2022 CrossFit Game Finals Odds and Predictions

No Bull Crossfit Games 2022

The 2022 Crossfit Games are a day away and we’re working on the odds for your top betting prospects. The games will air from August 3rd, 2022 to August 7th. Our top picks for 2022 No Bull CrossFit Games have speculated odds, but you can look for a completed odds selection from Bovada, our online sportsbooks most likely to put up 2022 Crossfit Games odds. 

How to Watch the 2022 CrossFit Games

 The 2022 No Bull CrossFit Games will air on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. Various free live streams of the games can be found on any number of social media sites. We’ll be watching it by downloading the CrossFit Games app on IOS or Android, where you can watch most of it for free or pay a small price for complete coverage. 
The 2022 Crossfit games Air from 8-9 AM ET to 7-9 PM ET each day until the finals. 

2022 Crossfit Games Finals Odds 

The 16th CrossFit Games have three main categories we can expect to bet on: Men’s division, Women’s Division and the Teams division. Yes there are Master’s divisions split up by age and teen divisions, but it’s unlikely we’ll see betting picks for any of those categories. 

Returning CrossFit Games Winners

Justin Medieros won the 2021men’s games, winning by only eighty-two points. He’ll return this year as the front runner. Tia-Claire Toomey was the women’s winner, but at 33 some are wondering if her five game streak is prepped to slow down. She’s ranked second in the world coming into tomorrow’s competition. 
The team winner CrossFit Mayhem is home to Rich Froning.

Mayhem is one of the most successful teams ever and appears this year’s front runner, with the next team trailing by fourteen points. 

2022 No Bull Crossfit Games Top Ten Men’s Odds

Competitor  Odds 
Saxon Panchik   -100
Matt Poulin  -100
Justin Medeiros  -500
Colten Mertens   +150
Phil Toon   +300
Victor Ljungdal   +1000
Jay Crouch +1500
Scott Tetlow  +1500
Cédric Lapointe  +2500
Dallin Pepper   +4000

The CrossFit Games competitor odds with the most promise is still the returning champion, Medieros. He’s third in the standings, with last year’s fourth place winner Panchik leading the pack. 
One upset to watch for was Phil Toon, but he’s been suspended for a failed drug test as CrossFit works to become a natural sport.   

2022 No Bull Crossfit Games Top Seven Women’s Odds

Competitor Odds 
Tia-Clare Toomey -400
Haley Adams  +100
Gabriela Magala  +100
Elena Carratala Sanahuja +300
Mallory O’Brien  -400
Emma Lawson  +1000
Emma McQuaid  +2500

Toomey is head and shoulders over the majority of this year’s competition. Adams won the teenager division in 2017, and ascended to third place last year. She’s the #1 American CrossFit competitive woman. She’s one of the winningest CrossFit Games athletes in history. 
Mal O’Brien crushed the open workout, giving her first seat. She’s a dangerous challenger that’s placed second twice in the teens and is leading this year at only 20 years old. 

2022 No Bull Crossfit Games Top Three Team’s Odds

Teams Odds
CrossFit Mayhem Freedom -500
CrossFit Invictus  +100
CrossFit Mayhem Independence +100

These three teams are so far above the others that it’s difficult to consider anyone else. Mayhem has split up into multiple teams for sake of competition, but Invictus is tied with Mayhem Independence in the regional games at 24 points. Expect Mayhem Freedom to take it again and prove one of the strongest bets across the games. 

Crossfit Games Finals Betting Odds 

Let’s look at each of our top betting picks and a quick run down of their odds, stats and chances of winning the games. 

Saxon Panchik -100

In four years time, Panchik has seen a rapid climb from placing 140th to leading this season going into the games. He’s a speed and endurance athlete, and with his 62 max pull ups and 52 second 400, 

Justin Medieros -500

Last year’s champion is returning and currently seated third after the open workout. He won this year’s syndicate games and is ranked first in the world in the open rankings. Medieros is only 22, and we expect him to win with style. Unfortunately CrossFit hasn’t updated his benchmark stats. 

Tia-Claire Toomey -400

Toomey has won five golds in a row after two silver medals. She’s been an Olympic lifter and the most consistently dominant CrossFit athlete since Fraser. She’s the face of women’s CrossFit as it stands today, but faces her toughest opponent to date. 

Mallory O’Brien -400

O’Brien was competitive as a teenager but has come into her own this year. She’s younger and hungry for victory. D

uring the open workout she smoked Toomey. She’s only eighteen, and has teen years of CrossFit under her belt.

After taking seventh at last year’s games, O’Brien is ready to prove she can give Toomey a run for her money, and one slip up on part of the champ is all it takes to crown a new games winner in Mal O’Brien. 

Our Pick for 2022 Crossfit Games Winner 

Our final picks for crossfit games winners are:

  • Justin Medieros -500
  • Mal O’Brien -400
  • CrossFit Mayhem Freedom -500

Medieros is likely to double up on a title and O’Brien will dethrone the champ. Mayhem Freedom will continue a reign of CrossFit terror for years to come. Let us know what you think! Any Dark Horse 2022 CrossFit Games competitors come to mind?

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