

Another thing I’d like to point out here is that FURIA would’ve probably gone all the way if they had beaten MIBR on Inferno and closed out the match in 2-0 fashion. After all, their track record against MIBR is pretty good, meaning KSCERATO and the boys were just rounds away from another notable title.

What can FURIA do better at the next event? Well, they’re doing all the right things at all the right times, meaning they should just keep their form going and they’ll be alright. If you’re interested in CS_Summit 6 betting, FURIA should be the team to bet on as far as the American event goes.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses Esports LogoWhat on Earth was that? How in the world did Evil Geniuses defeat FURIA and then went on to win the BLAST Premier Spring Finals? I mean, I’m not trying to talk smack about Brehze and the boys – I just didn’t saw it coming. Heck, I think no one did!

What did EG do right last week? Well, for starters, CeRq finally showed up! The Bulgarian star took it upon himself to get EG another viable trophy, snatching 54 kills across two maps with 88 average damage per round. Brehze wasn’t bad either, but CeRq’s performance in the grand finals match against MIBR was outstanding.

However, it is Stanislaw who helped EG reach the grand finals in the first place. Even though most of his frags came from the first map (Vertigo) which went in FURIA’s favor, he was important in keeping his teammates’ heads in the match and keeping the dream alive till the final map.

As for their performance on CS_Summit 6, I have no idea what to expect from them, really. They’ve been oscillating a lot, which means they could have a blast and win another event, or have an absolute catastrophe and get eliminated in the group stage.


Gen.G Esports LogoLast but not least – let’s say a thing or two about Gen.G. In contrast to the three previously mentioned teams, Gen.G didn’t compete on BLAST Premier Spring Finals so we don’t have fresh matches to use for our form analysis. They did, however, compete on DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 and ESL One Rio North America. BLAST Premier Spring Showdown was right between those two events, and as you all know, Gen.G failed to snatch a spot on the Finals after losing against Evil Geniuses in the deciding match.

What do Gen.G’s DH Masters and ESL One Road to Rio campaign tell us about their form and quality in general? Well, in short – they tell us a story of an excellent core coupled with top-tier fraggers well capable of pushing this team to much greater heights than most of us expected late last year. If you’d like to start your CS_Summit 6 betting adventure with a wager on Gen.G, I say go for it!

CSGO Banner With the Logo of the CS_Summit 6

Now let’s turn our attention to betting on CS_Summit 6’s European event. There are three additional teams participating on it, and there’s more money in the prize pool… Not to mention the whole heap of RMR points up for grabs.

Motivation won’t be lacking, that’s for sure!

Let’s take a closer look at the toughest European contestants:

Faze Clan

Faze Clan Esports LogoFaze Clan is the next European team we are going to talk about here! And it’s a sad story really – I finally felt they’re ready to reach their full potential on BLAST Premier Spring Finals, only to see them get swept aside by Complexity. That match kicked the winds of victory right out out of Faze Clan’s sail. It was immediately clear that they won’t be able to defeat Vitality in the lower bracket round three. In fact, that’s what my Faze vs. Vitality picks piece successfully predicted.

What follows for Faze Clan? Well, they are in group D with Team Heretics and two unknown sides, meaning things are looking pretty good for Niko and the boys. However, it’s up to them to find their winning stride once again. When NiKo and Coldzera are having a bad day, the team plays poorly. When they’re get on a roll. It’s all rainbows and butterflies. While that is good, to an extent, it further showcases Faze’s inconsistency which could cost them. How? you may wonder… Well, let’s just say bymas might not be the final roster alteration of 2020 Faze Clan!


G2 Esports LogoG2 was a pretty solid team during the first half of 2020. They had several outstanding results and thrilling campaigns, but are still without a single notable title. Thus far in 2020, G2 finished three times on the second place. Three times… They’re turning in to the European Team Liquid as far as I can tell….

First off, they lost against NaVi on IEM XIV WC in Katowice. That defeat was followed by a disastrous ESL PL S11 performance, but nexa and the boys redeemed themselves with ESL One: Road to Rio. This time around, their executioner was Astralis, with one of the quickest Bo5’s ever to be played. And finally, most recently, G2 played the grand finals of DreamHack Masters Spring against BIG and ended up losing 3-2… Oh what a heartbreak that was…

As far as CS_Summit 6 expectations are concerned, I reckon G2 might not even make it out of the group stage. Perhaps I’m being too negative towards nexa and the boys, but their BLAST Premier Finals’ performance was absolutely horrible. If they haven’t switched things up ahead of their first match against GODSENT, Mousesports, or the TBD team, they might suffer the consequences… If you’re going to place CS:GO bets on this event, you might want to avoid high stakes on G2.


Mousesports LogoMousesports is the third European team we’re going to talk about here. And, honestly, there’s not much we can say about them, as far as their 2020 performances go. Sure they won the 2020 ICE Challenge in early February, but that’s their only title in 2020. They had a great chance of winning ESL Pro League S11, which would be their second consecutive ESL Pro League event, but Fnatic stopped them dead with an amazing comeback in the grand finals.

That heartbreak was followed by disastrous campaigns on ESL One: Road to Rio and DreamHack Masters Spring. Unfortunately, it continued on BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, leading us to think Mousesports won’t be coming back anytime soon. Perhaps they will, but it definitely won’t be before the players’ summer break!


Team Vitality Esports LogoHere we have another European team that hasn’t been playing well since the start of 2020. The regular season of BLAST Premier Spring was a catastrophe, to say the least. It was followed by another poor performance on IEM XIV World Championship, and then another on ESL Pro League S11. Things looked slightly better for ZywOo and the boys on ESL one Road to Rio, as well as BLAST Premier Showdown which helped them snatch a place on the Spring Finals… DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 have to be emphasized too, seeing as they were another poor event that ZywOo and the boys will want to forget as soon as possible.

Was there a good event for Vitality thus far in 2020? Well, honestly – the only somewhat good event for ZywOo and the boys was last week’s BLAST Premier Spring Finals. I referred to it as somewhat good because, while they can be satisfied with the end result (second place), with the way they played against Complexity in the second map, they were mere inches away from being crowned as the champions without going into the decider map.

As far as CS_Summit 6 betting is concerned, I reckon Vitality is a good team to bet on. They are in group B with Movistar Riders, North, and a TBD team. It’s not a crazy tough group, so I expect Vitality to push through and reach far into the playoffs.

Outright Betting on CS_Summit 6

As far as outright CS_Summit 6 betting goes, I’m afraid you won’t have luck finding many options. Why is that so? Is it because CS_Summit 6 is not a notable event?

No, no – it’s nothing like that. CS_Summit 6 is actually a pretty important event in the grand scheme of competitive CS:GO, it’s just that bookies don’t like having outrights on online events. They deem it as way too much risk, I guess…

If you’re interested in CS_Summit 6 betting, I’m afraid you’ll have to satisfy your cravings with match-winners and esports specials. I reckon we won’t have any massive outright winner betting options until the first major LAN events pop up later this year.

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