5 Tips For Betting On American Idol Online

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Dozens of reality TV shows have come and gone over the years. This isn’t unique to reality television, of course. Some series just don’t have what it takes to stick around for the long haul.

American Idol is one of the few exceptions. The show exploded in popularity around the turn of the century, right as reality TV was coming into its own as a genre. American Idol, The Bachelor, and Survivor are three reality TV hallmarks that have become staples of mainstream pop culture in the United States.

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for American Idol, of course. The series enjoyed a decorated 15-season run on Fox from 2002 until 2016, but the network pulled the plug after ratings started to decline prior to season 15. In 2017, though, NBC tried to buy the rights from Fox with an eye on reviving the series. Those talks stalled, but ABC successfully brought American Idol back to life later that year.

The show may not be the TV ratings king it was during its heyday, but there is still no shortage of interest. As is the case with plenty of other reality television series, betting on American Idol has also become more and more popular over the years. The top entertainment betting sites in the industry all offer a variety of props and futures bets on the show.

How can you become a successful American Idol bettor? Taking note of the following tips can help you get started.

Shop For Lines

Line shopping is a necessary skill for online sports bettors. Bettors should approach entertainment betting no differently. While you may find slight discrepancies in betting lines and odds between sites for traditional sports like football or basketball, odds for reality TV shows are far less reliable.

Obviously, that’s something that can play right into your hands as a bettor. This is especially true early in a season of American Idol when there are countless contestants vying for the judges’ approval.

Before a season begins, oddsmakers don’t know any more about these contestants than the general public does. As a result, you’re going to be able to get incredible value on singers that may emerge as minus-money favorites as the group of contestants gets whittled down over the course of the season.

The discrepancies in odds from site-to-site won’t just exist at the beginning of the season, though. You’ll likely encounter vastly different odds at most sites you visit, especially considering most sites dedicate more resources to setting odds for sports. Some sites may be slower to adjust to happenings over the course of an American Idol season.

Watch The Show

With sports betting, it’s almost not necessary to actually watch the games. Having money on the line makes games more interesting, but pro bettors these days use mathematical models to help them make decisions. Math models won’t help you when it comes to betting on American Idol online, however, which is part of why watching the show is a necessity.

Unless you watch the show, the contestants are just names on your computer screen. Differentiating between them is impossible unless you take the time to familiarize yourself with the show. Seeing how each performer sounds and how well the crowd receives their performance can give you a glimpse into whether that person is capable of being crowned champion at season’s end.

Watching the show will also give you a chance to see which performer goes last. The show typically saves the best performance for last, so that’s something you can take advantage of if you’re doing a little live American Idol betting.

Men Have Done Well Historically

18 seasons of American Idol have come and gone as of June 2020. The final round of competitors typically includes between 10 and 13 contestants. While the most famous winners in the show’s history (Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood) are women, men have claimed more titles overall thus far.

Women claimed three of the first four seasons, and four of the first six. However, men have reeled off nine wins in the last 12 seasons. That means men have won American Idol 11 times in the 18 seasons overall, with female contestants having accounted for seven titles.

Men have won 61 percent of American Idol seasons thus far. This isn’t necessarily predictive and indicative of what will happen in the future, but it’s still worth noting.

Odds Are Still Attackable Midseason

I understand the notion of wanting to get your bets in as early as possible. The odds will likely never be more potentially profitable than they will be at the beginning of a new season. The contestants are no-names in the public eye when a season starts, and everyone faces long odds to win as a result.

However, most betting sites will usually still take a cautious approach when it comes to handicapping the field for American Idol. The sites obviously don’t want to get burned by foolishly establishing one singer as a minus-money favorite too early, for example. As a result, some performers that may be obvious favorites may still be given advantageous plus-money odds, even as the field of challengers continues to shrink as the season progresses.

You don’t win anything for placing your bets early. If anything, you’re just taking on unnecessary risk that way. You can still get excellent bang for your buck if you wait until the middle of the season to place your futures bet on the eventual winner. In the meantime, you can keep yourself occupied by taking advantage of various props offered at American Idol betting sites, including weekly elimination odds.

Don’t Bet Too Much Too Soon

Patience is a virtue when it comes to being a successful bettor. Winning money is exciting, so it’s understandable that you may feel the urge to go all-in based on a hunch. On the flip side, losing money is excruciating, and some bettors foolishly decide to chase their losses by betting more than they can afford.

As is the case with line shopping, bankroll management is hugely important. The best bettors in the world know how to properly go about setting aside a certain amount of money with which to bet. One rule of thumb to follow is to never bet more than you’re willing to potentially lose. Pick the bets you want to make and make them.

There is no single tried-and-true method to being a winning American Idol bettor. That said, there are smart steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your reality TV gambling experience.

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