5 Tips For Betting On The Bachelor


While reality TV shows come and go all the time, there are a few exceptions that have enjoyed some longevity on American television airwaves. Shows like Joe Millionaire, Mr. Personality and Secret Princes didn’t exactly take off, but others, like Survivor, American Idol and The Bachelor have been able to withstand the test of time.

The Bachelor has been around since making its debut in March of 2002, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. ABC’s top reality series is a consistent ratings generator, with millions of Americans gathering to watch the drama unfold every week.

The show has been so successful that it has spawned a number of spinoffs. The Bachelorette debuted in January of 2003, while others like Bachelor In Paradise, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart have all made their way into the mainstream over the years.

Online betting makes it possible to place a bet on just about anything these days. Yes, that includes The Bachelor. Entertainment betting sites will handicap the field of contestants ahead of every season, with the odds fluctuating as more and more hopefuls are eliminated each week.

While there’s certainly no tried-and-true method when it comes to betting on a reality TV show, there are some tips to the trade. The following are five helpful tips that will help you get the most out of your Bachelor betting endeavors.

Shop For Lines

Line shopping is a crucial tenet of all forms of online betting. While the discrepancies in odds you’ll find from site-to-site may not differ much for NFL games or Major League Baseball, entertainment odds are a lot more volatile.

Oddsmakers at betting sites tend to focus a lot more on sports that generate a lot of betting interest. Football is the primary moneymaker for sites that accept bets from Americans, and understandably so. That’s why you’ll typically find a lot less edge in the odds betting on football than you will on other sports.

The same can’t be said for reality TV odds, of course. With a show like The Bachelor, there are very few known commodities. The Bachelor or Bachelorette will almost always be a losing contestant from a prior season, while we know Chris Harrison will be hosting the festivities, as he has since ’02. However, the contestants in each season are almost always new faces that Bachelor fans have never seen before.

Obviously, that creates a lot of uncertainty. As a result, betting sites typically don’t know much more about how a season will play out than you will before it begins. Shopping around from site-to-site and identifying potential edge in the odds is a way to help increase your bankroll in a big way.

Get Your Bets In Early

As mentioned, the early episodes in a given season are generally unpredictable. We know very little about these contestants at the beginning. However, we get to know the men and women more and more with each passing episode. The more information we know, the easier it is to try and predict how the season will play out.

That’s why getting your bets in early in the season will likely give you your best opportunity to turn a big profit. Because the Bachelor or Bachelorette is usually choosing from a group of 25-30 hopefuls, every contestant begins the season with plus-money odds.

If you have a hunch as to whether one of them will go on to find love at season’s end, why not take an early flier while the odds are still advantageous? Oddsmakers will adjust the odds accordingly as a season progresses, so you won’t get the same value later in a season than you would at the beginning.

Do Any Research You Can

We know that betting on the Bachelor can be something of a crapshoot, especially early in the season. However, diligent bettors will always be on the lookout for any information they can possibly find.

ABC typically announces its cast of contestants for each season about a month before the series premiere airs. The network’s website will also usually include a photo and a brief bio of each contestant as a way of giving viewers a sneak preview of what they’re all about.

How useful is it to know whether one contestant is a flight attendant while another is a cattle rancher? Depending on the occupation of the Bachelor or Bachelorette, that could matter quite a bit! The stars of the show generally flock to contestants with whom they have certain things in common, for example.

Knowledge is power, and reading the bios can give you a leg up before you finalize your Bachelor bets.

Social Media Can Help

While the show’s producers do the best they can to keep outcomes under wraps, sometimes information leaks. The Bachelor/Bachelorette and contestants are all required to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to avoid info getting out before the show actually airs, but there have been instances in which the show’s outcome has gotten out ahead of time.

While contestants may not divulge secrets, most of them still follow the season’s broadcasts in real time using Twitter and other forms of social media. They’ll usually engage with fans along the way, and if you read between the lines you might be able to glean a little inside info that can ultimately help you gain extra insight into how things might play out.

If one contestants seems quite resentful of another, for example, that could be an indicator that one of them may not wind up getting the coveted Final Rose.

Don’t Put Too Much Stock In Commercials

Bachelor commercials are notoriously misleading. Producers are tasked with trying to drum up as much drama and attract as many sets of eyeballs as possible. While a preview of next week’s episode may appear to indicate that things will pan out a certain way, that certainly isn’t always the case.

That’s why you should take what happens in the previews with a grain of salt. Often times, you’ll see the main character or one of the contestants say something that can easily be taken out of context. Producers go out of their way to try and throw some curveballs as a way of making the ultimate outcome as unpredictable and dramatic as they possibly can.


Betting on The Bachelor is hardly an exact science, but there are ways for bettors to educate themselves in order to make the most accurate decisions. Taking heed of this advice can help you go from being a novice entertainment bettor to an expert on the matter in no time!

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