7 Myths About the NBA Sports Bettors Should Ignore

The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, especially amongst people who love betting on basketball.

While the NBA is one of the most widely covered sports leagues, there’s plenty of terrible information out there. These misconceptions about the sport exist for a variety of reasons and often spread like wildfire.

Sports gamblers are especially susceptible to these myths. You see, sports bettors often look for any edge they can possibly take.

Most of the time this should involve outworking the rest of the gambling public to find value. Instead, some gamblers want to take the easy way out by taking advice from others who don’t necessarily deserve an audience.

These myths might seem harmless on the surface, but if you start believing them you could lose a ton of money. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here are 7 myths about the NBA that sports bettors should ignore.

1. It’s A Dependable Way to Make Money

For whatever reason, some members of the gambling public believe that betting on the NBA is easier than other sports leagues.

Each league has its pros and cons for gamblers, and none of them are easy to gamble on.

Sports betting isn’t something you should take lightly, and there’s no reason to believe that it’s a reliable way to make money.

So, why exactly do some gamblers claim it’s easy to win money on basketball games?

  • The statistics are easier to grasp than other sports
  • Even casual fans can make a half-decent bet on the NBA
  • The league is full of well-known athletes that gamblers can easily recognize
  • Certain gamblers think that there’s less parity in the NBA
  • Basketball games are somewhat easier to predict than sports like baseball

With all that being said, it’s still important to keep yourself grounded in reality before you start betting on the NBA. It might be easier to predict the outcome of a basketball game, but that doesn’t make it easier to win bets.

If you’re able to make a correct assumption about a basketball game, so is the majority of the gambling public.

This makes it much harder to find value when betting on the NBA. When you struggle to find value when betting, it can be difficult to win bets and earn a profit.

2. Load Management Isn’t a Big Deal

Load management is one of the most impactful developments the NBA has seen in the last decade.

Please Note:
The practice involves teams resting players in order to reduce the likelihood of injury and to keep players fresh for the postseason. It seems like a great idea, in theory, depending on how you look at it.

If you’re a fan of a team that practices load management, it might pay dividends come playoff time. Casual fans might not even notice the impact of resting top players throughout the season.

However, claiming that it’s not a pertinent issue that plagues sports gamblers is flat out ridiculous.

There are plenty of benefits to load management, and I’m all for maintaining the health of the league’s most talented players. However, it can also severely impact the night-to-night results around the league.

The NBA has cracked down on load management over the last few seasons, but there’s still no consistent system in place. Teams aren’t held to a certain standard outside of assuring their players compete in marquee matchups and primetime games.

If gamblers aren’t fully aware of which players are playing or resting, they can end up wagering on the wrong side. Throughout the season, the effect of load management might seem somewhat small.

However, claiming that it has little impact on an average gambler’s winning percentage or ROI is incorrect.

3. Teams Don’t Care About the Regular Season

There are several byproducts of the league embracing load management.

One of the most widely publicized takes is that teams don’t care about the regular season. Certain fans and gamblers honestly claim that teams will mail in regular-season games to preserve themselves for the playoffs. This claim ignores a few facts that are impossible to deny. First of all, teams care about securing a high playoff seed to assure home-court advantage.

Additionally, top-level talent has too much respect for themselves and their team to throw regular-season games away.

Please Note:
Even when a team is resting one of its top players, it’s irresponsible to claim that the rest of the team won’t battle for a win. So, if you decide to wager on a team because you think it will throw a regular-season game, think again.

Every single matchup matters to teams who are competing for a spot in the postseason. The playoffs might feature a higher quality product, but that doesn’t mean the regular season is unnecessary.

4. No One Plays Defense Anymore

When looking back on this era of basketball, a few things will stand out.

  • The most significant of these are superteams.
  • The sheer amount of star power.
  • And the offensive explosion beyond the three-point line.

Certain teams and players make scoring a bucket seem so effortless, and modern-day basketball games are a real treat for those who love offense. However, there’s another aspect of the game that often gets ignored: defense.

Many fans and gamblers seem to believe that teams don’t prioritize defense. This idea is proliferated by “experts” and members of the media who love to drum up narratives.

The fact is:
Teams do care about defense, at least the good ones do. Stars might not give 100% when covering the opposition, but teams most certainly understand the importance of quality defense.

Buying into the idea that defense doesn’t matter can cause gamblers to make bad picks and bets that aren’t well thought out.

5. Travel and Back-to-Backs Are Overhyped

Bad gamblers love to ignore certain things that can drastically impact a game’s outcome.

Instead of focusing on these factors, gamblers will pick a team based on impertinent details and ridiculous lines of reasoning.

Some of these issues might not seem important, but they do carry some significance. For example, it’s important to recognize the effect traveling has on teams.

It’s worth paying attention to which teams are playing on back-to-backs. A few years ago, it seemed like the gambling public was finally starting to wrap its head around these types of factors.

However, a shift has occurred over the last few years, making these types of things seem irrelevant.

The NBA has made a point to decrease the strain of travel and make back-to-backs less difficult for teams to handle. It’s also worth noting the work the league has done to prioritize the health and well-being of its most valuable asset: the players.

But, these types of things can and will impact teams during an 82-game season, regardless of how well prepared they are to handle adversity.

6. Rivalries No Longer Exist

This era of basketball does not foster many feuds between fan bases.

Unlike days of old:
Many players feel little to no loyalty to a particular team or fanbase. No, now superstars are more devoted to the pursuit of a championship.

With that in mind, many fans are beginning to think that rivalries don’t exist in today’s NBA. This is pertinent to gamblers in a few ways.

First, rivalries can and will impact a team’s performance significantly.

Players might be jumping from team to team, but rivalries still exist around the league. Every game might not be a matchup between 2 rivals, but it’s important to be aware of the ones that still exist.

7. NBA Stats Aren’t as Complex

Sports bettors must be able to analyze and understand the statistics of whichever league they bet on. This, combined with monitoring trends, is one of the best ways to increase the quality of your bets.

Having said that:
Some people claim that it’s easy to comprehend NBA stats and analytics. While it might be easier to understand the NBA than the MLB or NHL, it’s inaccurate to claim they aren’t complex.

It takes a great deal of commitment to fully understand how stats should impact your gambling habits. If you fail to grasp some of the deeper, new-aged stats you will fall behind the majority of NBA bettors.


It’s important to ignore the fallacies and misconceptions surrounding the NBA. The more you pay attention to these misguided assertions, the less likely you are to win money.

Betting on the NBA isn’t easy and should be taken seriously.

Even long-standing basketball fans will find it hard to win money by betting on the NBA.

When placing bets:
It’s important to focus on anything and everything that can impact a matchup. That includes load management, back-to-backs, and travel.

The NBA is in the midst of an era in which leagues prioritize offensive production and three-point-percentage.

However, don’t think that teams are ignoring the importance of playing good defense.

Be sure to take everything you hear surrounding the NBA with a grain of salt. Gamblers love spreading rumors and believing things that have little to no impact on the wagers they place.

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