2020 Valorant Pop Flash Event Preview, Interesting Facts & Betting Options

Valorant Pop Flash

Valorant’s esports scene is developing at a rapid pace. Even though Riot Games announced the want to take things slowly with their new IP, so many pros from other esports (mostly CS:GO) joined Valorant’s competitive ecosystem that slow growth would be surprising at this point. Now that the hype is all gone, we can say with certainty that Valorant is here to stay.

Too many players are “in it”, too many orgs have invested too much money, and it seems as though this is only the beginning of a largely successful esports title.

Betting exposure is more or less the same. Most esports bookmakers added Valorant categories, but featured events have been pretty scarce. Luckily, though, Valorant Pop Flash betting should bring forth thrilling Valorant betting action we’ve all been craving for quite a while!

  • Competing Teams: 8
  • Date: 26th August to 30th August
  • Location: North America Online
  • Stream: Twitch
  • Outright Favorites: TSM, Sentinels
  • Dark Horses: T1, Immortals, Dignitas(??)

Where to Bet on Valorant Pop Flash | Best Esports Betting Sites

Even though the game’s esports ecosystem is developing (slowly but surely), there aren’t that many betting opportunities yet. We’ve seen a few featured events pop up here and then, but they typically sported only match-winners.

Unfortunately, only a small portion of esports bookmakers opted for early Valorant betting coverage. If you’d like to know who were the brave ones, feel free to explore our Valorant betting sites piece. It provides

Special Valorant Betting Options

At the moment, we’re seeing a rather low number of Valorant specials. But, perhaps things will change once the top-tier bookies start offering Valorant Pop Flash betting options. If they’re going to include some specials, this is the most likely bunch:

  • Total Kills Over/Under
  • Team to get more kills
  • Total Rounds Over/Under
  • Player vs. Player Kills/Assists/Deaths
  • Correct Score

Valorant Pop Flash Betting Preview | Key Teams

Valorant Pop Flash event is set to feature $50,000 in prize money and eight teams. Why not sixteen? Well, it’s because B Site, event’s organizer, wanted to stream every match on their official channel, which wouldn’t be possible with a larger number of teams. Plus, $50, 000 on eight teams equals a lot bigger prizes than what would be the case with sixteen contestants.

What are the biggest NA Valorant teams set to compete on Pop Flash?

All tier-A teams are here, including TSM, Sentinels, T1, Gen.G and immortals. There’s a nice little surprise too – Dignitas has been named as the eighth team but they don’t even have a Valorant roster. They do have a female roster, which could be what they’ll be competing on Valorant Pop Flash with. However, with the recent news surrounding Nitr0’s switch to Valorant, a part of me wants to believe Dignitas will slap together a star-packed roster that’ll conquer this event.


TSM Logo
Let’s be realistic here – Team SoloMid is currently the best of what the NA Valorant scene has to offer. They’ve been the best and most consistent team for a while now, and they’ve crowned themselves with yet another title just last week. Yep, TSM won the recently finished Faze Clan Invitational and packed another $25,000 in prize money.

What’s there to be said about this TSM roster other than it’s absolutely superb? I mean, let’s take a closer look at these players and we’ll realize what a star-packed roster this TSM side really is! Take Wardell as the perfect example – the man’s been banging hard in Valorant’s competitive ecosystem right from the kickoff. Nothing surprising, really, considering three years of experience at the top CS:GO competitive level. The same can be said about the rest of TSM’s roster too, although Wardell’s recent displays put him above everyone else.

Statistics-wise, TSM already won $67,000. They’ve been the team to beat ever since the start of Valorant’s competitive scene. They’re still at the top of the NA food chain and, assuming they win Valorant Pop Flash, should remain there until another giant org announces a star-packed ex-CS:GO roster.


Sentinels Logo
As mentioned earlier, Sentinels are right up there with TSM. They’re basically the two best teams in the region, with all other teams being in a separate (lower-tier) bracket. Both teams consist of experienced esports professionals with relatively successful CS:GO careers. Sentinels sport top-tier NA talent in the form of dapr and ShahZaM.

The latter is Sentinels’ main fragger. My boy ShahZaM’s switch to Valorant has been nothing but superb, having already won several notable events and cashed in roughly $6,500 in prize money alone. His skillset works best with Agents like Breach, Sova, and Jett. His Agent pool fits well with the rest of the team; his preferred positions also align nicely, bringing even more positives to an already well-respected Sentinels team.

As far as Valorant Pop Flash betting goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another TSM vs. Sentinels clash that’ll go down in history books. We already had one last week on the grand finals of Faze Clan Invitational. Once again, the Bo5 contest went all the way to the fifth map with TSM taking the big W in what was perhaps the best Valorant match we’ve seen thus far.


T1 Logo

Let’s start off with T1. Formerly known as SKT1, this esports organization is best known for its success in the competitive League of Legends. Among many other titles, SKT1 won three LoL World Championships and created the first new-age esports superstar in LoL’s esports ecosystem, Faker.

Since then, the organization rebranded to T1 and expanded its gaming philosophy to numerous other esports titles. Valorant is the newest one and T1 didn’t cheap out when it came to slapping together a quality roster. At the moment, T1 packs some of the most talented ex-CS:GO players that were banned from Valve’s game. Yep – we’re talking about the old iBUYPOWER roster that got banned for match-fixing in what was by far the biggest CS:GO controversy ever.

Skadoodle, AZK, crashies, brax, and food – that’s the current T1 roster; the roster that already has $16,000 in prize money and they’ve been in the scene for less than two months. The majority of their winnings comes down to their superb performance on T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown, where they finished as the second-best team. Since then, though, they failed to impress on two occasions, Faze Clan Invitational and PAX Arena Invitational. Even though they’re coming into this event following two relatively bad outings, I’m confident they’ll turn a new page on Pop Flash and (at least) qualify for the playoffs.


Immortals Logo

Immortals is the last team we’ll be focusing on in our Valorant Pop Flash betting preview. We’re talking about another strong NA side here, but one that can’t be fit into the same bracket with the likes of Sentinels and TSM. It’s somewhere at the level of T1, from all I’ve seen thus far, meaning it has a lot of potential to, a couple of years from now, conquer the NA scene.

There, I’ve said it! Of course, we might not see the exact same roster conquer the scene. Their current performances reveal some ongoing issues that need to be resolved if immortals want to traverse to the next level.

Please Note:
The current immortals roster consists of KOLER, Genghsta, Asuna, jcStani, and diceyzx. You might not know most of these fellas, but they all (more or less) come from the CS:GO competitive scene. They never reached the level of Subroza, Wardell and the boys, but it seems as though Valorant’s gameplay mechanics suit them a lot better than those of CS:GO.

Could Immortals make a statement on the upcoming Pop Flash event? Well, it all depends on their luck of the draw. If they get an easy group stage with just one top-tier side, I reckon they could reach the playoffs… If the group stage draw puts them in a difficult spot, knowing their choke potential, we might see them finish the event without a single win.

Outright Betting on Valorant Pop Flash 2020

Even though we’re seeing plenty of consistency coming from the top NA teams, Valorant betting sites are still reluctant to offer outright winner betting odds for Valorant Ignition Series events. A quick reminder, this is the final NA Valorant Ignition Series event… perhaps they’ll start featuring outrights on the next big event that attracts more organizations. Heck, if the pandemic measures calm down a bit, perhaps we’ll finally see a proper S-tier Valorant LAN event. Oh, what a treat that would be, not just for esports but betting enthusiasts too!

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