Bellator 277: McKee vs. Pitbull 2 Betting Odds and Picks

Bellator 277 Fri Apr 15 Lightning Background

This two title fight main card is the biggest Bellator has produced in 2022.

Our Bellator 277 betting picks are assembled to give you the best chance at winning on your betting ticket this weekend. We cover the available prop bets and up to date odds as the week of the fight as well. If you’re looking to improve your bankroll, you came to the right place.

Scroll for coverage of all fourteen fights with odds and stats, and place your bets by 7:00 PM ET April 15th, 2022 to get in on the action. 

Bellator 277 Betting Picks 

Here is a quick list of all thirteen fights.
If you’re looking for our best picks without the stats and all available odds, these cover the entire fight card. Scroll for stats, predictions, and MMA breakdowns.

If you’re new to MMA betting, we suggest reading the descriptions of each fight, so you can see our varying levels of confidence and suggestions on which fights to avoid in parlay. 

Main Event Pick::
Aj McKee -325
Co-Main Event Pick::
Vadim Nemkov -184
Pico vs Edwards:
Under 1 ½ Rounds -175
Linton Vassell:
Upset of the Night:
Rakim Cleveland +500
Davletdzhan Yagshimuradov:
Gaston Bolanos:
Michael Lombardo:
Bobby Seronio:
Rhalan Gracie:
Edwin De Los Santos:
Rogelio Luna:
Parlay Pick:
Laird Anderson -425
Theo Haig:


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for McKee Jr. vs Pitbull FC

In their first match up in July 2021, odds were even at -105 a peice. Pitbull has been the favorite since his win over Michael Chandler in 2019, upsetting the champ at +175. Pitbull’s last loss was to Benson Henderson at +325, and has since ranged from +160 to -500 in a string of wins, upsetting only two fighters along the way. 
McKee has been a favorite his entire career, never taking the underdog position. He’s ranged from -265 against Darrion Caldwell to -1500 against Daniel Crawford. He has a 72% finishing ratio in his career, giving the under a significant advantage. Critics think Pitbull’s one chance at victory will be a flash knockout, and I have to agree. 

Fighter Aj McKee Jr ‘Mercenary’  Patricio Freire Pitbull 
Money Line  -325 +240
Over/Under 2 ½ Rounds  Over +120 Under -160
Age 27 34
Height 5’10’’ 5’6’’
Reach 73’’ 65’’
Record 18 32-5
Submissions/TKO  6/7 8/5
Fighter Training Camp Team BodyShop Pitbull Brothers 

McKee won the first match up, taking Pitbull’s 145 pound title and ending a seven fight winning streak that included some of Bellator’s greats like now UFC contender Michael Chandler. Pitbull is known for blistering right hands and solid submission work. 

McKee is lanky, carrying an eight inch reach advantage over his opponent.

Considering that Pitbull’s last loss prior to McKee was Henderson, a 5’9’, 70” inch featherweight, I think Patricio simply has a problem with range. Other losses include Pat Curran and Daniel Straus, both fighters that have a height and reach advantage over the stocky Pitbull. 

McKee vs Pitbull Over/Under 

McKee has finished four of his last five fights, and seven of his last ten, holding true to McKee’s 70% average finishing ratio. Pitbull has only ever been finished by McKee, but was forced to retire against Henderson.

In Pitbull’s last ten, seven fights ended early, each within two rounds.

The under is the better bet, but I could see McKee playing the outside and working toward a decision victory. For that reason, the Under isn’t our top pick, but it is a way to get a higher payout than the McKee money line. 

Bellator 277 Main Event Prediction

In their first fight McKee decimated Pitbull in both striking and grappling.

It wasn’t competitive, and he’s clearly the better fighter. Bellator is booking McKee as their star, and Pitbull knows it, which can mess with a fighter. McKee has holes in his game, but he’s undefeated for a reason.

Take the easy win, pick McKee at -325 for a $31 return per $100 wagered.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Nemkov vs Anderson LHC

Anderson is a former UFC fighter that moved to Bellator three fights ago. He’s been a -610 to -175 favorite since joining the promotion, defeating former champion Bader at -175 last October in the very first round. In the UFC, he had mixed results. Corey Anderson’s UFC record (after three wins at TUF) was 10-5, including wins over champions Jan Blachowicz and Glover Texeira.

He lost the majority of his bouts as the underdog to fighters like Jimi Manuwa at +125 and OSP at +155.

Nemkov is the current champion, and has been the favorite in all bouts for Bellator other than wins over Phil Davis and Bader at +125 and +165. Even his career losses for Rizin were as the favorite. His odds usually range from -170 to -600. Nemkov has the momentum, winning his last nine fights. Anderson lost a fight to Blachowicz just three fights ago in early 2020. 

Fighter Vadim Nemkov Corey ‘Overtime’ Anderson 
Money Line  -185 +144
Over/Under 4 ½ Rounds  Over +125 Under -165
Age 29 32
Height 6’0’’ 6’3’’
Reach 76’’ 79’’
Record 15-2 16-5
Submissions/TKO  3/10 0/8
Fighter Training Camp Stary Oskol Kennel Fight Club 

Nemkov has more submission skill than Anderson and he’s likely to win the takedown. His strong views on weight cutting have kept him the smaller man for the majority of his career, especially in his losses for Rizin. 
Anderson has a striking advantage and you could argue that Nemkov had a tougher time with Ryan Bader. However, they fought Bader some fifteen months apart, and the 38 year old champion is fading quickly. 

Nemkov vs Anderson Prop Bet Predictions

With Nemkov finishing three of his last five fights, the under 4 ½ Rounds may look like the easy bet, Anderson has finished all three of his Bellator performances, and lost only one decision in his career.

This feels like a red herring:
Stylistically Nemkov vs Anderson should be a long fight. Both fighters have high quality wrestling, and Nemkov is more than willing to hang only opponents for long fights.

Corey has plenty of decision fights with grapplers, such as Glover Teixeira and Mauricio Rua. I’d bet the Over 4 ½ if I had to, but there are better bets to be made in this fight. 

Nemkov has been dominant in Bellator, and his performances here overshadow his Rizen losses.

Nemkov vs Anderson Prediction 

Nemkov is the better grappler, and in recent fights Anderson needed to win the takedown to do real damage. His win over Bader could have gone either way, but I think Bader’s chin is fading, and Nemkov is a massive jump in talent from his last three fights. Anderson’s performances imply he’ll be looking to grapple, but the Stary Oskol team is one of the best for grappling in MMA.

Our betting pick is Vadim Nemkov at -185, a $54 return per $100 wagered.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Pico vs Edwards

Pico is a heavy favorite in the Bellator 277 odds, and has been the favorite over his entire career, win or lose. He was upset by Corrales at -500 and Borics at -280. These are the highest his betting odds have ever been. 

Edwards has no betting history.

He was scheduled to be in the DWCS but pulled out at the last minute. Edwards fought just two weeks before fight night, scoring a first round submission. He’s filling in for Jeremy Kennedy, who was a +500 underdog to Pico. 

Fighter Aaron Pico  Adli Edwards 
Money Line  -1100 +600
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds  Over +135 Under -175
Age 25 32
Height 5’8’’ 5’11’’
Reach 70’’ NA
Record 9-3 9-1
Submissions/TKO  2/6 2/3
Fighter Training Camp Jackson Wink MMA  Elevate MMA, Various 

Pico is the younger fighter, but does give up some size to the lanky featherweight Edwards. Edwards has finished no high level fighters, but has given some undefeated fighters their first loss, such as Bredon Marotte in 2019 (now 6-1.) Edwards is primarily a grappler, and Pico’s extensive grappling career shows him to be difficult to take down and control. His first fight loss by guillotine was before he’d developed any real striking and far before he joined Jackson-Wink academy- it shouldn’t affect your Bellator 277 betting pick. 

Pico vs Edwards Over Under Prediction

All of Pico’s fights except his last were finished. He recently won his only decision over 12-0 Justin Gonzales. Aaron has struggled with high intensity strikers, but that doesn’t appear to be Edwards bread and butter.

Edwards has won three of his last five via decision, stopping the other two inside the first round. Fight tape of Edwards shows a slow start while striking, staying outside of range looking for a takedown. Adli was a D-2 All American wrestler, and I doubt either fighter will stay on the ground for long.

Pico’s money line is too high for my liking. He’s not invincible, but he is a fan favorite. I see this fight ending early for one fighter or the other, and I could even see Adli landing a head kick on Pico if he lets his guard down against a late replacement. 

Our Bellator 277 betting pick is the Under 1 ½ Rounds at -175, a $57 return per $100 wager.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Johnson vs Vassell 

Vassell is on a three fight winning streak after an upset win over undefeated Tyrell Fortune at +210. This is after a three fight losing streak ranging +125 to +600 to Davis, Bader and Moldavsky. He faces knockout machine Tim Johsnon, who is on a two fight skid against Fedor and Moldavsky at -165 and +230 respectively. Tim defeatedTyrell Fortune in 2020 as a +600 underdog. 

Fighter Timothy Johnson Linton Vassell 
Money Line  +110 -145
Over 2 ½ Rounds  Over +120 Under -160
Age 37 38
Height 6’3’’ 6’4’’
Reach 78’’ 82’’
Record 15-8 22-8-0, NC 1
Submissions/TKO  2/7 5/4
Fighter Training Camp Academy of Combat Arts  Hard Knocks 365
Last Weigh In  264 239

Vassell is the larger of the two fighters, and he’s more committed to a fighting style that seems effective for older MMA competitors, submission work and ground strikes. He’s finished three of his last two fights after second round takedowns. Johnson is always looking for the knockout and it nearly cost him against Cheick Kongo in their 2020 split decision. Kongo won takedown exchanges, but wasn’t able to capitalize, but he was 44 at the time and his age is clearly affecting his ability to turn up the heat. 

Johsnon vs Vassell Prop Betting

Johnson has been knocked out in his last two fights, and has only had one decision in his last seven fights. Vassell has had two decisions in his last seven fights, but I don’t think he’ll be dictating the pace as the lighter man. Vassell tends to finish outside of the first round, which is why the Over is set to 2 ½ Rounds. I’m steering clear of the prop bets. 

Many think of Vassell as a slow starter, but he’s not a boring fighter. Tim will struggle with his feeling out period and methodical pace first round.

Bellator 277 Betting Pick for Johnson vs Vassell

Throughout his 31 fight career, Vassell has only been knocked out twice, both times by the best in the game. He has the momentum coming into this fight, and his chin and methodical takedown style are the tools needed to best Johsnon.

Our pick is Linton Vassell at -145. His Bellator 277 odds payout $69 per $100 wager.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Fortune vs Cleveland 

Cleveland has been the underdog for his last nine major fights ranging +145 to +575. He went on a three fight winning streak in Iowa with no betting odds, and upset Yusupov in PFL at +500 and defeated former UFC fighter Houson Alexander in 2017. 
Fortune lost his last fight to Vassell at -188, his only other loss being to Tim Johnson at -714. He’s been the favorite in every bout, ranging from -188 to -714. This is his fifth time above -500, in his career. 

Fighter Tyrell Fortune Rakim ‘The Boogeyman’ Cleveland 
Money Line  -900 +500
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds  Over +175 Under -260
Age 31 32
Height 6’2’’ 6’3’’
Reach 77’’ 77’’
Record 11-2, 1 NC  22-14-1, 1 NC 
Submissions/TKO  1/7 5/12
Fighter Training Camp Arizona Combat Sports   War training Center 

On paper, this should be a shutout. Rakim loses to the best grapplers in the game every time, including Nemkov, Magalhães, and Mowry. This fight reminds me of the Tim Johsnon bout. Rakim has 17 finishes, more finishes than any other fighter Fortune has faced in his career.

It’s true!
Looking at fighter social media, you see Fortune out with friends and snowboarding, while Cleveland is working hard every day to make this a reality. This is my upset of the night pick, I think Cleveland can catch an unready Fortune, looking for an easy comeback fight. 

Our pick is Rakim Cleveland at +500, a five times your money return. These Bellator 277 odds are tempting to parlay, but keep this fight off your parlay picks. 

Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Yagshimuradov vs Johnson

Johnson is a last minute replacement and lost his last fight as a +530 underdog. He was on a five fight winning streak from 2013 to 2019, with his biggest win over Alton Cunningham at +450. Yagshimuradov lost to favorite Albrektsson at +180 and Corey Anderson at +205. 

Fighter Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov Tony Johnson
Money Line  -300 +215
Age 32 38
Height 5’11’’ 6’2’’
Reach 72’’ 77’’
Record 18-7-1 9-3
Fighter Training Camp Branibor Team  American Kickboxing Academy

No prop bets have been offered on the fight since it’s being built in such short notice. Here is what we know. Yagshimuradov took two years off during the pandemic, and came back to lose twice in Bellator. He was an ACA champion who finished the majority of his opponents, but clearly struggles with strong wrestlers. Johnson is primarily a kickboxer, and his kickboxing centered style plays right into the hands of Yagshimuradov.

Our betting pick is Davletdzhan Yagshimuradov at -300, giving you $33 per $100 wager.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Bonanos vs Carey 

All other odds are available at Bovada, but this fight can only be found at

Fighter Gaston Bolanos ‘The Dreamkiller’ Daniel ‘Scarey’ Carey 
Money Line  -300 +240
Age 29 32
Height 5’7’’ 5’7’’
Reach 70’’ 67’’
Record 5-3 7-5
Submissions/TKO  0/5 3/2
Fighter Training Camp Combat Sports Academy  NA

Both fighters have engaged in professional boxing and Muay Thai, but only Bolanos has extensive pro kickboxing experience. Carey has power and plenty of it, but Bolanos has a granite chin to back it up. 

We’re counting on a slug fest, and that’s one Bolanos will win.

Consider that Bolanos has only lost via decision and submission, and has never been knocked out even in his Muay Thai career. Carey has been knocked out three times since 2018. Getting knocked out annually isn’t a great kicking off point for a fight career. 

Our Bellator 277 betting pick is Gaston Bolanos at -300, a $33 per $100 wager.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Crutchmer vs Lombardo 

Fighter Kyle Crutchmer Michael ‘The Don’ Lombardo 
Money Line  -260 +190
Over/Under 2 ½ Rounds  Over -250 Under +170
Age 28 32
Height 5’9’’ 6’0’’
Reach 68’’ 72’’
Record 8-1 12-2-0, 1 NC
Submissions/TKO  3/1 2/5
Fighter Training Camp American Kickboxing Academy  American Top Team 

Crutchmer is an NCAA wrestler and has only lost to Lachinov, a Bellator fighter with notable power and submission skill who lost in the first round of The Ultimate Fighter 29. Lombardo is a big welterweight, who’s last loss was at DWCS to undefeated Kyle Daukaus. 
I believe Lombardo is the more dangerous striker overall, and his submission skill will be a threat to Crutchmer’s wrestling centered style. Expect Lombardo to fight from range and outpoint Kyle all night. 

Our betting pick is the upset, Michael Lombardo at +190.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Seronio III vs Ramirez 

Fighter Bobby Seronio III Calob ‘The Thunder One’ Ramirez
Money Line  -650 +420
Age 23 33
Height 5’7’’ 5’7’’
Record 1-0 1-1
Submissions/TKO  0/0 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Seronio MA  Carnage Fight Team 

Ramirez struggled in his amatuer career, losing his last three fights and losing three fights via finish since 2015. Seronio was an undefeated amatuer, winning mostly by decision with one knockout win.

Please Note:
This is actually the kind of fighter Ramirez prefers to face, one that will strike with him and not advantage his grappling. Ramirez has moment’s of brilliance, like finishing 13-0 amatuer Chris Reyes.


Still, his fighting style does not look like it matches well with Seronio’s patient traditional martial arts focus, with plenty of range finding and a defensive nature.

Our pick is Bobby Seronio at -650. The Bellator 277 odds are being generous to him, he should be a -400 at best.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Miller vs Gracie 

Fighter Tyson ‘The Killer’ Miller  Rhalan Gracie 
Money Line  -490 +335
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds  Over -170 Under +130
Age NA  34
Height 5’10’’ 6’2’’
Reach 71’’ 76’’
Record 2-0 0-3
Submissions/TKO  0/1 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Institute of Combat  Ralph Gracie San Francisco 

Gracie is a BJJ style competitor that started doing MMA in 2006, taking his first bout against the UFC’s Dustin Hazelett. Miller has one loss on record via decision, but has mostly faced low level fighters with little to bring to the ring. 

I think that Rhalan is being underestimated here.

He’s fought tough competitors, he’s been training for 20 years or more, and clearly has intentions to come in and win. He’s been a black belt for a decade, and I think he’s still developing a striking style that works for him. This is the easiest opponent he has faced, and should be an upset. 

Some of the best Bellator 277 betting odds of the night are for Rhalan Gracie at +335.


Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Santos vs Mendez 

Fighter Edwin De Los Santos Alberto Mendez
Money Line  -350 +250
Age 28 NA
Height 5’5’’ 5’4’’
Reach 65’’ NA
Record 1-0 Debut, 3-0 Amatuer 
Submissions/TKO  0/1 (0-3 Amatuer) 
Fighter Training Camp Smash Fighter Team  NA

Both fighters are high level strikers and there is no immediate video for Mendez. We’re forced to align with the favorite Santos, who does appear to be a high level striker. However, Mendez is a wildcard with three finishes as an amateur, so place your bet tentatively on Santos. 

Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Hernandez vs Luna 

Fighter Socrates Hernandez Rogelio Luna 
Money Line  +168 -220
Record 0-1 Debut 3-1 Amatuer 

Hernandez didn’t look great in his opening Bellator performance, and even his best performances as an amatuer consist of wild swinging.

Luna’s only loss is to a talented amatuer boxer turned MMA fighter, 6-1 Ulzii-Orshikh.


I expect Luna to dominate in one of the breakout performances of the night. Our Bellator 277 prediction is Rogelio Luna -220. 

Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Anderson vs Donaldson 

Fighter Laird Anderson  JT ‘Grandma’s Boy’ Donaldson
Money Line  -425 +315
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds  Over -125 Under -115
Age 23 29
Height 5’8’’ 5’8’’
Reach NA 68’’
Record 1-0 4-5
Submissions/TKO  0/0 01
Fighter Training Camp Internal Quest Training Guerilla BJJ Pleasanton

JT’s losses include unfortunate run ins like Aj McKee. He’s lost three of his last five via submissions and knockouts alike. Anderson has competition in BJJ with high level fighters like Kade Ruotolo and his 3-0 amatuer record features all finishes.

This young man is quickly developing his skills, and Donaldson is the right fighter to help showcase them. Our parlay pick is Laird Anderson at -425.

He’s a fighter who’s been active since he was 18 and has finishing power. His quickly developing BJJ game is too much for Donaldson’s lackadaisical style. 

Bellator 277 Odds and Prediction for Haig vs Benson 

Fighter Theo Haig  Alan Benson
Money Line  -750 +450
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds  Over -115 Under -125
Record Debut (1-0 Amatuer) 1-2

Our opening fight of the evening features Haig, an AKA strength and conditioning coach turned fighter. He’s a talented BJJ competitor and wrecking ball of a human.

Benson has been knocked out multiple times in his career, with a swing for the fences or die trying attitude.

Haig should make easy work of Alan, but we’ll be avoiding the over under considering that Haig’s first win was at the very end of round 2. It’s tough to tell if he’ll be playing a safe and methodical style in his debut, or if he’ll try and run Benson over because of his relentless forward movement. 

Play it safe and bet the Haig money line.


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