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The baseball season may have ended but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to improve your MLB betting game. Betting on baseball is a great way to increase your enjoyment of the sport. It’s also a great way to make a little bit of money on the side.

Many people make money betting on baseball every year. People bet on many sports in Las Vegas, and baseball is no exception.

If you enjoy watching baseball already, you will really enjoy betting on baseball at online sportsbooks. The bet will keep you on the edge of your seat. Every catch, throw, and hit will have your money on the line.

If you’re an experienced baseball better, or just a gambler who’s looking to get into betting on baseball, this article is for you.

I’ll discuss all the strategies that are useful for betting on baseball. These strategies will help you make money while watching your favorite game. Your friends will be amazed by your insightful knowledge into gambling on baseball.

Keep reading to learn my 4 favorite strategies for betting on baseball. Batter up!

1- Watch the Weather

Be aware of weather patterns. Gambling on baseball can be improved by paying attention to the details. You’ll never have a 100% bet, but if you pay attention to things like the weather, you can increase your odds.

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, you need to pay attention.

Baseball Stadiums With Sunny And Cloudy Weather
The outcome of the ballgame can be skewed by the weather. The odds maker can make odds that make the Cardinals an underdog. But if the weather is cloudy and the wind is blowing that day, the Cardinals may have a better chance of winning.

You wouldn’t think that the weather can affect baseball games much, but it can. One thing you’ll find surprising is that the direction the wind is blowing can increase your odds to win.

“When the wind blows in, it can turn home runs into warning track outs, benefiting unders. Conversely, when it blows out, it can turn fly balls into homers and benefit overs.”

If the wind blows in, then the under team has a better chance to win. So it would be in your best interest to take the under. Even though it’s a longer shot, you stand to win more money. If you want to take the risk of betting on a long shot, do it on a day when the wind is blowing in.

The opposite is true when the wind is blowing out. Research has shown the wind benefits overs when it’s blowing out. The wind will help the better odds team hit more homers. If you want to make a sure thing even more of a sure thing, take the over bet when the wind is blowing out.

2- Know the Team’s Schedules

Baseball teams play long, grueling seasons. Their seasons last for 162 games. On top of that, the games are long and players will wear down as the season goes on. You should be aware of how long the baseball season is when you prepare to place your bets.

In addition to having long seasons, baseball players are also on the road for long stretches of time.

If you’re preparing to place a bet on a long shot underdog, make sure they haven’t just finished off a 12-game road trip.

Think about how the road trip may affect the teams.

For Example:
If a great team is at the end of a long road trip, they may not be as good as you’d expect. That means it’s your chance to place a bet on an underdog to beat them.

The underdog will have a better chance to win than you’d expect because the team they’re playing against is full of tired players recovering from jet lag who probably wish they were at home with their families instead of playing baseball.

The inverse is also true. If a long shot is at the end of a road trip, you definitely don’t want to bet on them to upend the better team. Be aware of where teams are in their road trips and their schedules. Make this another part of your arsenal to help you make money betting on baseball.

Next, I’ll show you a little known secret.

3- Research Umpires

Making money on baseball is easier if you follow these simple rules. You’ll find more success betting on baseball if you are more educated about the game. If you want to make money, you’ll find the devil is in the details.

Umpires are an important part of the game of baseball.

Umpire Calling Player Safe

Even though they’re not players, they can have  an influence on the outcome of the game. They call balls and strikes, call who’s safe, and make sure any other rules of baseball are enforced throughout the course of a game. What I want to talk to you today about is the way they call balls and strikes.

Umpires can affect a game in many ways. If you want to increase your betting odds and make money betting on baseball, you only need to focus on one of the umpires tasks: the strike zone.

Here are three reasons you should focus on the strike zone:

  1. The strike zone can influence who wins the game
  2. Different umpires have different strike zones.
  3. You can find information about umpire strike zones online.
“This combination of an ace pitcher and an umpire who calls a loose zone is a prime contender to bet the UNDER.”

If Clayton Kershaw is pitching and an umpire is known to have a large strike zone, you have a great opportunity to bet on the under. Kershaw will carve up hitters if he’s given a wide strike zone. If you’re aware of this when you make the bet, you can make a lot of money.

The opposite can be true as well. If a pitcher is making their Major League debut and an umpire is known to have tight strike zone, the pitcher will struggle. The opposing team will likely tee off on a young pitcher without a big enough strike zone to work with.

The best part about all of this is that you can find the information on umpires online. Swishanalytics.com gives you access to statistics of umpires for free. You can see which umpires call the most strikes and which ones call the most balls. Now you’ll know which umpire has a tight strike zone and which one has a loose strike zone.

Please Note:
None of these tips alone will make you better at gambling on baseball, but if you use all of them together, you’ll be able to make lots of money betting on baseball.

4- Research Park Factors

The ballpark itself can have a huge effect on which team will win as well. Park factors include the different effects ballparks can have on teams. Be aware of park factors to increase your odds of taking home some cash.

Park factors can manifest themselves in different ways. You’ll need to learn what they mean if you want to make more money gambling. Understand park factors to increase your odds of taking some money home.

Some ballparks favor offense, and some favor defense.

Some parks give a significant advantage to a team with a good offense.

  • These ballparks have a higher runs/game stat, and teams with lots of homerun hitters do well at them.

Some ballparks favor pitching.

  • These ballparks have a low run/game number. They also usually have a low HR/FB rate.
Please Note:
HR/FB rate is the percent of time that a flyball is a homerun.

For example, San Francisco is a very pitcher-friendly park. Pitchers usually do well though because batters don’t hit a lot of homeruns.

Texas is a very batter-friendly park.

Globe Life Park Texas
Batters do well there, and a lot of their flyballs turn into homeruns. You can use this advanced knowledge to your advantage when you gamble. If you know a pitcher is prone to giving up homers and they’re pitching in a homer friendly park, you’ll now know not to bet on them.

You might see a team that has long odds to win. Vegas thinks they have no chance of winning.

However, the team has good offense, and they are playing in a batter-friendly park.

Now you’ll know a bet on them may be smart.

You can make some serious money if you place a bet on a team with long odds to win and win the bet. You can place the bet with confidence if you know which ballparks are more batter-friendly and which are more pitcher-friendly.

Research ballparks before you place a bet. As a gambler, you need to use every tool at your disposal.

If you neglect to look at park factors, you decrease your odds.

Look at park factors to increase your betting odds and make more money betting on baseball.


Betting on baseball can be a fun way to participate in the National Pastime. Follow the tips I’ve given you to make money betting baseball. Research park factors, umpires, the weather, and schedules and you’ll have a lot more fun betting and winning on baseball.

Do you have any other tips that I left out? Let me know in the comments.

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