2021 LEC Summer Split Preview & Betting Tips

LEC Summer Split League Of Legends Background

The 2021 LEC Summer Split is finally here, which means that an in-depth preview is in order!

Now, before we delve any deeper into the nitty-gritty:
We’ve reached uncharted land (or terra incognita if you really want to get fancy). MAD Lions are the reigning, defending LEC champions; just writing such a sentence makes one feel… strange, as if we’ve just been transported to a different timeline. What about G2 Esports and Fnatic — the famed and feared “Kings of Europe?”

Well, in short, they failed to deliver, and that’s true in a myriad of different ways. Most folks weren’t all too sure about Fnatic, given the many key changes they had made coming into 2021, but G2 Esports? They were the biggest frontrunners to win the whole split, and, frankly, we don’t need to explain why that was the case.

But for one reason or another, none of it materialized — they were bested and beaten by a bunch of hungry up-and-comers, all of whom were fed up with playing second fiddle over the years. And boy was it a spectacle!

The most recent Spring Split was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most exciting splits in LEC history — and that’s really saying something! It was packed with action and more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at! And, naturally, most of us expect the upcoming split to deliver in much the same way!

So, will it?
It’s still too early to predict anything with confidence, but based on all that we know and all that we have seen up to this point, one simply has to reply with a very confident “yes!”

There are so many exquisite narratives lingering in the air, it’s almost too much for our hearts to handle! And needless to say, we can’t wait for it all to begin! So, with that little introduction out of the way, let’s begin with our 2021 LEC Summer Split preview!

2021 LEC Summer Split Preview | Who’s Playing?

First of all, we need to go over three of the biggest favorites to win the whole split: G2 Esports, MAD Lions, and Rogue. These are the de facto best teams in the LEC right now, and they all have what it takes to go deep and compete at the highest of levels.

That said, there’s still a gap between the three of them.

The Biggest Favorites — G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Rogue

Rogue, for instance, has the least resilience — something that was on full display in their finals clash with MAD Lions. The defending LEC champions, on the other hand, still aren’t all that experienced, and they’ve yet to taste what it’s like to have a target on their backs.

As they say: “reaching the top is easy, staying there is what’s hard.”

As for G2, it feels nigh impossible to fully assess and evaluate their biggest flaws at this point in time. They have all the right tools to not only mount a comeback but also reclaim their throne, but whether or not they’ll put their best foot forward and deliver when it matters most is still uncertain. They’re perhaps a bit too confident and brash for their own good — two flaws they’ve hopefully remedied during the off-season.

Who’ll end up above whom once all is said and done is up for debate.
Most folks are siding with G2, and, frankly, there’s a good reason why. They have a seemingly endless amount of clout after dominating for what feels like an eternity. The fact that they’d lost a couple of months ago has in no way affected their overall worth — a true testament to their inherent talent and the fact that they’re seemingly larger than life. And even though they’re no longer “invincible,” they’re still stacked with talent and will no doubt leave a mark now that they’ve felt what it’s like to be on the outside looking in.

We simply have to side with G2 Esports on this one, although they’ll have to fight tooth and nail to reclaim what was once rightfully theirs. They’ll face a horde of young rookies who’ve finally matured enough to compete at the highest of levels; they know their time has come, and they’re not going to relinquish control without a fight!

Outright Winner
G2 Esports

The Dark Horses — Fnatic, Team Vitality

Next up, we have two teams no one is all too sure about: Fnatic and Team Vitality. Both line-ups have undergone some immense change over the course of the off-season, and, needless to say, they’ll either flourish or implode beyond measure.

Fnatic will enter the second half of 2021 with a wholly different top side of the map: Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau has role swapped to jungle, with Adam “Adam” Maanane (of Karmine Corp fame) taking over in the top lane. Now, are these changes bad? Far from it, but they can definitely backfire (big time).

  • Will Bwipo adapt to his new role in time?
  • Perhaps most importantly, will he be able to thrive in a region that is packed to the brim with exceptional junglers?
  • Moreover, will Adam be able to deliver now that he’s been brought up to the “big leagues?”
These are crucial questions and they’re impossible to answer at this point in time.

If both roster changes pan out as well as they could, the former “Kings of Europe” will no doubt be able to compete for a spot in the Top 3. Still, many things need to go Fnatic’s way for them to truly leave a mark and lock down a ticket to the World Championship.

Team Vitality, on the other hand, will either wreck house or implode beyond measure. There’s really no other option — as is so often the case with this French-based organization. This particular line-up, however, echoes so much of what made Vitality great way back when.

We’re talking about a bunch of players who are bursting at the seams with bravado and confidence, along with ample mechanical prowess to back up nearly any play (regardless if ill-advised or not).

Still, much like the Team Vitality of yore, they’ll probably fail in much the same way. This team is like a sledgehammer — a great tool for knocking down mid-tier gatekeepers and bottom-tier dwellers, but when taking on the cream of the crop, the sledgehammer must give way to more delicate, layered weapons.

Otherwise they’re bound to get outclassed in the macro department, and by the time the mid and later stages of the game come around, they’ll find themselves at too big of a deficit to ever crawl back from the jaws of defeat.

That’s Vitality’s M.O., and it probably isn’t going to change any time soon (if ever). Still, they’ll make the second half of 2021 endlessly more entertaining, and if they realize even a fraction of their inherent potential, they really will stand a chance at upsetting the LEC status quo — at least ever so slightly.


The Bottom-tier Dwellers — Misfits, Schalke 04, SK Gaming, EXCEL, Astralis

Finally, we have the mid-tier gatekeepers and the bottom-tier dwellers. Now, you might be wondering: why have we grouped them up when they’re not all the same in terms of power and overall potential? Well, the reasoning is quite simple: none of them will accomplish anything worthy of mentioning, so whether or not they’ll put up a fight doesn’t really matter.

History isn’t particularly kind to those who finish sixth through tenth, so there’s very little use in talking about their (few) strengths and (glaring) weaknesses. They’re not dreadful, mind you, and some of them are bound to surprise us here and there — we’re looking at Misfits and, potentially, Schalke — but that’s about it. Don’t expect any historic upsets, spectacular runs, or twists that’ll blow our minds. These teams lack the tools that are necessary to compete at the highest of levels, and everyone knows it, too.

They might, potentially, perform a bit better than expected, but none of it will matter in the grand scheme of things.

To put it as bluntly as possible: they’re severely flawed.

They stand no chance whatsoever at leaving a mark in a region that is as competitive as the LEC. They’re out of their depth, which doesn’t mean they’ll just roll over and surrender — far from.

Please Note:
Once the meta stabilizes and everyone figures out the best and most optimal way of playing the game, these teams will undoubtedly fall in the standings before eventually settling down near the very bottom — the end result is always the same.


2021 LEC Summer Split Preview | Betting Tips

As always, make sure to watch as many games as you can as that’ll provide you with the absolute best understanding of who’s good and why.

Think of previews like this one as more of a primer, a guide of sorts — nothing is written in stone and things can shift and change on a whim.

If you’re looking to put your hard-earned money on the line, though, we suggest skipping the first week or two just in case — that’s when the biggest upsets tend to happen. Or, conversely, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, that would be the absolute best time to go all-in on the underdogs!


In any case, the 2021 LEC Summer Split is bound to deliver in all the right ways, so make sure to tune in!

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