4 New Opportunities to Bet on the Birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Second Child

Meghan Markle Pregnancy Betting Odds

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they were expecting their second child on Valentine’s Day 2021, the same day the late Princess Diana revealed her pregnancy with her second-born son — Harry.

“We can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child,” a spokesperson for the Sussex’s told the press.

Well, as is the case with all things involving the British royal family, the news of another baby has all the celebrity rags and gossip sites beside themselves with excitement.

To make the overenthusiasm more bearable, the oddsmakers at BetOnline.ag stepped in to make sure there was something in this pregnancy for the rest of us. Thankfully, we now have four new betting lines dedicated to the birth of Harry and Meghan’s daughter.

During the now-infamous Oprah interview in March, the renegade royals revealed the baby’s sex after choosing not to know Archie’s ahead of time.

“To have any one or any two, but to have a boy and then a girl—what more could you ask for?” Harry asked.

The couple did not specify when Meghan is due, only that they are expecting in early summer. The Telegraph, a news website based in the UK, has since reported that the Duchess is expected to give birth in June.

A Glimpse into political betting’s future:

Could their child become president of the United States?

For the first time in history, a British royal will be born on American soil, which will give Meghan and Harry’s daughter a unique, never-before-seen distinction. During an interview on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Myka Meier, a royal expert and founder of Beaumont Etiquette, explained:

“This time, it will be an American-born baby, which is very different from the first. It also means that this baby technically could become president one day.”

In roughly 35 years, a British royal family member will be eligible to run for the presidency of the United States! Thus, setting the stage for one of the most brilliant power moves ever conceived.

  • Prince Harry uses his daughter’s birth to mend fences with his family, then starts preparing the young girl for a career in politics.
  • He and Meghan use their media connections to shape her public brand gradually.
  • In the meantime, Prince William ascends to the throne in England.
  • Harry bides his time, cultivating his daughter’s image until it’s time to strike.
  • The one-of-a-kind candidate wins the 2068 presidential election in a landslide, preventing Baron “Octavian” Trump’s fifth term in office.
  • With an aged Prince Harry guiding his daughter from the shadows, the United States – unprovoked — breaks their alliance with the UK and wages total war against the crown.
  • As was the custom in royal affairs for much of history, Harry has his older brother William and all his heirs killed.
  • Finally, Prince Harry emerges the King of England, with his daughter firmly in command of the United Colonies of America across the pond!

All I’m saying is — keep an eye on this American British royal, political bettors! She’s going to change the world!

The Name of Harry and Meghan’s Baby

Name of Royal Baby Betting Odds Name of Royal Baby Betting Odds
Diana +300 Victoria +2000
Elizabeth +800 Catherine +2500
Grace +1200 Kayleigh +2500
Alexandria +1400 Rose +2500
Alice +1400 Emma +3300
Anna +1400 Mary +3300
May +1400 Michelle +3300
Charlotte +1600 Nancy +3300
Olivia +1600 Bianca +10000
Daisy +2000 Mercedes +10000
Oprah +20000

What will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle name their second child?

Here are two quotes from professional bookmakers in the UK, recorded before the public knew the sex of the baby:

  • “Royal punters are seemingly convinced Harry and Meghan’s second born will be named after his mother, regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, as Diana and Spencer are currently proving the most popular picks in the betting.” — Alex Apati, Ladbrokes
  • “Having picked Archie — a name that wasn’t even on our list, for their first child — the odds suggest Meghan & Prince Harry could opt for a more traditional name for their second with Arthur and Diana the joint 8/1 favorites with Betfair.” Sam Rosbottom, Betfair

Diana (+300)

The vast majority of British royalty handicappers expect the Sussex’s to use the birth of their second child to honor the late Princess Diana. It makes the most sense – especially given the symbolism of announcing the pregnancy on the same day Harry’s mother informed the world that her own second child was on the way.

I also agree with the oddsmakers above that the first child’s unconventional name increases the odds of the couple going more traditional with their daughter.

Furthermore, it’s often said that Prince Harry is much more like his mother, while William takes after their father. Throw in Meghan enduring similarly miserable experience as Di — outsiders suffocated by the cruel and rigid royal life – and “Diana” at +300 unquestionably makes the most sense.

Yet, I’m not entirely sold on the couple going in this direction. I’m leaning that way, but I’m not ready to call it a “sure thing.”

Prince Harry and William’s relationship is already strained by the explosive allegations the former made about his family during the Oprah interview. The future king may take issue with his younger brother using Diana’s name for the child of a mixed-race, low-born, commoner.

It sounds ridiculous but you know how these snobby royals think.

Baby’s Name

Elizabeth (+800)

If Harry hopes to reingratiate himself to the royal family without potentially striking any raw nerves, he could name his daughter after the Queen. Elizabeth II is getting up there in age, and the Sussex’s may choose to reaffirm their respect and appreciation for the matriarch with this honor.

Baby’s Name

Mercedes (+10000) or Oprah (+20000)

In an effort to stay out of too much trouble, I’m not going to expound on these two picks much.

However, in March, Harry and Meghan told Oprah that a prominent member of the royal family expressed concern over the color of the prince’s future children prior to Archie’s birth. The day after the interview aired, the couple clarified that neither the Queen nor Prince Philip made the racist remarks.

Based on the reaction to the claim and everything that’s been said about Harry’s relationship with his family, it’s clear that the offender was either Charles or William.

So, with all of that in mind, I’m just saying that naming their royal daughter Mercedes or Oprah would be both fitting and poetic and precisely what I’d do in Meghan’s position.

Baby’s Name
Baby’s Name

Harry and Meghan’s Baby Weight

American Odds

  • Matchup Odds
  • Under 7lbs, 6oz -130
  • Exactly 7lbs, 6oz or more -110

How unbelievably absurd has online betting become?

I can’t get enough entertainment and political betting, but every once in a while, it hits me that we’re discussing putting actual money on an unborn baby’s eventual birth weight. It’s really sick, but it’s too hysterical for me to care.

Alright, so let’s break down this couple’s enormous life event like an average sports matchup.

We have a few key stats from which to draw inspiration:

  • The Sussex’s first-born, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, weighed 7lb 3oz at birth.
  • Unlike Archie, their daughter will be the first British royal in history born in the United States.
  • Americans are bigger and better than Brits – the average birth weight in the US is about 7.5 pounds.

The totals line is set at 7lbs, 6oz – three ounces heavier than Harry and Meghan’s son.

That weight may seem a little high, but we must account for the differences between first and second-time pregnancies. Here’s an excerpt from Bounty, a pregnancy and motherhood blog:

Statistically speaking, it is likely your second baby will be bigger than your first, however this is not always the case. If your first birth was a large baby weighing 10lb or more, you are more likely to have a large baby this time too. It is worth noting that on average, second babies are only around 5 oz (or 140g) heavier.

If the royals’ newborn daughter is approximately 5 oz heavier than Archie, she should weigh roughly 7lbs, 8 oz.

Plus, she’s being born in America, where Meghan Markle isn’t spending the last trimester stressing over racist monarchs in an ultra-stuffy environment.

This time, nobody’s threatening not to give the kid a royal title or provide security details when they’re older. Nor are they voicing concerns over the color of her skin and “how that will look.”

Less stress, more comfort, and second child trends sound, to me, like a formula for a bigger baby. I’m taking ” Exactly 7lbs, 6oz or more” at –110.
Date of Birth
7lbs, 6oz or more

Harry and Meghan’s Baby Date of Birth

American Odds

  • Matchup Odds
  • June 11th or Later -130
  • On or Before June 10th -110

In keeping with royal tradition, Harry and Meghan have chosen not to disclose their daughter’s due date. All we have to work with is photographic – and a pinch of circumstantial – evidence. Here’s a picture from the Duke and Duchess’s Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement:

Based on a guide to the approximate size of baby bumps during each week of pregnancy, I estimate that on February 14, she was roughly 18-20 weeks pregnant.

The Sussex’s went public with their first pregnancy seven months before their due date. However, due to Meghan’s 2019 miscarriage, I suspect she waited longer to go public so she could be confident her and Harry’s second child would be carried to term.

When Prince Philip died on April 9, a royal spokesperson confirmed that Harry would be flying back to England but that his wife had “been advised by her physician not to travel,” reported People. The Mayo Clinic advises pregnant women not to fly beyond 36 weeks.

My “bump size” estimates and her decision to stay in California for Philip’s funeral are also consistent with a picture of the Duchess and her son, taken on April 22. According to the trusty chart, Markle looks at least 6-7 months pregnant in the photo. Assuming the royal daughter is born around the expected nine-month mark, that’d put the date of birth in late June, early July.

On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that many second-time moms go into labor slightly earlier than before. I found the following information at a website called Motherly:

“Your baby’s due date is at the 40-week mark of pregnancy. You’ve probably heard by now that your baby’s due date is just an estimate based on the first day of your last period. The average first mom will give birth at 40 weeks and 5 days.”

“Second-time moms’ average delivery date is 40 weeks and 3 days—that is an entire week earlier!”

Regardless, I’m predicting the Sussex’s daughter arrives on June 11 or later. Assuming she’s due somewhere between June 20 and July 18, even if Meghan goes into labor a week sooner this time around, she’ll still cover the over (or “later” in this case).

Bet the slight favorite at –130 moneyline odds.
Date of Birth
June 11th or Later

Which Day Will Harry and Meghan’s Baby be Born?

Day of the Week Betting Odds
Friday +500
Monday +500
Saturday +500
Sunday +500
Thursday +500
Tuesday +500
Wednesday +500

I won’t spend too much time on this wager since it’s entirely a crapshoot. You have seven options, all priced at +500. Sticking with my prediction that the child will be born in late June or early July, I like the dates that fall on a Wednesday.

We Get:
  • June 16
  • June 23
  • June 30
  • July 7
  • July 14

Those look like pretty strong dates, right?

Plus, this is the first British royal born on American soil – I don’t know, that feels like a Wednesday kinda kid to me.

Obviously, it’s not the most scientific system, so if you’re one of those dorks with a favorite day of the week, pick that one instead. (But watch: it’s she’s totally going to be delivered on a Wednesday.)

Day of Birth
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