5 Big Predictions (+ Betting Odds) for Hawkeye on Disney+

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Spoiler Warning

This article includes spoilers from the first four episodes of Hawkeye on Disney+, as well as references to prior MCU projects like the Avengers movies. So, if you’re not all caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ve been warned.

Of course, you could always just not be a spoiler weirdo. I can’t think of a single time hearing a tidbit about a movie or show I hadn’t seen yet ruined the viewing experience. But I digress…

Let’s talk about Hawkeye!

The Disney+ series has breathed new life into Clint Barton, adding tons of depth to the aging Avenger’s story arc. Now, four episodes into the six-episode season, I realized this show is teasing so many massive surprises and juicy character reveals, it would make for perfect betting fodder.

Because if any of the reported rumors or popular theories are true, Hawkeye will be responsible for introducing some game-changing elements into the MCU.

Who wouldn’t want to put a few bucks on the outcome of these final two episodes?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, none of our favorite Marvel oddsmakers have Hawkeye lines posted. So, I went about breaking out my favorite theories and handicapping the various possibilities myself.

  • However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find legitimate wagering opportunities at our top entertainment betting sites – they just weren’t up when I started writing.
  • It’s not unusual for online sportsbooks to post Marvel lines right before movies hit theaters or late in series’ seasons. They could go up at any time.

Either way, I’m feeling confident in the following predictions for Hawkeye on Disney+.

Clint Wasn’t the Only Ronin + Someone on this Show is a Skrull

We already know multiple people have worn the Ronin costume.

  • Clint was introduced to Kate Bishop because she was caught on camera using the suit, prompting a news report about the infamous Ronin returning.
  • Later, it was recovered by a LARPer (live-action role-playing – people that meet up in parks in costumes and fight with Styrofoam medieval weapons).
  • Clint ultimately recovered the costume, but that’s three confirmed wearers of the Ronin suit in just the first two episodes.

Maybe the writers are playing with this theme to set up another significant plot reveal based on mistaken identity.

Before I share my theory, check out the opening two paragraphs from Ronin’s page on Fandom.com’s Superhero Wiki. Admittedly, this information is based on the comic books, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence we have multiple characters from Hawkeye included in Ronin’s lore.

“The first person to take up the identity of Ronin was an assassin-turned-crime fighter named Echo. After Daredevil was offered membership into the Avengers, he declined but suggested help from a mysterious new figure named Ronin. After her first initial adventure with the Avengers, Ronin revealed herself to be Echo, though none of the other Avengers were familiar with this relatively new crime-fighter. She stayed with the team and began to investigate assassin Elektra and the Hand (the ninja group she was currently leading), only to be killed.”

“The Hand then used dark magics to resurrect her with the hope of brainwashing her into becoming their agent. She was saved by the Avengers (including Clint Barton, who had adopted the Ronin identity since her apparent death), who were able to overcome her brainwashing and Echo, awakened and filled with rage, dealt Elektra a lethal blow. Soon, they learn that “Elektra” was actually a Skrull, a shapeshifting alien, causing the Avengers to realize that the world is secretly being invaded. When the team had time to settle down from these revelations, Echo officially passed on the mantle of Ronin to Clint Barton and gave her approval.”

Echo and Her Father

Reading that Maya Lopez/Echo was the original Ronin in the comics was a lightbulb-over-my-head moment.

That’s not the case in the Hawkeye series, but I think the fact that Ronin plays a crucial role in her origin story is significant. From what we’ve seen thus far, Maya arrives at Fat Man Auto Body, a front where the Tracksuit Mafia congregates, to find Ronin massacring the gang – including her father. She captures and interrogates Clint and Kate about the assassin’s identity and whereabouts, not knowing that it was Hawkeye.

As viewers, we’ve seen Clint don the Ronin gear in Endgame, so it’s assumed that he killed Maya’s father. I think this is a misdirect and that after the Blip, Hawkeye inherited the moniker from a predecessor – possibly someone who Thanos dusted.

This theory is supported by the fact that Echo has a Disney+ show in the works. The Hawkeye spinoff doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s the third-to-last series on the Marvel Phase Four schedule.

That means she won’t be a villain for long, regardless of who her “Uncle” ends up being in this show. And if she’s switching sides before the end of Hawkeye’s first season, I doubt it’s because she forgives Clint for killing her dad. It’s much more likely that we find out that whoever killed her father was either Ronin before Hawkeye or someone who got their hands on the suit after Endgame.

We don’t know the exact timeline of the Fat Boys Auto Body massacre.

  • If it happened before Clint’s Ronin, the evidence points towards a certain unexplainably-gifted-swordfighter I’ll be discussing in two more sections.
  • If after Endgame, I suspect the criminal behind the illegal auction in episode one, where the Ronin gear was being sold, first used the disguise as cover to murder Maya’s father. That suggests someone within the organization didn’t want the hit traced back to them. My money is on Kate’s mom Eleanor or the mysterious “Uncle” figure.

From a story-writing perspective, the second option is the easiest way to turn Echo against her criminal past on the road to becoming a hero.

Right now, she’s working for her “Uncle” — who she remembers fondly in the flashback we saw of her childhood — and leading the Tracksuit Mafia. You need a massive betrayal coming to light to flip those allegiances on their head. (By the way, tons of Track Suit Mafia members were killed in that “Ronin” attack too. They’ve already served as comic relief, so don’t be surprised if they’re blindsided by the news and change teams too when it’s learned their “boss” was willing to make them collateral damage to sell the hit as legitimate — leading to some hilarious reconciliatory moments between them, Kate, and Clint.)


Three days ago, Kevin Feige revealed that Charlie Cox, who starred in the Netflix Daredevil series, will be bringing the blind superhero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The news lends credence to the rumors that Daredevil will make his MCU debut in this month’s Spiderman: No Way Home.

So, why do I think he’ll be seen in Hawkeye first?

My favorite nerds at the New Rockstars channel reported that a new Spiderman: No Way Home trailer is scheduled to drop on December 16, the day before the movie is released in theaters in the US.

Why would they wait until the day before to release a new trailer?

Because the trailer features a character that shows up in the next episode of Hawkeye, airing on December 15!

  • Daredevil and/or his main antagonist from Netflix appears in Hawkeye next week.
  • A fresh trailer either shows or heavily implies that they’re also in the new Spiderman,
  • BOOM! An already ridiculously-highly-anticipated film gets another enormous hype boost right before opening day (not that it needs it)!

The fact that Daredevil is responsible for introducing Echo to the Avengers in the comics makes this whole setup feel that much more plausible.

Secret Invasion

If we’re going to discuss potential cases of mistaken identity, we can’t ignore the Marvel Phase 4 series, Secret Invasion, on the horizon.

Secret Invasion, a show about Earth being invaded by Skrull infiltrators, is scheduled for 2022. So, it’s about time Kevin Feige and company start introducing more of the shapeshifting aliens into the main storyline.

We saw glimpses in WandaVision and the Spiderman: Far from Home post-credit scene.

Having one of the main characters in Hawkeye revealed as a Skrull would advance the Secret Invasion storyline a step further. That said, I’d be surprised to learn that the person who killed Maya’s father dressed as Ronin was a Skrull.

Almost anyone else outside of Clint or Kate could be one, though!

Including this next person…

Laura Barton is/was a SHIELD Agent

When did Laura Barton become the world’s best intelligence gatherer?!

We haven’t seen Hawkeye interact with his wife a ton on-screen. When they did, she was always portrayed as a seemingly ordinary, loving housewife that, along with their kids, Clint kept hidden away from his Avengers career.

Only when it was an absolute last resort in Age of Ultron did he allow his superhero teammates into his secret safehouse. When Tony Stark quips, “we would have called ahead but we were busy having no idea that you existed,” Hawkeye says Nick Fury helped him set it up and keep everything off SHIELD’s files.

Laura mentions knowing all the Avengers’ names and is already acquainted with Natascha, who says, “I missed you” and rubs her pregnant belly, but that’s all.

There was never any indication that she was a super-spy that knew all the specifics of Hawkeye’s work. She never broke out a computer and started hacking Ultron to find weaknesses.

In the Hawkeye series:

  • She’s familiar with the Track Suit Mafia.
  • She knows Clinton’s “catch and release” tactic was one of Natascha’s favorites.
  • And, unlike a civilian wife and mother, she is fully supportive of her husband completing whatever mission is keeping him away from home on Christmas without a single question or complaint. Not even a guilt trip or shed of disappointment in her voice.

Those things can be chalked up to Clint talking about work at home and her just being a really cool partner.

What’s unclear is how she finds detailed information about criminals, their illegal enterprises, and their private financial transactions. Clint asks her for background info about Sloan LTD, and in the very next scene, Lauren calls back and knows:

  • the company is just a front for the Tracksuit Mafia,
  • Jack Duquesne is its CEO, and
  • that he’s funneling money to a third party.

And it sure as hell doesn’t explain how she could trace a stolen – well, “salvaged” (from the rubble of Avengers headquarters) — Rolex watch containing advanced Stark tech to a specific address in real-time. (Breaking into fluent German on a dime seemed noteworthy too, but not as shocking as everything else.)

These aren’t things a person can just google! She finds all this intel within minutes of being asked without leaving her kitchen!

Laura Barton is much more important to this overall story than previously thought. I don’t know if she’s a former SHIELD agent, a former Black Widow like Natascha, or a hero like Mockingbird, who was Hawkeye’s love interest in the comics – but she’s not a civilian!

Maybe she’s intergalactic shapeshifting alien smart? I bet they have decent spy software.

Jack Duquesne is the Swordsman

One of the show’s biggest mysteries is who is Jack Duquesne, really? Throughout the first two episodes, Kate Bishop’s future stepfather was made to look like the obvious villain.

  • It’s implied that he doesn’t have his own money and might be marrying Eleanour to gain access to her riches.
  • He steals the Ronin sword after the illegal auction is raided.
  • Then the uncle, who had heated arguments with both Jack and his fiancé at the event, showed up dead with sword wounds.
  • When a suspicious Kate challenges him to an impromptu fencing duel, we learn that he’s a far more gifted swordsman than he was letting on.
  • He’s also blamed for all the decorative swords showcased around Eleanor’s home.

In Marvel Comics, Jack Duquesne is The Swordsman, a character who has appeared as both a superhero and supervillain. He was first introduced as Hawkeye’s antagonist, but in later storylines, the Swordsman was written as a mentor who played a critical role in the Avenger hero’s origin.

The question is which way they’ll take the character in this series.

In the comics, the Swordsman is in his 30s or older when he takes a young runaway Clint Barton under his wing to teach him to fight with bladed weapons. Tony Dalton and Jeremy Renner are of similar age.

So, they’re probably not going with the adopted Hawkeye angle in the series. However, I’ve always wondered how Clint transitioned to an unstoppable sword-wielding super ninja seemingly overnight, when previously, his primary gift was using a bow and arrow.

Is it possible that the show will still have Jack train Hawkeye in swordsmanship, only at a more advanced age? And if so, is it also possible that he was Ronin before Clint, and that’s who we witnessed killing Maya’s dad?

If I’m onto something here, it’s also possible that he’s the owner of the Rolex that belonged to someone who’s been out of the game for a long time. Assuming Jack is a good guy, he could be the person whose cover would be blown by the confidential information stored on the device.

Maybe he seemed like a slimeball at first because he’s using his relationship with Eleanor Bishop – who is clearly one of the show’s “bad guys” — to discover the identity of this secretive crime boss running the entire New York underworld.

One major question mark is the interaction between Jack and Clint in the final moments of episode three when the former held the latter at sword point for trespassing in the Bishop family’s house. Of course, there wasn’t much time to acknowledge each other before Kate ran into the room to soothe things over. And if they know each other, Clint also knows that Jack is undercover and would play dumb.

I also think it’s telling that Jack “mistakenly” called Hawkeye, one of the most famous people on the planet, “Archer.”

  • For one, it would be funny for someone named the Swordsman to incorrectly assume Clint’s moniker is also a direct reference to his weapon of choice.
  • But also, he could have said it to appear unfamiliar and conceal their relationship.

Regardless of how he fits into the story, I think it’s undeniable that Jack is the Swordsman. Why would they give him the same name as the comic book character and make him an incredible fencer who’s obsessed with swords if not?

Here’s how I’d set the betting odds on Jack Duquesne revealing himself as The Swordsman:

Moneyline Odds

  • Jack is the Swordsman?Odds
  • Yes+1000
  • No-750

Eleanor Bishop is Madame Masque

I don’t have much to say about this because it’s becoming more evident by the episode that Kate’s mom is one of the show’s main villains. In 2020, reports were that the Hawkeye series would include Madame Masque, but the part was not yet cast.

Since they’re not going to introduce a brand-new villain this late in the season with another mystery “big bad” already out there, we can probably guess it will be the super shady wealthy lady with all the powerful connections.

Queen Bee, Get It?

Oh, and every mug and decoration in her house features images of bees and honeycomb. Get it? Bees follow a queen. Real subtle. She’s the queen bee, and Jack is her patsy – at least, as far as she’s concerned, Swordsman stuff notwithstanding.

In episode four, Eleanor mentioned an upcoming Christmas gala to Kate.

I am willing to bet my life that it’s a masquerade party, which may be as far as they go referencing Madame Masque directly.

However, she’ll probably share a similar backstory. In the comics, Madame Masque is the daughter of a supervillain crime syndicate leader named Luchina Nefaria. I suspect the writers will tweak her origin to include this next guy instead.

Kingpin is the “Big Bad”

Many signs are pointing to Kingpin finally making his MCU debut in Hawkeye.

The YouTube channel New Rockstars did an excellent job compiling all the evidence.

Here are some highlights:
  • In the comic book series upon which Hawkeye is mainly based, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop take down the Tracksuit Mafia, who reports to Kingpin.
  • Echo becomes Kingpin’s adopted daughter after her father’s death in those same comics.
  • When we saw Maya’s “Uncle” pinch her cheek in her childhood karate flashback, this mystery person was wearing a tailored suit with one visible cufflink. In the Daredevil Netflix series, Kingpin is shown admiring an extensive collection of cufflinks. If the writers wanted to give a subtle hint at his identity that only diehard Marvel fans would notice, that’s how they’d do it.
  • In that same flashback scene, the “Uncle” is the only person whose footsteps are heavy enough to hear. Maya’s father doesn’t make any noise walking on the same floor.
  • New Rockstars also compared the character’s brief off-screen laugh to Vincent D’Onofrio’s — who played Kingpin in the Daredevil series – and they were similar.
  • When Kate attends Eleanor’s event in episode one, they’re in the same building Kingpin purchased in season three of Daredevil.
  • In the source comics, Kingpin attended the illegal auction from episode one. During the show’s auction, the auctioneer mentions that Ronin nearly annihilated “the status and power of the head of organized crime.” That line refers to a singular head of organized crime.
  • Clint tells Kate about an underworld boss in episode three who has grown a large operation and will do anything to keep expanding. He also tells her that Maya answers to this unnamed person.
  • Actor Vincent D’Onofrio’s social media activity has also been highly Hawkeye-centric.

If they stuffed this show with this many allusions to Kingpin with no intention of delivering, Kevin Feige has lost his mind. There’s just no way. If I’m handicapping the final two episodes, here’s where I’d set the odds of seeing D’Onofrio reprising his Kingpin character:

Moneylinie Odds

  • Kingpin to Appear in Hawkeye?Odds
  • No+5000
  • Yes-1500

That’s right; I have two more episodes for the following predictions to be proven right:

  1. Kingpin is the main villain and Maya/Echo’s “Uncle.”
  2. Jack is the Swordsman and possibly Clint’s predecessor as the Ronin.
  3. Hawkeye didn’t kill Maya’s father.
  4. Eleanor Bishop will be revealed as Madame Masque and an ally or relative of Kingpin.
  5. Someone will show themselves as a Skrull, possibly in the series finale’s end credits.
  6. Daredevil could make a cameo along with Kingpin, and if so, will also be in Spiderman: No Way Home.

Once again, don’t forget to keep checking the top entertainment betting sites for Hawkeye and other Marvel betting odds. While I’m confident in my handicapping, you can actually bet money on theirs, which is admittedly superior.

I’ve spent countless hours talking about legit wagers for the Black Panther sequel, Loki, The Eternals, WandaVision, Thor: Love and Thunder, and many more. With so many enormous questions generating excitement on the internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if the top-tier online sportsbooks reviewed on our site get in on the action and offer Hawkeye betting lines soon.

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