5 Useful Tips For Betting on Survivor


Survivor was one of the first reality TV series to gain a real footing in the United States. CBS’ smash-hit series has been on the air since May of 2000, and the show hasn’t changed much in the two decades since.

The premise largely remains the same. 16 or more contestants arrive at a remote location, usually a tropical island of some sort, and they’re split evenly into a pair of tribes. Teams are pitted against one another in a series of challenges, all while having to make use of their limited supplies in order to live.

Tribes will attend Tribal Council meetings, where they will ultimately vote on which player to eliminate from consideration. Obviously, this process naturally lends itself to betting. Entertainment betting sites offer an array of Survivor futures and prop bets every season.

Betting on reality TV shows is tough given the unpredictability, but that’s something you can also use to your advantage as a bettor. How should you go about betting on Survivor? Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Don’t Wait To Bet

Considering you’re wagering on a bunch of unknown people, you may well be inclined to wait until later in the season before placing your bet. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, you’re also less likely to get the most profitable odds with that strategy.

It’s risky, but placing your futures bet either before a season begins or during the first few weeks of a new season can ultimately help you get the most bang for your buck when betting on Survivor online. There’s also a good chance that some sites may take longer than others to update their odds to reflect the happenings of the latest episode.

Betting early has its fair share of pros and cons, but taking a low-dollar flier on a contestant early in the season could certainly pay off in a big way in the long run.

Line Shopping is Key

This tip is true for all forms of sports and entertainment betting. Not all entertainment betting sites see shows the same way. This is especially true early in a season, when we are dealing with a number of never-before-seen faces competing on the island together. In most cases, the players aren’t at all familiar with one another at the time a season begins.

The most popular way to bet on Survivor is to place a futures bet on the eventual Lone Survivor, AKA the last person standing at season’s end. Because the contestants usually aren’t people we’ve seen compete before, the early-season odds tend to be long for everybody. There is almost never going to be a minus-money favorite at the beginning of a season of Survivor.

Oddsmakers don’t know any more about the players in a given season than you do. One player that might be listed at +500 to be named Lone Survivor at one site could be +1500 at another site. Taking the time to shop around at different sites in order to find the most favorable odds is a beneficial long-term strategy.

Brash Personalities Tend to Be Unpopular

Over the course of a season, certain villains tend to emerge. This is a theme that dates way back to the first season of Survivor, and it’s safe to say it will continue into the future. While basic survival skills are certainly a useful trait for a contestant, there’s also a cutthroat element to Survivor. After all, these people are competing against one another for the ultimate prize.

That factor naturally leads to drama. Frankly, some people are more willing to seek out drama than others. Outspoken people can sometimes rub others the wrong way. These are the types of contestants that generally don’t fare all that well in the long haul over the course of a full season.

Picking out which contestants are shaping up to become villains early in the season is important. Those types of personalities will likely face long odds to win it all, and with good reason. Betting against outspoken villainous types is generally a good rule of thumb when it comes to wagering on Survivor.

Soft-Spoken People Can Go Far

On the flip side, those that work well with others are the types of people that generally wind up contending for the title of Lone Survivor. While everyone is ultimately in it for themselves, there is a team component to the competition, especially early in the season.

While people that make enemies more easily are options you should be avoiding, you should have interest in betting on the people that take a more friendly or soft-spoken approach. Establishing alliances is crucial for any player’s hopes of making a deep run in a given season. Strong alliances have a way of paying dividends later on.

Focus your bets on those that take a less offensive approach to the competition.

Survival Skills Are Important

The show is called Survivor for a reason. While the person-to-person drama is a big part of what makes the show so entertaining, Survivor is, at its core, a show about survival.

Players are given a limited number of tools to live in a remote location. So, people that know how to build fires, use materials to build shelters and find their own water and food obviously stand the best chances of earning the Lone Survivor nod.

If someone early in the season looks completely out of their element in the wild, that’s probably someone you should avoid betting on. Your prime targets should be those with easygoing personalities that happen to display useful survival skills. Adequate survival skills are less useful for people that happen to be huge jerks, of course. Jerks have a way of getting voted off the island, no matter what else they may bring to the table.

While there is no be-all, end-all way to become a successful Survivor bettor, taking note of the tips listed above can at least help you get a head start.

Taylor Smith / Author

Taylor is a sports writer based in Southern California. While he primarily specializes in basketball, baseball and football, he will also dabble in things like soccer and politics from time to time. He has lived in just about every corner of the United States at one point or another, and he has been covering sports and sports betting for the better part of a decade. Taylor currently lives in Long Beach with his fiancé and their two cats.