2022 AFL Round 18 Odds and Predictions

AFL Round 18

Thesportsgeek.com went 5-3 for Round 17 of AFL’s Rugby 2022 fixture, with this week looking slightly more predictable. Our AFL Round 18 odds are from betonline.ag. Bovada and other 
Rugby betting sites have the full AFL round 18 betting odds, but few have spread, money line and point total bets on all eight games. 

How to Watch AFL Round 18

Tune into Watch AFL! by FOX Sports or catch the highlights on Twitter, all weekend. Games air live from 5:50 AM ET July 15thth to 2:40 AM ET July 17th, 2022. 

AFL Round 18 Predictions 

Here’s top bets on the available betting odds for AFL Round 18, 2022: 

  • St. Kilda Spread +9 ½ Points -115
  • Lions Money Line -225
  • Collingwood Money Line -172
  • Richmond Money Line -1100
  • Geelong Money Line -166
  • Fremantle Spread -8 ½ Points -110
  • Hawthorn -548 Money Line
  • Port Adelaide Spread +12 ½ Points -110
  • Suns vs Essendon: Over 172 ½ Points -115


AFL Round 18: St. Kilda vs Western Bulldogs 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
St. Kilda   +9½, -115 +140 O 171 ½, -115
Western Bulldogs   -9½ , -115 -170 U 171 ½, -115

St. Kilda was smashed by the Dockers last week with a forty-one point spread. They’re facing the Bulldogs who are now in a two point skid, beaten by 53 points in their last game against the Swan. 

Prediction: St. Kilda Spread +9 ½ Points -115

The Saints are still the only team to beat the Cats. They lost 57-78 to the Lions, and that narrow spread makes us think the Western Bulldogs will struggle in a competitive match up that St. Kilda stands a good chance of winning. 

AFL Round 18: Brisbane Lions vs Greater Western Sydney Giants 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Lions  -14½, -110 -225 O 175 ½, -115
Giants   +14½ , -120 +180 U 175 ½, -115

The Lions move to #4 after Round 17’s close game with the Bombers, a 90-100 loss. The Giants are 3-1 over their last four, coming off a brutal game with the Power. This 29-84 showing was one of the worst of their season. 

Prediction:  Lions Money Line -225

The lions are ramping up in speed as they move toward the finals, while the Giants look more beaten down than ever. The #13 Giants will struggle to beat any teams in the top five for the remainder of the year. 

AFL Round 18: Collingwood Magpies vs Adelaide Crows

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Adelaide  +10½, -120 +142 NA
Collingwood  -10½ , -110 -172 NA

Collingwood continued their winning streak with a seventh victory over North Melbourne. The Crows lost their last game to the Hawks. Their last win was over North Melbourne, winning 115-58. While Collingwood has racked up wins, six have been on a ten point spread or less. 

Prediction:  Collingwood Money Line -172

For us, it came down to each team’s game with the Hawks. Collingwood’s defense focused style has stymied every team. The Crows will look to run away with a win if they can, but the Magpies have developed a style centered on close wins and conserved energy. 

AFL Round 18:  Richmond vs North Melbourne Kangaroos

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Richmond  -41 ½, -120 -1100 O 175 ½, -115
Kangaroos  +41 ½, -110 +700 U 175 ½, -115

The Kangaroos are dead last. They were more competitive than we would have imagined in the game against Collingwood, but Richmond’s hiccup against Gold Coast shouldn’t affect your bet. 

Prediction: Richmond Money Line -1100

I’m not excited about this game from a betting perspective. Not something I’ll look to parlay. 

AFL Round 18: Geelong vs Carlton

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Geelong  -8½, -115 -166 NA
Carlton +8½ , -115 +136 NA

Geelong has risen to #1 after their win over Melbourne. Carlton is #5 in the AFL, beating the Eagles in a 116-53 blowout. The Blues are only a minor underdog against the Cats, who lost 44-70 to Geelong in 2021. 

Prediction: Geelong Money Line -166

We think the Cats are a shoe-in for 2022 AFL Champions. They beat Melbourne by 28 points, their second biggest point spread of the season. 

AFL Round 18: Sydney Swans vs Fremantle

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Swans   +8½, -110 +140 O 156 ½ -115
Fremantle -8½ , -110 -170 U 156 ½ -115

The Swans bested the Bulldogs in a near 2:1 spread. They’ve gone 1-1 over their last five games, putting them at 5-5 for the season to date.

Fremantle Dockers are 5-1 in their last six games, picking up speed with a  win over St Kilda.


Prediction:  Fremantle Spread -8 ½ Points -110

Fremantle’s win over the Power was a telling game of what’s to come. Sydney lost to Port Adelaide 82-59, and the AFL Round 18 odds give us a good spread payout over the money line in what could be a close game. 

AFL Round 18: West Coast vs Hawthorn 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
West Coast +28½, -115 +398 NA
Hawthorn  -28½ , -115 -548 NA

This is another blow out game. Hawthorn has out performed the West Coast in every category. 

Prediction: Hawthorn -548 Money Line

This is a good Parlay bet, with West Coast looking like they’ll spend the rest of the season in the bottom three teams. The AFL Round 18 Odds payout winnings of $18.25 per $100 wagered on Hawthorn. 

AFL Round 18: Port Adelaide vs Melbourne 

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Adelaide  +12½, -110 +171 O 155 ½ -126
Melbourne  -12½ ,  -110 -211 U 155 ½ -104

This is likely the most exciting game of the weekend. Melbourne wants that #1 spot back, and the Port Adelaide Power are coming off a win over the Giants, and are well rested this week. With Melbourne fresh off a Geelong beating, could they be worn down enough to make this a competitive game?

Prediction:  Port Adelaide Spread +12 ½ Points -110

We see a possible upset. The Power has the momentum, and they’ve had four competitive games this season inside the point spread. 

AFL Round 18: Gold Coast Suns vs Essendon

Team Spread  Money Line  Total 
Gold Coast Suns NA -119 O 172 ½, -115
Essendon NA -111 U 172 ½, -115

In our final game of the week, the AFL Round 18 Odds have a close game between Suns and Essendon. These #15 and #16 teams have shown very high scoring seasons, with a lower focus on defensive tactics and possession times. 

Prediction:  Over 172 ½ Points -115

The AFL round 18 odds offer winnings of $86.96 on the Over. Both teams are coming off +170 point games, the third in a row for the Eagles. 

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