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The Seattle Seahawks were once upon a time built on defense with the Legion of Boom leading the way. Here in 2020, the script has flipped and the Seahawks now boast one of the NFL’s better offenses.

While Russell Wilson leads the explosive offense, there are plenty of solid fantasy options in Seattle and this article won’t cover all of them. It shows you how talented this Seattle Seahawks team is, starting with quarterback Russell Wilson.

Below are 4 Seattle Seahawks to wager your productivity bets on in 2020 or if you choose, to keep an eye on during your fantasy football draft.

1- Stud: Russell Wilson, QB

2019 statistics:

  • 341 completions
  • 516 attempts
  • 4,110 yards
  • 31 touchdowns
  • 5 interceptions
  • 75 carries
  • 342 yards
  • 3 touchdowns

Wilson tied the rookie record for touchdown passes in 2012 with 26 and since then the Seahawks remained among the NFL’s elite. In his 8 seasons, Wilson has never had a losing record and better yet, his production barely dipped.

He’s a classic dual-threat quarterback who is as dangerous with his legs as he is with his arm and because of it, he makes for an excellent quarterback for both productivity betting and fantasy football.

Wilson’s projections for 2020 per ESPN.com are generous, given his fluctuating statistical numbers in both passing and rushing.

Russel Wilson Seahawks QB

Because of his unpredictability, he’s a nightmare for oddsmakers to project lines, but looking at Wilson’s statistics over the past 5 seasons, he’s dropped below the 3,600-yard mark in passing once, in 2018. Ironically, he hit a career-high in touchdown passes that season and in passer rating.

He’s also thrown for 30 or more touchdown passes over the past 3 seasons and 4 of the past 5. This means that while ESPN’s projections rate him lower, the law of probability states he’ll perform better than advertised.

He’s one of the safest stud picks in the productivity realm. If you play fantasy football, he’s a surefire QB1 regardless of your league size.

Here are Wilson’s projected statistics:

  • 301 completions
  • 474 attempts
  • 3,690 yards
  • 29 touchdowns
  • 8 interceptions
  • 73 carries
  • 397 yards
  • 1 touchdown

2- Sleeper: Greg Olsen, TE

2019 statistics:

  • 52 receptions
  • 597 yards
  • 11.5 yards per reception
  • 2 touchdowns

If there’s ever a sleeper tight end in the NFL this season, it’s Greg Olsen. Yes, he’s entering his 14th year. Yes, he’s 35, and yes, he hasn’t played a full season since 2016. There’s risk here for Olsen.

But it seems everyone is projecting Will Dissly to return from a torn Achilles and overtake him. Something that won’t happen.

There are also 2 rookies the Seahawks drafted in Stephen Sullivan and Colby Parkinson. But they were both Day 3 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Again, it’s a long shot for the rookie duo to overtake Olsen. If the Seahawks lacked faith in Olsen, they wouldn’t have signed him and they would’ve addressed the tight end position with more surefire younger talent.

They didn’t. But it will fool NFL betting sites, especially if they follow ESPN, who projects just 33 receptions from the veteran tight end.

Greg Olsen Seahawks TE

If productivity betting is on your mind, Olsen will provide you with some good betting value.

While there’s no guarantee he’ll remain healthy throughout the 2020 season because of recent setbacks, he’s not letting go of the starting position if he does. And he’ll perform above expectations.

There’s not another proven tight end on the roster. Sure, Dissly was a prime target for Wilson before his 2018 knee injury and again in 2019 before the Achilles injury ended his season. He’s injury-prone and has played in fewer than half of his possible games.

Olsen is at a huge advantage here.

If you play fantasy football, Olsen is a solid TE2 to pick up along the waiver wire if your primary tight end or tight ends are on a bye week. He’s not worth a TE1 spot anymore, but there’s still a place for Olsen in NFL fantasy football leagues.

Here are Olsen’s projected 2020 statistics:

  • 33 receptions
  • 394 yards
  • 11.8 yards per reception
  • 4 touchdowns

3- Stumbler: Tyler Lockett, WR

82 receptions

  • 1,057 yards
  • 12.9 yards per reception
  • 8 touchdowns

Lockett broke out in 2019 and had a career year with highs in both receptions and receiving yards. He’ll continue his onslaught on opposing defenses as Russell Wilson’s top target.

However, DK Metcalf’s emergence in 2019 will take away from Lockett. The receiver in a tight end’s body impressed in his rookie season. Many were unsure if Metcalf would produce well because of his injury history in college but he knocked off the doubters quickly.

For you, it means Lockett will have a hard time breaking through for an encore performance. He’ll still lead the team in receptions and maybe receiving yards, but it won’t be what oddsmakers expect from him.

Instead, Metcalf will continue to take receptions away from Lockett and the other receivers in Seattle, allowing Wilson to spread the ball more often.

Tyler Lockett Seahawks WR

Lockett’s fantasy numbers will still look good and he’s a legitimate WR1 in leagues with over 12 teams and a high-end WR2 in small and medium-sized leagues. If you’re a fantasy owner, there’s no reason to sleep on him.

But if you bet on productivity, he will have a tough time breaking through to better his statistics like he did in 2019. This is especially true if Olsen overproduces, and he probably will, with lower than usual projected statistics based on the theory that Dissly will play later in the season.

Even if Dissly returns and performs, it spells greater trouble for Lockett. Lockett came up big in 2019 when it was just himself and DK Metcalf among a horde of injuries at running back and mediocre play at tight end.

Now that the Seahawks have weapons for Wilson to work with, it’ll throw a dagger in Lockett’s production.

4- Rookie: DeeJay Dallas, RB

2019 statistics (college):

  • 115 carries
  • 693 yards
  • 6.0 yards per carry
  • 14 receptions
  • 140 yards
  • 10.0 yards per reception
  • 2 touchdowns

The Seahawks backfield is a wasteland behind Chris Carson with the underwhelming and injury-prone Rashaad Penny serving as the RB2. This gives Dallas a shot to be the RB2 in Seattle and perhaps more if he emulates his college success.


While his numbers in college aren’t eye-popping, a closer look at what Dallas could do in college shows a different story, ranking high in forced missed tackles rate from Pro Football Focus and in Yards After Contact at 7th and 5th respectively of all backs in the 2020 class.

This makes Dallas a dark horse candidate to supplant Penny and hold the RB2 position. Carson also hasn’t played a full season, so if Dallas produces and Carson suffers another injury, it shouldn’t surprise to see him take carries away.

While he’s not high on anyone’s radar, he’s worth a look over the summer as training camp begins.

Deejay Dallas Seahawks Rookie

Don’t make a rash NFL bet on Dallas’ productivity but monitor him throughout camp and his rookie season. He’s a future sleeper slash breakout candidate and biding time with him will pay dividends.

If you’re on the fantasy spectrum, he’s worth a last-round pick, especially if you play in a large keeper league comprising over 12 teams. He’s even worth a last-round pick in medium-sized leagues comprising 10 to 12 teams.

If he performs well, you can claim him off waivers or if you’re lucky enough to draft Dallas, place him on your fantasy roster as an RB2 or Flex option. He’s not the player who will produce now, but he’s the type who will produce later and you’ll be happy you took a flyer on him.

And he’s the player to watch in seasons to come.

Now, if Carson goes down like he did in late 2019 and if Penny is still recovering from his torn ACL, he’s a wise choice to pick up off the waiver wire. And considering how the Seahawks backfield went down in 2019, it could happen again.

Be prepared.

Here are Dallas’ 2020 projected statistics:

  • 37 carries
  • 150 yards
  • 4.1 yards per carry
  • 1 touchdown
  • 7 receptions
  • 55 yards
  • 0 touchdowns


Russell Wilson leads this trope of Seahawks that include older and younger players.

Olsen is past his prime but presents an excellent opportunity to be the team’s sleeper pick in 2020. Lockett won’t produce like he did in 2019 but he’s still a viable fantasy option.

Dallas is a pick for the future but the future might come sooner than later if the Seahawks experience a rash of injuries at running back.

Considering this, the Joker in this quagmire is none other than Marshawn Lynch. At the time of this writing, Lynch remains unsigned. But if Carson experiences lingering effects from his late-season injury and Penny can’t go, don’t count Beast Mode from appearing in Seattle.

Even if Dallas plays well, Lynch might still sign.

Tell me what you think? Is Olsen a sleeper pick? Will Lockett’s production wane with Metcalf? What are your thoughts on Dallas?

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