2022 AFL Round 17 Odds and Predictions

AFL Round 17

AFL Rugby is in Round 17 of 2022, and Melbourne is leading by four points in the standings, but have their work cut out for them against the ever competitive Geelong Cats . We’re looking closely at all nine games for AFL Round 17 odds. You can take any of our predictions to the top Rugby betting sites, but we’re using Betonline.ag for current odds.

How to Watch AFL Round 17

Tune into Watch AFL! by FOX Sports or catch the highlights on Twitter, all weekend. Games air live from 5:20 AM ET July 7th to 2:30 AM ET July 10th, 2022. 

AFL Round 17 Predictions 

Here is a quick rundown of all our AFL Round 17 predictions. Scroll for details on specific props and the strengths and weaknesses of each bet. 

  • Melbourne vs Geelong: Geelong Cats Money Line -119 
  • Western Bulldogs vs Sydney Swans: Bulldogs +8 ½ Spread at -120
  • North Melbourne Kangaroos vs Collingwood: Collingwood Money Line
  • Richmond vs Gold Coast Suns: Under 1661/2 Points -110 
  • Fremantle vs St Kilda: Fremantle Dockers Money Line -107
  • Greater Western Sydney Giants vs Port Adelaide: Port Adelaide Point Spread -17 ½ -120
  • Essendon vs Brisbane Lions: Lions Points Spread -30 ½ -110 
  • Adelaide vs Hawthorn: Under 172 ½ Points -155 
  • Carlton vs West Coast: Carlton Blues Money Line -265 


AFL Round 17: Melbourne vs Geelong

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Melbourne  -1½, -115 -111 NA
Geelong  +1½ , -115 -119 NA

Geelong smoked North Melbourne 144 to 32 last weekend, putting them at 8-2 for the season, losing only to the Saints and Dockers with a ten point spread or less in each game. This is their first match up with Melbourne this year. 

Melbourne’s Road to #1

Melbourne is currently 7-3 but has beaten better teams in the rankings overall. In losses, they’ve had mixed success. The Dockers beat them by 38 points in late May. Their last win against the Adelaide Crows was one marred with injury, as Adelaide key players such as Shane McAdam were out with ankle injury. 

Prediction: Geelong Cats Money Line -119

The Cat’s AFL Round 17 betting odds offer winnings of $84, 03 per $100 wager. They’ve got the momentum, and have performed better against top ranked teams. 

AFL Round 17: Western Bulldogs vs Sydney Swans

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Bulldogs  +8½, -120 +146 NA
Swans  -8½ , -110 -176 NA

The #10 Bulldogs look to beat the #8 Swans. Sydney is 5-5 for the season, with their most significant losses coming by Port Adelaide, who beat them by 23 points. The Bulldogs played a similar game with Power, scoring 69 compared to Sydney’s 59 point score. It looks like Sydney shoule win it, but the AFL Round 17 betting odds on the spread are enticing, considering the Bulldogs Port Adelaide performance. 

Prediction: Bulldogs +8 ½ Spread at -120

Bulldogs can win it, if only narrowly. They beat the Demon’s by 12 and the Tigers by only 6. Expect a high scoring game with a small chance of an upset. 

AFL Round 17: North Melbourne Kangaroos vs Collingwood 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Kangaroos  +56½, -120 NA NA
Collingwood  -56½ , -110 NA NA

The Kangaroos haven’t won a single game this year. They also haven’t scored more than 61 points all season. If the money line doesn’t open up on Collingwood, consider sitting this one out.

The Kangaroos lost their last game to North Melbourne by 112 points.


Prediction: Collingwood Money Line

Wait for the money line or Over/Under prop bets to open before capitalizing on this AFL Round 17 prediction. Avoid the spread. 

AFL Round 17:  Richmond vs Gold Coast Suns 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Richmond  NA -110 O 166 ½ -120 
Suns  NA -120 U 166 ½ -110

Richmond is 7-3 for the year, going 3-1 over their last four including an upset win over the Port Adelaide Power. Gold Coast has lost their last two, putting them at 5-5 for the season, but their last two losses were very narrow, including a two point and five point spread. The Richmond money line is a safe bet, but the Suns have their share of upsets. 

Prediction: Under 166 ½ -110

Our AFL Round 17 prediction is that the Suns will match Richmond in skill, putting on a game similar to their match with Geelong Cats (165 points scored total) with a heavy focus on possession and defense. 

AFL Round 17:  Fremantle Dockers vs St. Kilda 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Freemantle  -1½, -115 -107 O 158 ½ -115
St. Kilda  +1½ , -115 -123 U  158 ½ -115

#4 Freemantle is 4-1 over their last five games.

They’ve won by less than fifteen points on three occasions. St. Kilda is 5-5 for the season, but 1-3 over their last four games, with a particularly brutal spread of  fifty points in their loss to The Swans. The Docker’s lost to St. Kilda in March by ten points.


Prediction: Fremantle Dockers Money Line -107

The Docker’s have momentum and are having a better season overall. AFL Round 17 Odds don’t seem to reflect the injuries of Jack Hayes and Daniel McKenzie, who I believe are key players. 

AFL Round 17: Greater Western Sydney Giants vs Port Adelaide 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Giants  +17½, -110 +223 O 167 ½ -115
Port Adelaide  -17½ , -120 -283 U 167 ½ -115

Despite holding the #12 and #13 spots, Adelaide is a major favorite. The Giants have gone 4-6 for the season compared to the Power 7-3 run. 

Prediction: Port Adelaide Point Spread -17 ½ -120

This is a safe game to bet the spread and double your money against the -283 money line bet. Our AFL Round 17 prediction is that Port Adelaide wins by at least twenty points, similar to their games against North Melbourne and other lower ranked teams. 

AFL Round 17:  Essendon vs Brisbane Lions 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Essendon +30½, -120 +390 O 177 ½ -115
Lions -30½ , -110 -515 U 177 ½ -115

Esseden has suddenly picked up steam in the last few games. The Lions rank 3rd in the standings and Essendon 16th, but Essedon has gone 2-1 since June 17th. Esseden has had some high scoring games recently, and their last three losses were inside the 30 point spread. 

Prediction: Lions Points Spread -30 ½ -110

The Lions have several narrow wins to their name this year, winning five of their seven games inside this points spread. Expect Esssendon to give them and the fans a surprising performance. 

AFL Round 17: Adelaide Crows vs Hawthorn 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Adelaide  +10½, -115 +157 O 172 ½ -115
Hawthorn  -10½ ,  -115 -187 U 172 ½ -115

The Crows are 3-7 for the season and lost their last game by 30 points. Hawthorn is 1-9 for the season, losing multiple narrow games including a loss to the Dockers by 13. Against the Demons, Hawthorn scored 81, compared to the Crows 65. 

Prediction: Under 172 ½ Points -155

Neither team has had a particularly high scoring season. This should look like an even match up, and the Hawks have slowed down in their last five games, scoring between 50 and 82 points. These AFL Round 17 points spread odds pay winnings of $64.52 per $100 wagered. 

AFL Round 17: Carlton Blues vs West Coast Eagles

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Carlton  +17½, -115 -265 NA
West Coast  -17½ , -115 +205 NA

The final game of the week features the #17 ranked Eagles coming in at 1-9 for the year.

The Eagles lost to the Tigers by thirty points and the Cats by 18 in their last two.

The lower ranked Blues have had a number of close games, but their last two wins were by 30 points, making the point spread obsolete and unaligned with recent performances for either team. 

Prediction: Carlton Blues Money Line -265

The AFL Round 17 odds for the Blues payout $0.38 per dollar wager, easy money for a team on the rise. Check out more AFL predictions for 2022 and other top bets through the weekend on our blog

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