The Match: Champions for Charity Game Betting Preview, Props and Predictions

The Match: Champions for Charity Game Betting Preview, Props and Predictions

You guys remember The Match? Back in November of 2018, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods faced off at Shadow Ridge Golf Course in Las Vegas for 9 million bucks.

The event was originally to be shown exclusively on pay per view but technical difficulties led to all buyers receiving a refund and The Match being televised for a national audience.

Phil stayed either 1 up or all square for every hole but the 12th when Tiger went 1 up. They were all square after 18, though, taking us to a playoff and that’s when Lefty edged out the infamous Eldrick Tont.

This year, The Match looks a bit different. We aren’t in Vegas anymore.

This year’s Match will be played on a much more difficult golf course, The Medalist. It even sounds intimidating, like you have to be an Olympian to play here.

I have definitely read and heard some talk that this course could really give two of The Match’s competitors some real trouble. Tiger and Phil have seen it all before, though.

What could you possibly do to a golf course that would make these two scratch their head? Not much but for their respective teammates, Peyton Manning who will be with Tiger, and Tom Brady who is matched alongside Phil.

The word on the path is that Peyton is the better overall golfer as he does have much more time to practice but it’s Tom who has the more beautiful swing.

That makes sense. Peyton has had his neck fused and it’s just like my first Muay Thai coach would tell me: Where the pumpkin goes, the patch follows. If you control the head, you control the body.

Four of the most accomplished athletes of the past 20 years are going to play 18 holes of golf this Sunday for charity. I think it’s pretty rad what they are doing. The PGA still has another 3 weeks before play will resume. Golf die-hards are fiending for their fix.

The vast majority of us can’t play and until a week ago, we couldn’t watch either. Well, we were stuck with the Outlaw and Cactus Tours.

A big kahp kuhn kahp or thank you in Thai goes out to KK Limbhasut, a young golfer from Thailand who won a tournament on the Outlaw Tour for us at 10 to 1 odds. Keep an eye out in the next couple of years on the PGA Tour for KK.

BetOnline.AG has a boatload of betting odds available for The Match 2. Let’s get into those and make our predictions.

Woods/Manning vs Mickelson/Brady Betting Prediction

The front 9 of the match will be played in a four ball or best ball format with the better score out of the two teammates being the only one counted.

That means that the first 9 holes are essentially Tiger vs Phil. The back 9 is where it gets really interesting. Alternating shot!

Now that the quarterbacks are warmed up, let’s see they can carry a lead or mount a comeback.

Tiger/Peyton (-210) vs Phil/Tom (+170)

I understand Peyton and Tiger coming in as the favorites but more than 2 to 1 is a bit much, no? We will come back to this one.

Let’s start with some of the fun prop bets.

Will Peyton Manning Hit the Fairway on Hole #1


Peyton is a strategic guy and highly competitive as we know.

With the four ball format on the front 9, Peyton knows Tiger is going to out-drive him. So, do you think the perfectionist is going to treat his tee shot like Chad and Karen would at TopGolf?

Or, is he going to throw a swing pass to Dallas Clark on the first play from scrimmage for a 6-yard gain? The hole is a straight shot from tee to green and everything in between.

Just like the pass to Dallas Clark on the first play, Peyton wants to set the tone for an accurate and efficient performance.


Will Tom Brady Hit the Fairway on Hole #1


The same principle applies here.

These guys are rich. They can rip 1000 golf balls a day with their driver if they want and they will have just finished practicing such.

There is the “nerves” factor… I don’t think Tom or Peyton are going to let their nerves get to them and if they do, it will come late in the match when their shots actually matter.

There is no pressure on this first hole. It isn’t tricky. Just hit it straight and go from there.

6 rings. Tom Brady will not be shook out there. If anything, I imagine Phil and Tiger may be more nervous than the respective quarterbacks.


Will All 4 Players Hit the Fairway on Hole #1


This first hole better go right! Correctly, I should say. Let’s hit ‘em long and straight, boys.

It’s just 400 yards so we may not even see Tiger and Phil bust out the drivers. Let’s cash big on the first hole and afford a couple misses later if they come.


Will Omaha Be Said by Any Player


Why not, right? Peyton talks a lot of trash and Phil is scared to talk smack with Tiger so I think Peyton will hear it.

I think Lefty calls out an audible early enough to where it wouldn’t affect his shot.


Total Commercials of Peyton Manning to be Shown

OVER 1.5

I’m going over. We only need 2?

I hate commercial breaks but this bet would at least brighten that up.


Where Will the Match be Decided

16TH OR 17TH

This is made for TV.

The first match went into a playoff.

Most of these televised events go the distance.

I believe this one will too.


Winning Team: Tiger/Peyton (-210) vs Phil/Tom (+170)

Phil has been out-driving Tiger Woods this year.

When Woods is well-rested, though, he has proven over the past couple of years that he can still compete with the best in the world. The back 9 is going to be crazy!

I think many of us are used to seeing pros every week. This Medalist Golf Course is legit!

Tom is the type of guy to out-play his opponents on Sunday. We can say the same about Peyton but head-to-head…

Tom Brady owns an 11-6 record over Peyton Manning. 6 rings to 2…

I think it’s safe to say also that 2 of Tom’s rings could belong to Peyton if the Pats didn’t have Manning’s number in the playoffs.

I believe Tiger will be well-prepared for this and may even carry his team to a 2 up lead after the front 9. Once they start playing alternating shot, though, anything can happen.

That’s why I am going with the dogs here. Peyton may win the trash-talking war but the GOAT will be the GOAT.

The Bet

In Conclusion

Don’t miss this one, folks!

This Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM Eastern, The Match 2-Champions for Charity will tee off from sunny Hobe Sound, Florida. The Medalist, an ominous Rubick’s Cube of a golf course is set to wreak havoc on a couple of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

Oh, and they will each be teamed with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson? I’m in!

No pay per view either? Even better.

The first hole will be our moneymaker. It’s a straight shot and I believe each of the four golfers will play it fairly conservatively.

And taking the underdogs to win is a bit of a stretch so don’t bet too much here. I want you to still be able to enjoy the match even if your team is losing.

Get your bets in now, guys, and enjoy the links on Sunday!

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