Advice from Professional Sports Bettors on Bouncing Back from Losing Streaks

Professional Sports Bettor Advice

There’s no avoiding them; losing streaks are a part of sports betting. Eventually, we all go through the downswings.

It’s crucial that you don’t let a bad week or month completely derail the hard work you’ve put into sports betting. You can recover as long as you don’t completely lose control. I enjoy the advantage of having a few close friends that make a living in the sportsbooks. These sharp bettors have talked me off a ledge more than once.

Here is the top advice from professional sports bettors on bouncing back from losing streaks. Find the methods that work best for you, and you’ll be back in the game in no time.

Diminish the Size of Your Standard Bet to Build Confidence

When you’re losing in the sportsbook, it’s usually because things aren’t firing on all cylinders. Sometimes it can add up to several bad breaks.

But more commonly, you’re off.

Regardless of what’s going on between the ears, the best step you can take is to lower your bet size. Many gamblers take the opposite approach and begin increasing their bet amount.

Doing that can be catastrophic for your bankroll.
Anytime a gambler increases their bet to offset losses, it ultimately leads to more pronounced losses. Lowering the size of your wager gives you time to get your mojo back. When you start seeing wins, you can increase your bet size to its previous level.

This practice also falls under Bankroll Management 101. Your flat bet amount should be a set percentage of your bankroll.

When your bankroll decreases, your bet follows.

Take a New Approach

When a recreational sports bettor is in the midst of a losing streak, it feels like the world is tumbling out of control.

That makes a losing streak the perfect opportunity to try something new.

There are a number of ways sports bettors can accomplish this task. One area that we rarely look at is the sportsbook we’re using.

Trying a new sportsbook has one tremendous advantage When you create a new account and make a deposit, you’re going to receive a healthy deposit bonus. You can leverage that “free money” to work your way out of a slump.

I don’t recommend continually hopping from one site to another. But it can be a valuable tool in dire straits. Finding promising opportunities in other sports can also pull you from the grips of a losing streak. It could be that you’re betting on a sport that you’re less familiar with because it seems more entertaining.

Getting back to the sports you know will give you a better chance of winning some money.

When all else fails, it’s time for a new strategy. At times I have been reluctant to test out a new formula for handicapping games because the old system seemed to be working.

When that system fails, it’s a great time to try a new approach.

Keeping things fresh will make sports betting more attractive. That will increase your engagement and start producing better results.

Step Away from the Sportsbook for a Few Days

Sometimes you need a day off. Many sports bettors are putting action on several games a week.

When you’re struggling through a losing spell, time off will do wonders.
  • First, it stops the bleeding. You won’t be raking in wins to cover the losses, but you won’t be losing.
  • Secondly, it gives you a period to reset and evaluate what’s going wrong. You can also use the downtime to access areas that are showing promise.

Professional sports bettors are Zen-like in their approach to sports betting. A sharp bettor’s livelihood is on the line in the sportsbook. For the rest of us, sports betting is a fun way to gamble and enjoy sports.

Don’t let the money consume your entire life.

Take a week off from sports betting, and you’ll come back fresh and full of fire.

Be Willing to Find Profitable Situations

Professional gamblers are masters of creating profitable situations. That’s a foreign concept to most amateur gamblers.

It doesn’t have to be outside your scope of reality.
The easiest way for sports bettors to create profitable situations is through betting with friends. By betting with people, you know the vig is eliminated.

That makes it easier to become profitable. You can also shift lines to whatever is agreeable between the two parties.

That can make a dramatic improvement in your results.

Be willing to think outside the sportsbook to create profitable scenarios. You may quickly be back to your winning ways.

Stop Trying to Chase Losses with Parlays

Chasing losses is one of the fundamentally worst things a gambler can do. Yet, you’ll see it all the time in the casino.

There doesn’t seem to be a single gambling activity that’s immune to the dangers of throwing good money after bad. At the online sportsbooks, many novice bettors try leveraging parlays as a quick fix. Parlays offer higher payouts for a minimal bet but require more precision to hit. When you’re having trouble picking one game at a time correctly, the odds of hitting a 5-game parlay are awful.

You’ll merely dig yourself deeper into the hole. Save the parlays for weeks when you were successful and want to take a shot at more enormous profits.

Enjoy Other Hobbies

The biggest draw of sports betting is the entertainment experience from betting on and watching the games. The enjoyment of sports betting quickly fades when you’re losing.

Please Note:
It’s essential to spend time doing other things you love during losing streaks. Fishing, kayaking, reading a book, painting, or playing an instrument are all excellent ways to spend your leisure time.

It genuinely doesn’t make any difference what hobby you embrace. When things are going sideways, your favorite hobby can get you back on track.

When I take a tough loss, I prefer it to be early in the day.

That allows me time to pack up the golf clubs and the kid and head to the golf course. Being outside with my favorite game and one of my favorite people lessens the sting of the money that’s gone.

Double Your Handicapping Efforts

Sports betting isn’t like plopping down at a slot machine and hoping for the best. You’ve got a legitimate shot at profits in sports betting.

The more emphasis you place on research and handicapping, the better your results will be. It doesn’t take much to cross into the realm of winning enough to stay afloat.

When you’re losing every game, focusing more on your handicapping can help steer you back towards winning.

There’s a thin margin between losing and winning in sports betting.

Putting in more work will almost always yield a better result.

Avoid Desperation; It Can End You

One common mistake that sports bettors make when losing is becoming desperate for a win. Desperation causes some gamblers to throw savvy betting practices out the window and shoot for a sure thing.

That leads to truly terrible bets.

The most abundant of these wagers is the massive money line favorite.

Betting on a gigantic favorite is a way to get a score, but it can also have more negative impacts. When a sports bettor puts up $400 to win $90, they’ve made an error in judgment. The value doesn’t exist, and you’re much further in the hole if the unthinkable happens.

These desperation bets can lead to more dangerous gambling behavior like chasing losses. Don’t start grasping for straws when you do not see desired results in the sportsbook.

Stay Positive

A positive mental attitude has real power behind it.

When losses begin mounting, negativity will start creeping in. Negativity is a part of life; it’s out of our control. Even the most positive people on the planet experience negativity.

The difference between positive and negative people is how they view adversity. A negative person may lose a bet and view the entire practice as futile.

  • These negative personalities will make every excuse in the book and claim the sky is falling.
  • A positive attitude will understand that failure is only temporary. Their primary focus is on success, which is a long-term permanent goal.

Always approach gambling with a grain of salt. When losses come, shrug them off, and when you win, duplicate that success.

Keep Pushing to Become a Winner

No matter what happens, always push to become a winner. Casino gambling is designed to beat the player.

Sports betting isn’t any different, except it gives sharp bettors an opportunity to become profitable.
  • Continue to develop your handicapping skills.
  • Execute flawless bankroll.
  • And keep your head up.

You will turn things around, but you need to survive until the wins come.


This advice from professional sports bettors may prove immensely valuable.

Bouncing back from losing streaks doesn’t have a shortcut to success. Yet, the patient sports bettor can weather the storm and come out even better on the other side.

Make the most of your gambling career by playing smart and being patient.


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