5 Ageless Wonders You Must Draft in Your Fantasy Football League

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Age is but a number, and the following players have proven the theory correct season by season. Below you will find 5 players who, despite their age, still perform at a top level in the NFL.

Some of these players are still starters while others are in good roster situations and can step in a starting role.

They’re all contributors in a worst-case scenario, and the listed players still have a place on a fantasy football roster.

They may not put up the same numbers that they did in the past, but they can definitely provide value to your fantasy football team.

Here are 5 ageless wonders you must draft in your fantasy football league:

1- Tom Brady, QB/Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Age 43

2019 statistics:

  • 373 completions
  • 613 attempts
  • 4,057 yards
  • 24 touchdowns
  • 8 interceptions
  • 26 carries
  • 34 yards
  • 3 touchdowns

Brady supposedly had a down year and some stated he showed his age. I’m not sure where throwing for 4,000 yards and over 20 touchdowns qualifies as showing age. But maybe I’m missing something.

Further, if Brady showed his age in 2019 it was because he failed to make otherwise lackluster talent around him better. Okay, so Tampa Bay is the perfect landing spot for Brady.

He now has Mike Evans, Curtis Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Ronald Jones, O. J. Howard, and others surrounding him. A far cry from the talent he had in New England.

Okay, not all the listed players are Pro Bowlers. Some aren’t even great players. But they all make better contributors than what Brady had in New England.

Tom Brady Pointing Finger

Godwin is a star and Evans can put together a few stellar games per season. Jones came on strong in 2019, and while Gronk might be rusty early on, he has a familiar face in Brady. Even Howard can give you 30 to 40 receptions.

So, even if Brady isn’t what he once was, the surrounding talent is arguably his best since 2007.

No, the Buccaneers won’t finish 16-0.

But they will be in the playoffs and so will you if you realize Brady’s value. Drafting Brady should be a simple decision and if you’re going to bet on the NFL this season consider taking the over in Buccaneers games.

Here are his projected 2020 statistics, per ESPN.com:

  • 360 completions
  • 574 attempts
  • 4,429 yards
  • 31 touchdowns
  • 10 interceptions
  • 24 carries
  • 28 yards
  • 2 touchdowns

2- Larry Fitzgerald, WR/Arizona Cardinals: Age 37

2019 statistics:

  • 75 receptions
  • 804 yards
  • 10.7 yards per reception
  • 4 touchdowns

The Cardinals traded for DeAndre Hopkins and Christian Kirk will take over as the WR2. But that doesn’t mean Fitzgerald’s fantasy value should tank. No, he won’t haul in 75 receptions in 2020 unless either Hopkins or Kirk go down with an injury.

But he is still one of the better receivers in football and he will serve as the Cardinals primary slot receiver in 2020.

While he is no longer a downfield threat, he is still the sure-handed receiver he has always been. Get this: He didn’t drop a single pass in 2019.

Larry Fitzgerald

If Fitzgerald remains a high-end route-runner, look for him to snag at least 55-60 receptions in 2020 for about 600 to 700 yards.

He is not the superstar receiver that entered the NFL in 2004 and broke out in 2005. But he is still one of the most viable options in larger fantasy football leagues.

In a smaller league, Fitz is a good waiver wire selection. In deeper leagues with 12 teams or more, he can be a solid WR3.

Here are his 2020 projections:

  • 56 receptions
  • 602 yards
  • 10.8 yards per reception
  • 5 touchdowns

3- Frank Gore, RB/New York Jets: Age 37

2019 statistics:

  • 166 carries
  • 599 yards
  • 3.6 yards per carry
  • 2 touchdowns
  • 13 receptions
  • 100 yards
  • 0 touchdowns

Gore’s numbers tanked in 2019 and sure, it could spell the end for one of the NFL’s all-time leading rushers.

But really, who else is there in New York?

Le’Veon Bell’s numbers also tanked. Often, the egotistical back looked lazy and uninterested. It’s clear that Bell’s in New York for the money, which led to his exit from Pittsburgh.

La’Mical Perine is another player to supersede Gore, but Perine is a rookie drafted in the 4th round. If the Jets believed Perine to be the future, they never would have signed Gore after the NFL Draft.

And keep in mind that Gore had a decent season in Miami when he posted a similar number of carries for 4.6 yards per carry. So he is still worth your while if you play in large fantasy leagues with over 12 owners.

Frank Gore

No, Gore isn’t an RB1, RB2, or even a Flex at this point in his career.

But he is a solid player to have on your bench if your league comprises over 12 teams. But now that he is in a place like New York where the running back room is weak, 2020 could be a renaissance for the aging back.

Gore’s 2020 projections are bleak, but it only takes another string of poor performances from Bell to catapult Gore into at least an RB2 if not an RB1 role in 2020.

If you’re in a non-keeper league where most owners draft rookies and 2nd-year players, Gore makes for a good last-round pickup. Especially in larger leagues.

Here are his 2020 projections:

  • 71 carries
  • 270 yards
  • 3.8 yards per rush
  • 1 touchdown
  • 12 receptions
  • 95 yards

4- Adrian Peterson, RB/Washington Redskins: Age 35

2019 statistics:

  • 211 carries
  • 898 yards
  • 4.3 yards per carry
  • 5 touchdowns
  • 17 receptions
  • 142 yards
  • 0 touchdowns

Peterson’s fantasy projections are tanking for 2020 but let’s be real:

Experts have tanked Peterson’s projections since 2016.

In 2018 and 2019, he rushed for a combined 1,940 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 4.25 yards per carry.

Okay, so there is a logjam over in Washington at running back. But let’s sort some things out.

Derrius Guice looked good when given the opportunity but he lacks durability. There is no guarantee he stays healthy all year.

Bryce Love starts his 2nd season, but he is essentially a rookie because a college injury kept him out of action all year in 2019. He hasn’t played a down in the NFL.

Peyton Barber is a fringe prospect. And Antonio Gibson is a Duke Johnson type of player. Meaning he may or may not receive many carries.

Adrian Peterson

Peterson is still the best back on the roster, even if most experts tell you to stay away from him.

Okay, I concede that you shouldn’t consider drafting him anywhere near the top or middle rounds. But if you’re in a non-keeper league and need a solid RB3 or bench player, you want Peterson.

You may only play him when your starters are on a bye week or if an injury occurs, but he will give you more peace of mind than an unproven player on the roster.

In my experience, I’d bypass older players for youth and it has never once benefitted me.

And there were players like Peterson giving other owners better numbers than what my rookie and 2nd-year sleepers offered. Lesson learned.

Here are Peterson’s 2020 projections and don’t be alarmed by the low numbers:

  • 69 carries
  • 284 yards
  • 4.1 yards per carry
  • 2 touchdowns
  • 13 receptions
  • 101 yards
  • 0 touchdowns

5- Drew Brees, QB/New Orleans Saints: Age 41

2019 statistics:

  • 281 completions
  • 378 attempts
  • 2,979 yards
  • 27 touchdowns
  • 4 interceptions
  • 9 carries
  • -4 yards
  • 1 touchdown

Brees missed a few games in 2019 which led to a dip in production.

But he was still one of the most effective quarterbacks in fantasy football, especially in deeper leagues with over 12 teams.

In 2020, his supporting cast is even more powerful with Emmanuel Sanders joining an offensive unit that already includes one of the best pass-catching and rushing running backs in Alvin Kamara and the league’s best receiver in Michael Thomas.

Drew Brees

While many consider Brees to be a back-end QB1, you can’t deny that his surrounding talent will inflate his numbers and value.

Look for Brees to have a bounce-back 2020 season where he will toss at least 500 to 600 pass attempts in 2020. Closer to his usual number.

He is still a mid-round pick even at 41.

Here are his 2020 projections:

  • 363 completions
  • 516 attempts
  • 3,943 yards
  • 30 touchdowns
  • 9 interceptions
  • 20 carries
  • 11 yards
  • 1 touchdown


Age is only a number and while experts project some players listed here to decline in 2020, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they continue to exceed expectations.

Peterson has done it over the past 4 seasons and with a weak running back unit in Washington, he can easily be the featured back again.

The same goes for Gore, even if his 2019 numbers signaled him to slow down a little. Gore performed well in 2018 so if he returns to his 2018 form, look for him to see more opportunity.

Brady and Brees are loaded with offensive talent so even if they are slowing down, the talent around them will inflate their production.

Fitzgerald projects as the WR3 in Arizona but he is still the sure-handed, incredible route runner he has been over the past 16 seasons. He isn’t done yet.

Are there any players I might have left out? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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