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Bellator MMA Sat Apr 23 Showtime

We’ve organized our betting picks for Bellator 279: Cyborg vs Blencowe 2. Bellator 279 odds have money line and prop bets for all thirteen fights on Bovada. Place your bets 7:00 PM ET, April 23rd, 2022 to get in on the action for all fights, including the prelims. The Sports Geek only promotes betting at our most preferred MMA betting sites, and all of today’s ‘place bet’ buttons take you to Bovada. Here is the full list of all thirteen Bellator 279 predictions and odds.


Top Bellator Predictions

The following odds are courtesy of Bovada:
Cyborg vs Blencowe – Will the fight Go the Distance – No:
Co Main Event Pick – Raufeon Stots:
Kyoji Horiguchi:
Llima-Lei Macfarlane:
Parlay Pick – Lance Gibson Jr.:
Kamaka vs Gonzales, Over 2 ½ Rounds:
Goiti Yamauchi:
Mederios vs Sanchez, Over 2 ½ Rounds:
Keoni Diggs:
Maraya Miller:
Janay Harding:
-135 ( Only)
Jordan Winki:
Sumiko Inaba:


Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions for the Main Event, Cyborg vs Blencowe 2

This fight is for the 145 pound women’s Bellator Championship. Cyborg has defended her title three times, and now takes on Blencowe, a fighter she defeated in October 2020 just three fights prior. Cyborg was a -1300 in fight 1 with Blencowe. The last time she was defeated was Amanda Nunes, upsetting her at -195. All over fights have shown Cyborg from -380 to -2500. Blencowe was the underdog against Leslie Smith, upsetting her as a +115 underdog. She’s lost all other bouts as the underdog since 2015, including Cyborg, Julia Budd (twice) and Marloes Coenen. In all other bouts as the favorite, she’s won with relative ease. 

Tale of the Tape for Cyborg vs Blencowe 2 

Fighter Christane Cyborg Venancio  Arlene ‘Angerfist’ Blencowe
Age 36 39
Height 5’8’’ 5’6’’
Reach/Stance 68’’ Switch 64’’
Record 25-2, 1 NC 15-8
Submissions/TKO  1/20 1/8
Fighter Training Camp Chute Boxe Academy, Kings MMA, Various Allegiance Combat and Fitness

Cyborg’s finishing percentage is greater, as is her size, age, and virtually all stats on paper. Her training facilities are better equipped for producing top level talent. Cyborg has Blencowe beat in nearly every category, including experience at the highest levels. Blencowe does have boxing experience, but hasn’t fought as a pro since 2015. She’s 4-4 as a pro boxer with two KOs. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Prediction for Cyborg vs Blencowe 

Bet  Odds
Cyborg Money Line -1200
Blencowe Money Line +600
Over 1 ½ Rounds  -140
Under 1 ½ Rounds  EVEN
Will the fight go the Distance, No  -530
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes +315

Cyborg’s betting lines are big favorites, with most assuming she’ll win the fight inside two rounds. Last fight, she finished Blencowe just after the 1 ½ Rounds mark, 2:36 of Round two via submission. Blencowe is the only fighter Cyborg has ever submitted. 
Cyborg has looked better than ever, and it’s my estimation this is because of her camp at Kings MMA. She smashed Kavanagh in ninety seconds with much improved boxing at a distance. I see no way this fight will last, and the pick ‘Will the fight go the Distance, No’ makes the most sense. At -530 it pays $19 per $100 wagered, and I would consider this bout for a parlay alongside some of the cards other favorites. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions for the Co-Main Event: Archuleta vs Stots

This fight for the Bantamweight interim title will lead to a bout with champion Sergio Pettis. Archuleta is the underdog, and he’s coming off a loss to Sergio last May. His only two losses in his last ten belong to Bellator champs, Pettis at -205 and 145 champ Patricio Pitbull at +110. He’s won all other bouts for Bellator, including the +158 upset of Patchy. Stots is coming off a surprise upset win over Magomed Magomedov at +310. He’s been the favorite in all other Bellator and LFA bouts ranging from -200 to 1545. His one loss is to UFC standout Merab Dvailshvili in 2017 at Ring of Combat 59. 

Tale of the Tape for Stots vs Archuleta

Fighter Raufeon ‘Supa’ Stots  Juan ‘Spaniard’ Archuleta 
Age 33 34
Height 5’7’’ 5’7’’
Reach/Stance 72’’ Southpaw  69’’ Orthodox 
Record 17-1 25-3
Submissions/TKO  4/3 1/11
Fighter Training Camp Roufusport MMA Academy  Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai

Stots has a three inch reach advantage that he’ll use to shootbox from the outside. Archuleta loves footwork, and Stots will be looking to force Archuleta against the cage early and often, as did Patchy before his loss. 

He’s an intereting competitor who seems to have his mind in the right place.
Expect Stots to have the better grappling game, and for his leg kick to play a big role in slowing Archuleta down. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Prediction for Stots vs Archuleta 

Bet  Odds
Stots Money Line -300
Archuleta Money Line +220
Over 4 ½ Rounds  -290
Under 4 ½ Rounds  +190
Will the fight go the Distance, No  -230
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes +160

Stots isn’t shy when it comes to dragging fights out. He’s taken seven of his last eight fights to decision wins, leading many to believe the over is a good bet. I’m not counting a Stots submission win out so soon. Ponce triangle choked Archuleta in 2015, but that’s not necessarily related. If Archuleta can’t maintain his strength in the championship rounds, Stots is able to grind out submission wins. I think the longer fights are going to be better for Stots finishing percentage. 

Stots vs Archuleta MMA Breakdown

Stots is going to get the takedown. It’s nearly inevitable for Archuleta, who gave up control time to Patchy Mix. Mix is a less effective grappler for MMA, and Stots will exhaust Archuleta, slowing down his grappling exchanges. Bet Raufeon Stots at -300, a $33 per $100 return on an obvious favorite. 


Bellator 279 Predictions for Main Card: Horiguchi vs Mix

Mix failed as the -165 favorite against Juan Archuleta, but his next two Bellator showings have been dominant. He’s a submission grappler out of Greg Jacksons’ who’s fought for KOTC, Bellator and RIZIN. He faces Horiguchi, an ATT fighter coming off a loss to champion Sergio Pettis via knockout. Horiguchi was the favorite against the champion, and his last two losses in MMA have been against the RIZIN champion and UFC champion Demetrious Johnson in 2015 via armbar. 

Bellator 279 Odds for Horiguchi vs Mix 

Bet  Odds
Kyoji Horiguchi Money Line -260
Patchy Mix Money Line +190
Over 3 ½ Rounds  -125
Under 3 ½ Rounds  -115
Will the fight go the Distance, No  -150
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes +110

This is the third five round fight on the card, and many see this not going the distance with Kyoji Horiguchi serving up a knockout victory. The ‘Will the fight go the Distance, No’ betting prop captures five of Horiguchi’s last six outings, and ten of Patchy’s last eleven fights. However, both men went to decision against their toughests tests- Kyoji vs grappler Darrion Caldwell and Patchy vs striker Juan Archuleta. 
Don’t mind the Over/Under, as neither fighter has enough five round experience to make it relevant to any Bellator 279 predictions. 

MMA Breakdown for Mix vs Horiguchi

Mix is a fantastic body lock grappler, similar to Demetrious Johnson. While Horiguchi has the power to put anyone to sleep, I see a similar fight as the one with Archuleta. A struggle for range, and lots of time on the canvas. 
Horiguchi works best when he’s working on oscillating between takedowns and strikes. I don’t think he’ll spend as much time shooting on Patchy Mix. After round one, Mix couldn’t easily take Archuleta to the floor and was even downed by Archeleta in the fourth round. 
Rewatching the fight with Archuleta shows how far Patchy’s striking has to go. Kyoji Horiguchi has holes in his game, but he’s the better fighter. Our pick is Horiguchi at -260, a $38 return on a $100 wager. Fans of Patchy should look at the ‘Fight Doesn’t Go to Decision’ Props, but they’re running a risk of an Archuleta repeat. 

Horiguchi won three rounds over the champ and was working on the forth when this blistering shot landed.

Bellator 279 Predictions for Macfarlane vs Kish

Macfarlane is 11-1 and a strong favorite. She lost to champion Juliana Velasquez at +160 in her last bout, but has won all others ranging from -175 to -833. Kish has lost five of her last six fights, including five fights in the UFC. Her UFC career ranged from -230 to +285, defeating Ashley Yoder at -230, and upsetting Nina Nunes at -205. She lost as a -125 favorite against Deanna Bennett in her last bout, a unanimous decision that wasn’t her best showing. At 34 years old and a 7-5 record, analysts wonder if Kish has much left in the tank. 

Bellator 279 Odds for Macfarlane vs Kish

Bet  Odds
Llima-Lei Macfarlane Money Line -350
Justine Kish Money Line +256
Over 2 ½ Rounds  -240
Under 2 ½ Rounds  +165
Will the fight go the Distance, No  +105
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes -152

Macfarlane has a litany of submission wins over fighters outside of the top five, including an armbar over Emily Ducote in 2017. She was the champion for four fights, and her loss to Velasquez was the first time in her career she could be outgrappled. 
Kish has had only one non-decision her last nine fights, and it was a loss. I see this fight going over 2 ½ Rounds, but I’m not confident enough to place that bet. 
Macfarlane is the better grappler and striker. She’s more durable, and will control the pace of the fight with relative ease. Bet Ilima-Lei Macfarlane at -350, a $29 return per $100 wagered for the former champion against a falling UFC fighter with dwindling skill. 

Bellator 279 Predictions: Gibson Jr. vs Dung 

This is one of the most one sided fights of the evening. Gibson is undefeated, and a student of Julia Budd. He’s finished 80% of his fights since 2017 against moderate competition. Dung is 4-2 with a loss via leg kicks. He’s a decent grappler, but is missing some fundamental pieces of the fight game as well as lacking athleticism. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Betting Prediction for Gibson Jr. vs Dung

Bet  Odds
Lance Gibson Jr. Money Line -1100
Nainoa Dung Money Line +600
Over 1 ½ Rounds  -155
Under 1 ½ Rounds  +115
Will the fight go the Distance, No  -200
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes +150

The Bellator 279 Odds have this as the second most one sided pick of the night. Gibson’s one decision was against Marcus Surin, his toughest opponent to date. I’m not convinced of a finish, and will be sticking with the Gibson moneyline at -1100, our parlay pick of the evening. 

Bellator 279 Prelim Predictions: Kamaka III vs Gonzales 

Kamaka was an amatuer champion who’s returning to the cage after his first Bellator win. He went 1-2-1 for the UFC before being released. He has heart, but is two small for the weight class against the majority of fighters. Gonzales lost a decision against Aaron Pico last year, but did better than we expected. He offered Jake Childers his first loss back in 2020 and won a decision on DWCS in 2019. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Betting Prediction for Kamaka vs Gonzales

Bet  Odds
Kai Kamaka III Money Line -105
Justin Gonzales Money Line -125
Over 2 ½ Rounds  -280
Under 2 ½ Rounds  +185
Will the fight go the Distance, No  +160
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes -230

Kamaka is the slight underdog in one of the more competitive bouts of the evening. Given the number of decisions Kamaka has fought in, it’s easy to take the over prop. Gonzales sports a three inch reach advantage as well as four career knockout wins, but I don’t think it’s enough to finish Kamaka. I see a long and competitive fight, the kind that Kamaka almost always has. Bet the Over 2 ½ Rounds at -280, a $35 payout per $100 wagered. 

Bellator 279 Predictions: Yamauchi vs Chokheli

Yamauchi has fought many of the best Bellator has to offer, including Michael Chandler, Saad Awad, and Chris Gonzalez. He now faces a fighter who took his first loss in Bellator, 10-1 Levan Chokheli. Chokheli is a Georgian fighter who lost a decision to Kyle Crutchmer in June 2021. Levan is a knockout artist, but Yamauchi has never been knocked out. This makes for an interesting combination of power punchers with solid chins. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Betting Prediction for Yamauchi vs Chokheli

Bet  Odds
Goiti Yamauchi Money Line -205
Levan Chokheli Money Line +155
Over 1 ½ Rounds  -130
Under 1 ½ Rounds  -110
Will the fight go the Distance, No  -230
Will the fight go the Distance, Yes +160

Goiti comes in the favorite and for good reason. Many of Levan’s opponents to date haven’t been anywhere near the Bellator competitive level. Yamauchi is another animal. The Over 1 ½ Rounds bet looks good until you recognize that Yamauchi is the most decorated submission artist that Levan has ever faced. I see a submission or decision win for Yamauchi with Levan catching the occasional straight right hand. Yamauchi pays out $49 per $100 wagerd. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions: Sanchez vs Medeiros

Medeiros is a former UFC fighter coming off a four fight losing streak. He was talented in his glory years, 2014 to 2017, but has taken some real damage. At 34 and four losses in a row, he’s moving toward the end of his career. He’s still in Hawaii, away from any major fight camp. 
Sanchez is on a similar three fight losing streak for Bellator that includes Mads Burnell and Pitbull. On his best days, he’s a submission fighter with good wrestling, but he’s still well below the levels Medeiros has achieved. 
Despite the alarming differences in fight quality, Yancy is the underdog. It’s tough to call, but I see this fight making it well into the third round, with neither fighter outstanding in finishing fights over their last five. Bet the Over 2 ½ Rounds at -220. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions: Diggs vs King 

Keoni Diggs is fresh off a split decision loss to Daniel Weichel. This grappler has finished seven of ten bouts by submission, and if Bobby King isn’t up to snuff on his BJJ, he’ll be put down early. King has submission skills of his own, but at 38 you have to think he’s starting to slow down. I don’t expect an early finish, with both fighters’ high level of grappling and decision bouts against Bellator top 20 level talent.
Our betting pick is Keoni Diggs at  -240. He’s the favorite with good reason, and should control the pace of the bout and has a high chance of finishing. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions: Field vs Miller 

Randi Field is 2-1 as a pro, but was a 3-4 amatuer with fights dating back to 2015. She has lost via submission multiple times and is yet to beat a pro with a winning record. Maraya Miller is a submission fighter that lost via RNC in her second pro bout. 
Field is the favorite at -240, but after viewing the submission skills of Miller, I see an upset via grappling finish. Our betting pick is Maraya Miller at +188.

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions: Harding vs Silva 

Janay Harding has struggled at the Bellator level but has wins over Sinead Kavanagh and Jessy Miele. She faces a fighter that’s currently 0-2 in Bellator in Dayana Silva. Without getting too deep into the weeds, this should be an easy win for Harding. Our bet is the money line pick, Janay Harding at -135. This bet can only be found at Betonlline, and that’s where the button takes you!

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions: Cruz vs Winski

This early prelim features Bellator newcomer Cruz versus 0-1 in Bellator Jordan Winski. Winski is a talented fighter, submitting Magic Mike Hamel in the MMA lab pros’ only career loss. He let the decision slip against Brian Moore, but he’s capable of fast fight finishing. Winski is a -325 favorite and easy pick over Ryan Cruz. 

Bellator 279 Odds and Predictions: Inaba vs Pyles 

The opening bout of the evening features 3-0 Sumiko Inaba versus Whittany Pyles, a 3-4 fighter that’s serving as Inaba’s welcome party to Bellator. It’s difficult not to bet on the -600 Inaba, who’s record features three finishes as a pro and a 6-1 amatuer record dating back to 2014. Easy money on the newcomer!


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