2022 Tezos WNO: Odds and Predictions

Couch Vs Ryan Friday March 25

We’ve gathered the WNO: Couch vs Ryan odds and stats for Who’s Number One on March 25th, 2022. 2022 Tezos WNO BJJ features eight bouts, including prop bets for each. Place your bets before 8:00 PM ET to get in on the action. You can watch WNO with your Flograppling subscription. If you’re new to BJJ betting, start with our guide. If you’re brand new to WNO, the rules are fairly simply; submit the fighter to win inside a single fifteen minutes. The WNO judging criteria is aggression, dangerous attacks, and control. 

TEZOS WNO 2022 Odds and Betting Predictions

Our top betting prediction for each of the WNO 2022 bouts are: 

  • Mica Galvao Money Line -290
  • Gordon Ryan Money Line -4000 (Parlay bet)
  • Jessica Crane Money Line -185
  •  Rida vs Cruz Over 10 Prop -180
  • Nicholas Meregali Money Line -500
  • Krikorian vs Gabriel Sousa Over 10 Prop -180
  • Joe Dierkhising Money Line at -275
  • David Garmo Money Line at +100

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Betting Odds for Dante Leon vs Mica Galvao

Dante Leon Money Line +230
Mica Galvao Money Line -290
Over 10 -145
Under 10  +115

Mica Galvoa has been on a tear, winning ADCC trials in 2021 and taking the Abu Dhabi AJP Grand Slam. He was the winner of last year’s WNO championship and has been on a submission spree against high level competitors. 
Leon is coming off a win over Oliver Taza, but has fumbled most of 2021’s biggest matches to Tackett, Tye Ruotolo, and Nicky Ryan. 
One of the biggest factors contributing to Galvao’s success is his age. The 19 year old is still getting better while seeming to already compete at the level of the top competitors in BJJ. Our betting pick is the favorite, Mica Galvao Money line at -290. 


Betting Odds for Jacob Couch vs Gordon Ryan

Jacob Couch Money Line +1600
Gordon Ryan Money Line -4000
Over 10 +180
Under 10  -220

This return bout for Gordon Ryan is against Couch, one of the toughest brown belts in no-gi BJJ today. In the WNO finals, Couch was at the bottom of the bracket at +4000 and ended up taking third in the whole tournament, defeating first seated Roberto Jimenez along the way. 
Still, Ryan is the best and hasn’t lost a match on the main stage. He will occasionally play with his food, so the Under 10 is a bad bet as Ryan likes to ‘demonstrate his BJJ’ before finishing. Paraly a Gordon Ryan win at -4000 or put a $20 on the Couch upset because it’s so fun to hate the bad boy of grappling. 

Betting Odds for Sophia Cassella vs Jessica Crane 

Sophia Casella Money Line +155
Jessica Crane Money Line -185
Over 10 +150
Under 10  -180

Crane is currently 5-1 at the Flograppling events. She was a blue belt world champion, and has submitted four of her last five opponents. This is Sophia’s first Flograppling event, but she’s lost her recent high level matches. It looks like Crane is the better finisher, while Sophia will be looking for a points win. Our betting pick is Jessica Crane at -185.

Betting Odds for Haisam Rida vs Elder Cruz

Haisam Rida Money Line +145
Elder Cruz Money Line -175
Over 10 -180
Under 10  +150

Cruz out paced the favorite Nickey Rod to win a decision in his last bout. Rida is a massive heavyweight with 25 pro submission wins. Rida usually loses by footlock at the highest levels but Cruz is more of a decision fighter. 
We see a long match either way, Our bet is the prop Over 10 at -180. 

Betting Odds for Arnaldo Maidana vs Nicholas Meregali 

Arnaldo Maidana Money Line +375
Nicholas Meregali Money Line -500
Over 10 +120
Under 10  -150

Nicholas Meregali is one of the top competitors in the gi. This is one of his first high profile no gi events. Maidana is similar, though he hasn’t been as active since 2017. He lost his last two big No gi worlds bouts to Taza, Johnson and Dierkhising. 
Meanwhile, Meregali has been gearing up to move to no-gi for the past year, working with Gordon Ryan and other greats. We’re forced to go with the favorite, and we’re not picking the Under 10 due to how much the switch from gi to no-gi can affect your submission work. 
Our betting pick is ​​Nicholas Meregali at -500.

Betting Odds for Keith Krikorian vs Gabriel Sousa 

Keith Krikorian Money Line +170
Gabriel Sousa Money Line -210
Over 10 -180
Under 10  +150

Keith is coming off a loss to Kade Rutolo after winning three straight by points, including winning third at ADCC 2021 North American Trials. Sousa is the submission fighter that upset Mikey Musumeci at last year’s WNO championship. He lost to Ruotolo in the finals, but has since gone 3-3 at high level competition. 
Krikorian is highly defensive and likes to weight for the right moment. His style can stifle forward moving athletes like Sousa. Our betting pick is the Over 10 prop at -180. 

Betting Odds for Luke Griffith vs Joe Dierkhising

Luke Griffith Money Line +215
Joe Dierkhising Money Line -275
Over 10 +175
Under 10  -215

Joe is one of the top grapplers on the card and seeing him so low is clearly to draw in people to watch the beginning of the card. He’s a finisher and one of the world’s best. Our betting pick is Joe Dierkhising at -275. 

Betting Odds for David Garmo vs Benji Silva 

David Garmo Money Line +100
Benji Silva Money Line -130
Over 10 -140
Under 10  +110

David hit a rough patch in 2021, losing seven of his last twelve bouts. He also took only one submission in high level tournaments in 2021. Silva is 2-6 in Flograppling events. I’m not sure why he’s the favorite. Garmo is a far higher quality submission fighter who’s been proven over years of competition. Our betting pick is David Garmo at +100. 

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