ACA 132 Betting Picks, Latest Odds and Full Card Fight Analysis

Absolute Championship Akhmat is back at the Falcon Club Arena in Belarus. This Friday, November 19th, we’re picking the best money line bet for all eleven bouts after a detailed fight analysis and a look at each fighter’s record and career.

Get our top ACA 132 betting picks for each bout!

Currently, there is no US broadcast, but you can see the fights on Youtube and ACA’s app. Betting is available at and all odds are accurate as of November 18th. Let’s jump right in the betting picks, starting with the main event.

Tony Johnson Jr vs Mukhamad Vakhaev

Johnson Jr is the current heavyweight champion. He took the belt from Daniel Omielanczuk in 2020, just two fights ago. He’s only lost once in the ACA.

Vakhaev was the champion of the organization when it was called ACB, but vacated the title.  He recently defeated the only man to defeat Johnson in ACA, Evgeny Goncharov.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Tony Johnson Jr Mukhamad Vakhaev
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager +135, $1.35 -165, $0.61
Record 15-5-1 10-4-1

Tony is the underdog due to Vakhaev’s recent win over Evgeny and ongoing winning streak. Johnson is the current champion, but the odds makers see Vakhaev’s streak to be too strong. He’s won his last eight fights, finishing seven by submission or knockout

Johnson and Vakhaev’s Training Camps

Jounson has a strong wrestling pedigree having wrestled for Iowa State. He’s now at Bulgarian Top Team, home to Karl Amoussou and other European standouts.

Vakhaev trains at Berkut Fc in Russia, home to dozens of Russia’s up and coming athletes.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

Vakhaev has been knocked out before, and that’s a real risk against Johnson. Johnson knocked out two of his last five opponents.

Please Note:
The only losses on his record belong to fighters with big names, Daniel Cormier, Vitaly Minakov, and Cheick Kongo just to name a few. Vakhaev hasn’t faced near this caliber of fighter. His recent finish of Evgeny seemed a near fluke, with Evgeny looking like a shadow of himself for unknown reasons.

Johnson has fought more five-round fights, more top ten heavyweights, and more bouts total. I see an upset for this one.

Tony Johnson Jr vs Mukhamad Vakhaev:
Tony Johnson Jr.!

Michal Martinek vs Denis Smoldarev

These two heavyweight ACA fighters face off as ACA does its best to find a competitive fight for Denis Smoldarev.

Smoldarev has struggled to find his place in ACA. He’s lost to champions and defeated undefeated prospects. Michal is currently 1-1 in ACA, and he’s hoping to prove he belongs with a win over Smoldarev.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Michal Marinek Denis Smoldarev
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager< +205, $2.05 -265, $0.38
Record 9-2 16-8

Michal won his last fight via split decision, and lost his ACA debut via ground strike knockout. He’s 3-2 in his last five, including an appearance on Dana White’s Contender series where he was choked in the first round.

Smoldarev has lost five fights in his last nine.

Don’t let it fool you, Smoldarev has been in there with many of the world’s best heavyweights. He’s fought the current ACA champion and former world champion Daniel Omielanczuk. Outside of ACA he fought both Alexander Volkov and Marcin Tybura of UFC.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

Marinek has faced a completely separate caliber of local fighters. His loss to ACA’s Daniel James in 2020 tells us that he’s simply not ready for Smoldarev. The Reinders Team he’s a part of is on a bit of a losing streak as well. All signs point to a Denis Smoldarev win.

Michal Martinek vs Denis Smoldarev:
Denis Smoldarev!

Cristian Brinzan vs Beslan Isaev

The highly experienced Isaev takes on a shaky up and coming Welterweight fresh off his first ACA loss.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Cristian Brinzan Beslan Isaev
Money Line, Payout per dollar wager +240, $2.40 -300, $0.33
Record 10-5 39-10

The underdog Cristian is a knockout-centered fighter who’s lost two of his last ten bouts. Three of Cristian’s career losses came early on, including an unfortunate 2012 run in with now UFC contender Nicolas Dalby.

Beslan has been around the MMA circuit for a long time, turning pro back in 2004 when Cristian was just ten years old.

Comparing Opponent Quality

Isaev is on a two-fight winning streak after defeating two up and comers in 8-0 Evgeny Bondar and 10-1 Bekzhod Nurmatov, both in 2019. His recent losses include Ciro Rodrigues in 2018 and the 17-7 Marcelo Alfaya in 2016.

In 2021, Cristian lost his last bout via decision to a 14-4 Stanislav Vlasenko and defeated Raul Shovkhalov in 2020 before that. Isaev has fought the higher caliber opponents in recent years, but Cristian has been much more active since 2019.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

Isaev’s strong favorite status makes him an easy selection. He’s out of Berkut FC, so he’s training alongside Vakhaev and other great Russian fighters.

Cristian’s affiliated gym is unconfirmed.
He’s primarily a striker and showed little wrestling defense against Stanislav Vlasenko in a 2021 bout.

I see Isaev winning this bout, save any hail mary haymakers from Brinzan.

Cristian Brinzan vs Beslan Isaev:
Beslan Isaev!

Nikola Dipchikov vs Chris Honeycutt

Nikola is an ACA veteran going on his seventh fight for the promotion. He’s taking on esteemed Ohio State wrestler and Bellator veteran Chris Honeycutt.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Nikola Dipchikov Chris Honeycutt
Money Line, Payout Per Dollar Wager +195, $1.95 -255, $0.39
Record 20-8 13-4

Honeycutt has lost once for ACA and three times over his last six fights. He faced off against Bellator champion Rafael Lovato Jr in 2017 and the tough Costello van Steenis in 2018. His 2021 RNC loss to Azamat Bekoev was a surprise to anyone following his career.

Nikola lost his last bout, ending a four fight winning streak each via knockout finishes. Nikola hasn’t fought the same caliber of opponent as Honeycutt, and I would name Honeycutt the toughest challenge of Nikola’s career.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

Honeycutt’s wrestling is top notch, but his BJJ game is deeply in question. Nikola trains out of a combat sambo base, and has submission losses himself.

His last submission win was a local Max Fight event in 2011.

Honeycutt’s wrestling is similar to, if not far better than Piotr Strus’s, who defeated Nikola in 2017. I see another favorite as the winner.

Nikola Dipchikov vs Chris Honeycutt:
Chris Honeycutt!

Josiel Silva vs Bidzina Gavasheshvili

In what oddsmakers have as the closest fight on the card, an ACA veteran takes on the newcomer on a winning streak.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Josiel Silva  Bidzina Gavasheshvili
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager -115, $0.65 -115, $0.65
Record 14-5 8-2

Josiel has been in ACA/ACB since 2017, fighting the promotions champion and racking up ten high level fights in four years. Bidzina is 1-0 for ACA and continues his four fight winning streak. At just 23, Bidzina is the youngest man on the card. Most of his fights have been for China’s WLF WARS and he has multiple knockout and submission finishes.

FIght Analysis and Betting Pick

Bidzina hasn’t been tested at this level. His ACA win over Mikael Silander is just the tip of the ACA iceberg against an unranked opponent.

Josiel has lost to higher-level ACA competitors like bantamweight champion Magomed Bibulaotov in a competitive 2019 bout.

It will be interesting to see what Josiel can do at his natural weight of 125. Josiel is also a member of Davi Ramos’s Top Brother MMA, a high quality Brazilian school with excellent BJJ and quickly improving striking with the assistance of legend  Airton Nogoceke.

Josiel Silva vs Bidzina Gavasheshvili:
Josiel Silva!

Herdeson Batista vs Levan Makasvili

Levan is an ACA veteran, coming back for his sixth showing with the promotion. Batista is another fighter out of top brother, coming back for his seventh ACB/ACA showing. Both fighters are strong finishers, though Levan has only ever lost via decision.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Herdeson Batista Levan Makasvili
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager +140, $1.40 -170, $0.59
Record 16-5, 1 NC 18-4-1

Levan’s four decision losses span back to 2014 versus undefeated local Alexandr Bezerra for CFFC. Batista has only been finished once, via a knee in 2018. I see this fight going the distance.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

Levan is fighting out of Mutant MMA in New York City. It’s not a stunning school and the two other major fighters at the gym are on losing streaks. He’s a tough fighter, but his loss to Aurel Pirtea showed significant weaknesses that the Top Brother coaches will take full advantage of. This is my second underdog call of the night.

Herdeson Batista vs Levan Makasvili:
Herdeson Batista!

Daniel James vs Raphael Pessoa

This heavyweight bout between our third Top Brother fighter and a former ACA title challenger in Daniel James.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Daniel James Raphael Pessoa
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager -155, $0.65 +125, $1.25
Record 11-6-1 10-3

James is the favorite, having faced Ruslan Magomedov and Daniel Omielanczuk, two of the toughest heavyweights in ACA. Pessoa is a UFC veteran, going 1-2 for the promotion.

Pessoa’s UFC Fights

Pessoa’s UFC debut vs now title contender Ciryl Gane ended in first round submission finish. He followed it up with a win over Jeff Hughes, a 10-2 fighter who’s still with the promotion. His TKO loss to Tanner Boser caused him to lose his contract.

All in all, a good showing against three tough heavyweight competitors.

Daniel James’s ACA Fights

James won his last fight with a TKO win. His loss to Omielanczuk was a close decision, one that James won in the eyes of many fans. Ruslan Magomedov defeated him in similar fashion.

He’s finished his last three wins with first and second-round TKO’s.

Pessoa and James Training Camps

James trains at Midwest Training Center in Chicago alongside Dan Stittgen of the UFC and Jason Guida. Of the top six fighters at MTC, all but Daniel are facing a string of losses. From the look of it, MTC is slowly disintegrating, which happens to some top quality gyms over time.

Pessoa’s Top Brother is coming off a string of wins and improved coaching. It looks like a gym on the rise.

Final Betting Pick

James is a quality fighter but mostly faltered in the face of top challenges. Pessoa comes from a high caliber gym and has the grappling skill to defeat James and neutralize his power.

G2 vs. ENCE Betting Predictions:
Raphael Pessoa!

Markharbek Karginov vs Khaseyn Shaykhaev

The undefeated Khaseyn Shaykhaev returns to take on his toughest challenge yet in the fight finishing Karginov.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Markharbek Karginov Khaseyn Shaykhaev
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager +170, $1.70 -210, $0.48
Record 13-3 6-0

The undefeated Shaykhaev is a strong favorite. He holds three submission finishes over varying levels of fighter.

Karginov shouldn’t be counted out.
He went 10-0 against similar opponents at the beginning of his career. Shaykhaev’s wins over the 14-4 Cleverson Silva was via decision, and not a strong enough win to think he can defeat a fellow high-level grappler who can also finish fighters via standing and ground strikes.

Shaykhaev’s payout is still good for an undefeated fighter, delivering nearly fifty cents per dollar wager.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

Karginovs three losses were decision losses to experienced grapplers, one from Team Nogueira in Brazil and one from Beirut FC. Beirut FC is also Shaykhaev’s gym, so he’ll have a training partner who defeated Karginov.

I believe the high level grappling at Beirut FC will outshine Karginov again.

Markharbek Karginov vs Khaseyn Shaykhaev:
Khaseyn Shaykhaev!

Vazha Tsiptauri vs Dmitriy Romanov

Romanov is undefeated and a last minute addition. He comes in as a strong underdog due to differences in opponent quality.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Vazha Tsiptauri Dmitriy Romanov
Money Line, Payout per Dollar Wager -285, $0.33 +225, $2.40
Record 10-2-1 7-0

Vazha is coming off a submission loss to 23-10 Ruslan Ablitarov. The loss ended a strong winning streak that included three submission finishes and one TKO win.

Dmitriy has mostly faced fighters with little or no experience from local tournaments. However, six of his seven wins are via finish including six TKOs.

Fight Analysis and Betting Pick

I see a Romanov win for a couple of reasons.

  • The first is that Vazha’s coach Issa Salem has failed to produce any other winning fighters.
  • The second is that Romanov is a Master of Sport in kickboxing and ARB, a soviet martial art that involves grappling and striking similar to Sambo.

Romanov has been cross-training at Fight Club Vitebsk, and looks to be in better condition than Vazha.

Vazha Tsiptauri vs Dmitriy Romanov:
Dmitriy Romanov!

Vitezslav Rajnoch vs Raul Tutarauli

This fight was added to the card the day of weigh-ins. Raul is a strong favorite. This could be a lucrative bout to parlay alongside another fighter you feel confident in. For me, I’ll use Herdeson Batista.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Vitezslav Rajnoch Raul Tutarauli
Money Line, Payout Per Dollar Wager +475, $4.75 -650, $0.15
Record 9-4 27-6-0

Rajnoch has lost four of his last seven, slowly losing steam as he steps up in competition. His only wins over the last five fights included two fighters with only losses on their records, and Christian Draxler, a 17-6 fighter whom Rajnoch beat by split decision.

Please Note:
Raul Tutarauli is a vicious knockout artist who occasionally loses via submission. If Rajnoch were bringing a solid BJJ or Sambo game to the table, he’d have a chance, but this isn’t the case.

Of Rajnoch’s losses across kickboxing and mma, three of his fourteen fights ended with him losing by knockout. It’s very likely Tutarauli ends the fight early with a TKO.

Vitezslav Rajnoch vs Raul Tutarauli:
Raul Tutarauli!

ACA 132 Betting Picks Wrap Up

ACA can be intimidating because the fighters are often unfamiliar. Rest assured each bout is vetted, each fighter analyzed. If you’re struggling to pick fighters who you aren’t familiar with:

  • Look up each fighter and find recent fight footage. Compare their records to your video to see if the fight is recent.
  • Look on fighter social media to find recent training footage.
  • Keep reading expert betting analysis and see where fight picks are right. Find out what they saw to predict the fight!

For more on how MMA betting works, start here. For the latest odds and to offer us any suggestions, leave a comment in the box below. Happy betting!


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