2022 AFL Round 20 Odds and Predictions

AFL Round 20 Betting Preview Tips Odds And Predictions

AFL Round 20 marks just four rounds left in our 2022 season, and the Cats are closing in on their first premiership win since 2011. Let’s look at the AFL Round 20 odds for each game, and offer our best prediction for another week of AFL winnings. 

How to Watch and Bet on AFL Round 20

AFL airs at WatchAFL! In the USA from July 29th through July 31st. Click on any of the place bet buttons to put our top picks on your AFL Round 20 ticket at a top rugby betting site. Most games air between 4:00 AM ET and 10:00 AM ET, so make sure to place your bets at least a day early. 

AFL Round 20 Predictions 

Here’s top bets on the available betting odds for AFL Round 20, 2022: 

  • Melbourne Money line -135
  • St. Kilda Money Line -152
  • Sydney Money Line -465
  • Collingwood Spread -116
  • Geelong Cats Money Line -280
  • Carlton Money Line -292
  • GC Suns Money Line -646
  • North Melbourne vs Essendon: Over 170 ½ -120


AFL Round 20: Fremantle Dockers vs Melbourne

Airing July 29th at 10:10 AM ET

Team Point Spread Money Line 
Fremantle  +3 ½, -104  +105
Melbourne -3 ½, -104  -135

Fremantle ended their last game in a tie, putting them at 2-2-1 over their last five games. Their fifth place position still puts them at a possibility of a Premiership, one that is dwindling quickly as they face the #2 Melbourne Demons. 

Prediction:  Melbourne Money line -135

Melbourne’s upset loss to the Bulldogs was a very high scoring game. The Demons have stayed at 85 points or above in 8 of their last 10 games, compared to the average dockers score up to sub 80 points. 

AFL Round 20: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

 Airing July 30th at 6:35 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under 
Hawthorn  +6½, -110 +122 O 167 ½ -115
St. Kilda   -6½ , -120 -152 U 167 ½ -115

The Hawthorn Hawks are mounting a comeback, winning their last three games with significant leads. The Saints won their last game, putting them at 2-2 over their last four games.

Their loss to the Dockers was brutal, but they St. Kilda comes in the favorite as the Hawks lost Changkuoth Jiath to a knee injury.


Prediction: St. Kilda Money Line -152

With Hawthorn losing key players and St. Kilda performing better against teams in the bottom eight, bet the AFL Round 20 odds for the St. Kilda money line, $65.79 in winnings per $100 wager.

AFL Round 20: Greater Western Sydney Giants vs Sydney Swans 

Airing July 30th at 04:10 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under 
GWS Giants  +27½, -110 +365 O 169 ½ -120
Sydney Swans   -27½ , -110 -465 U 169 ½ -110

The Swans are on a three gaming winning streak coming into their game with the Giants. GWS have lost three games to quality teams since beating the Hawks, putting them 15th in the standings. 

Prediction: Sydney Money Line -465

Sydney’s last two losses were to Essendon and The Power. They’ve bested teams in the bottom eight with ease all season with consistent scoring and performances. Swans money line is our parlay pick at $21.51 per $100 wager. 


AFL Round 20: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide 

Airing July 30th at 03:45 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under 
Collingwood  -6 ½, -116 -145 O 160 ½ -110
Port Adelaide +6 ½, -104 +115 U 160 ½ -120

Collingwood continued their winning streak with their ninth straight over the #14 ranked Essendon. We’ve considered the Over bet, Given that four of the Power’s last five games breached that point total. The Power’s last big win was over the Swans, but overall it’s been an inconsistent season. 

Prediction: Collingwood Spread -116

We could see a narrow game. The power lost to the Cats by only twelve points, and Collingwood has seen three games within seven points over five games. Bet the spread, and steer clear of the money line for only a moderate loss in return. 


AFL Round 20: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Airing July 30th at 09:25 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under 
Western Bulldogs  +19½, -104 +220 O 164 ½ -120
Geelong Cats -19½ , -116 -280 U 164 ½ -110

The Cats are teed up to win it all. They had their closest game since their win over the Tigers last week, while the Bulldogs have won upsets two weeks in a row. Geelong put down the Bulldogs in June, winning by thirteen. 

Prediction: Geelong Cats Money Line -280

We see the Cats winning every game until the Premiership. With such a prestigious year within their grasp, the fans and players are imbued with a special energy. Expect the Cats to win with a lead outside their nineteen point spread. 

AFL Round 20: Carlton vs Adelaide

Airing July 30th at 09:30 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line 
Carlton  -17½, -110 -292
Adelaide +17½ , -110 +232

#7 Carlton faces the #16 Adelaide. The Crows have lost four straight by more than the 17 point spread, including a 29 point beating from the Demons and a recent 32 point loss to the Swans. 

Prediction:  Carlton Money Line -292

The Blues are likely to smash the Crows in a well over twenty point lead. Avoid anything but the money line and consider a parlay on one of the most one sided games of the week. 


AFL Round 20: West Coast vs Gold Coast Suns 

Airing July 31th at 03:10 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under
West Coast Eagles +33½, -104 +471 O 170 ½ -115
Gold Coast Suns   -33½ , -116 -646 U 170 ½ -115

The Eagles have lost thirteen of their last fourteen games. The Suns have gone 6-8 in their last fourteen, and honestly haven’t performed much better. Their upset win over the Crows was the most impressive win of their season, and they bested the Tigers by just two points. 

Prediction: GC Suns Money Line -646

The Suns win doesn’t pay much, and truthfully, we could see an Eagles win here. They’ll be fighting hard to put something on the board as the season ends. Half of me wants to throw a hail mary wager on the Eagles AFL Round 20 moneyline odds. Bet the underdog with caution. 

AFL Round 20: Essendon vs Kangaroos 

Airing July 31th at 06:40 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under
Essendon -42½, -104 -900 O 170 ½ -120
North Melbourne Kangaroos +42½ ,  -116 +600 U 170 ½ -110

Essendon is the biggest favorite in all of Round 20. The Kangaroos win over the Tigers, upsetting our week 18 parlay pick, was a frustrating come back for sports bettors.

Prediction:  Over 170 ½ -120

The Kangaroos have seen +170 points in each of their last five games. Essendon has been hovering in the 150 range for two games, but saw four games above 180 points in June. Play the Over so we can avoid any sudden Kangaroo upsets. 

AFL Round 20: Brisbane Lions vs Richmond 

Airing July 31th at 05:20 AM ET

Team Spread  Money Line  Over/Under
Lions  +2 ½, -104 +101 O 175 ½ -120
Richmond  -2 ½, -116 -131 U 175 ½ -110

The Lions have won two straight over teams in the bottom eight. Their last big wins were over the Bulldogs and St Kilda, both major victories with twenty and thirty point spreads. The Tigers’ loss to the Kangaroos and the Suns have set them back in the standings. 

Prediction: Richmond Lions Money Line +101

This is one upset money line pick of the evening. The Lions are catching Richmond in a streak of poor performances. They’ll upset the Lions with what will likely be an Over 175 point game, if you’re feeling too skittish to bet the underdog. 

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