Best Joe Biden Betting Lines for the Week of 6/21

Trump Vs Biden US Betting

  • Joe Biden’s odds continue lengthened as he solidifies his position as the favorite across the best political betting sites.
  • Biden’s ability to stay out of the public eye while making the election a referendum on Trump is paying dividends.
  • Coming into the week of 6/21, MyBookie, and Xbet are our top-rated political betting sites offering the best Joe Biden election odds.
Political Betting Site Joe Biden Election Odds
BetOnline -160
Bovada -130 -160
Betway -138
MyBookie -110
Xbet -110
888 Sport -137
  • Odds current as of 6/21.
  • (Some sportsbooks may offer more favorable odds, but have not been vetted for quality by our reviewers)

Best Place to Bet Joe Biden to Win the 2020 Presidential Election -Week of 6/21

Most Favorable Biden Odds: Tie: MyBookie / Xbet

Betting Line: -110

Implied Probability:52.38%


Heading into the week of 6/21, there’s a tie for which of our reviewers’ top political betting sites are offering the most value to Joe Biden bettors. MyBookie, and Xbet are all listing the former VP as a –110 favorite, giving him a slight edge in the 2020 presidential election.

At this point, MyBookie and Xbet are the most pessimistic when it comes to Joe Biden’s chances of becoming the next President of the United States. While most political betting sites see the Democratic nominee as a moneyline favorite hovering between the –130 to –160 range, they still see November’s general election as something closer to a coin toss. This is excellent news for Biden backers!

According to The Economist’s election forecast model, Joe Biden has an 89% chance of winning the electoral college and a 98% probability of winning the popular vote.

Comparing those figures to his 52.38% implied probability expressed by the betting odds shows a tremendous amount of value on the Democratic ticket right now.

One must wonder how much longer Biden will be available at these prices. Will MyBookie and Xbet join the rest of our favorite political betting sites soon, or are they holding firm on Donald Trump?

Noteworthy Headlines from the Past Week

I’m not going to lie; it’s hard to find much positive to say about Biden as a candidate. It’s hard to find much to say about him at all because the former VP has almost nothing to do with this election. The Democrats have wisely chosen to make 2020 a referendum on Donald Trump – Biden is little more than a placeholder for “Not Trump.”

So, in essence, the President is running against himself. Well – and a host of unrelenting crises. And if you trust the polls, he’s failing miserably.

Of course, trust in the polls is at an all-time low after 2016. Still, it’s hard to disagree with what they’re predicting this time.


Joe Biden Is Playing It Safe (and It’s Working)

President Trump is a challenger at heart. In his short political career, his greatest strength has been to attack and dismiss an opponent playing “politics as usual.” But what happens when he doesn’t have a target?

The incumbent came into 2020 expecting to run for reelection on the strength of his economy while criticizing the Democrats of being too far left – under the assumption that someone like Bernie Sanders would win the nomination. Now, both of those strategies are off the table. Plan B was to focus on Joe Biden’s frequent gaffes and declining mental acuity.

Unfortunately, for Trump, the pandemic has even robbed him of that. The Democratic candidate has an excuse to stay at home in the basement, giving the Republican Party precious little with which to work.

“Because of the pandemic, Trump in many ways still doesn’t have an opponent yet, there’s no tit for tat in the news every day,” said Sara Fagen, who worked in George W. Bush’s administration. “Biden is nowhere.”

When Joe does appear in public, he’s mostly stuck to interviews with trusted media figures and scripted conversations with Democratic allies. It’s yet to be seen if he’ll be able to sustain this elusiveness as we get closer to November.

“At some point, he’s going to have to come out for air,” Trump said in a Fox News interview last week, conceding that Mr. Biden’s elusive campaign has “been run beautifully.”

Mike Murphy, a Republican consultant, is confident that Joe Biden will eventually be forced to come out of the basement and open himself up to scrutiny. “When he does come out for big stuff like the debates, the stakes will be high, and he’s got to be good,” he said.

“Trump is a challenger at heart, he wants to run against something,” added Murphy, who is currently working with pro-Biden Republicans. “Biden won’t give him much. He doesn’t have the economy to brag about. So, what’s he against? Joe Scarborough and looters.”

Saying “No” To More Debates

Along those same lines, on Thursday, the Trump campaign began pushing the Democratic candidate for more debates, requesting four instead of the scheduled three. “We want them sooner, and we want a bigger schedule,” said Brad Parscale, the incumbent’s campaign manager.

The former Vice President’s team has, thus far, rejected any plans for additional debates. After all, he’s in a considerable lead in the polls; he has no incentive to make himself more available to Trump’s attacks.

Kate Bedingfield, the deputy campaign manager/communications director for Joe’s campaign, argues that it’s only after Trump started sinking in the polls, that the President wants to refocus attention on additional debates.

“Six months after announcing he did not want to debate, Donald Trump — now trailing in the polls — wants to change the subject from his failed leadership and launch a campaign for many debates. But there’s a catch: he’ll only do it if he can pick the moderators,” Bedingfield said in a statement.

Trump Keeps Challenging Biden

The President’s challenges haven’t been limited to additional debates. He’s also asking questions about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. The following excerpt is from a recent article published by The Hill.

Excerpt from the Hill:

President Trump has reportedly questioned the mental fitness of his presumptive Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, in recent days and suggested that Biden would fail a simple cognitive test administered to Trump in 2018.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the President recently made comments to several White House aides hinting that he did not believe Biden would pass the cognitive exam administered by his White House physician in two years ago as part of an annual physical.

The President has repeatedly referred to Biden with the pejorative nickname “Sleepy Joe” and suggested that the former vice president has low intelligence.

“He’s not as smart as Bernie, and he’s not as quick,” he said in an interview with a Boston radio station last month, referring to former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

The Biden campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

“For someone so obsessed with appearing strong, Donald Trump shows us every day just how weak he is,” a Biden campaign press secretary said in a statement Monday, adding: “Donald Trump doesn’t care about the health or economic prosperity of the American people. He only cares about himself.”


Avoiding Being Pulled Too Far Left

If Joe Biden’s career in politics has taught us anything, it’s that he’s the furthest thing possible from being a “progressive.” The former VP spent the majority of his career as one of the most conservative Democrats in the Senate and routinely sided with Republicans and corporate interests over the left-leaning bloc of the party.

While that approach won’t win him any fans with Bernie Sanders supporters, it is paying dividends with the two groups he needs most: suburban moderates and older voters. The Biden team has correctly diagnosed that most of the Democratic electorate doesn’t want any substantial change to the status quo from which they benefit; they just want Donald Trump out of office.

As a result, Biden has rejected calls for more progressive policies like Medicare for All. This is making life especially difficult for Donald Trump, as he can’t paint his Democratic opponent as a crazed liberal trying to force socialism down the country’s throat.

The President’s frustration with his plan being thwarted has been apparent during the Black Lives Matter protests. Despite Biden refusing to hop on board with the “defund police” movement, Trump has painted the demonstrations as a hostile communist takeover. It’s backfired spectacularly and sent his poll numbers plummeting.

The Michael Flynn Case

Something worth paying attention to this election cycle is what’s going on with this Michael Flynn situation. With each new bit of information that’s released, the worse the Obama administration looks. If it were anyone other than Donald Trump in the Oval Office, what Obama did on his way out of office would be looked at on par with Nixon’s Watergate.

Now we know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were both directly involved with the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump and his alleged ties to Russia – which they used to spy on the President-elect and prosecute Michael Flynn.

Former Vice President Joe Biden mentioned the “Logan Act” during an early January 2017 Oval Office discussion about the investigation into retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, newly released notes suggest.

It’s not fully clear what Biden said about the 1799 law, but Flynn’s legal team said “it appears” he “personally raised the idea” during a meeting between former President Barack Obama, then-FBI Director James Comey, national security adviser Susan Rice, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in the days leading up to President Trump’s inauguration. Biden is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and leading in national polling.

New insight into the conversation is given by chicken-scratch notes taken by former FBI special agent Peter Strzok, who later oversaw the bureau’s interviews with Flynn, then Trump’s incoming national security adviser, as part of the counterintelligence investigation into links between the Trump campaign and Russia.


Democrats Blaming Bernie Again

If Biden somehow blows this enormous lead, he’s currently enjoying, the DNC is already setting the table to blame Bernie Sanders again. Party officials are already whining about Bernie’s lack of effort when it comes to fundraising for Biden. They also feel that he’s been overly concerned with down-ballot elections, especially progressive challengers to entrenched corporate Democrats.

Check out the language in this recent article from The Hill:

The Democrats, who are not affiliated with the Biden campaign, say Sanders needs to do more to make sure progressives fall in line behind Joe Biden in November.

While they concede Sanders has done more to help Biden than he did in the 2016 race for then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, they still say Sanders needs to use his influence with his supporters to ensure they turn out and donate to Biden’s campaign.

Sanders’s endorsement of half a dozen insurgent candidates this week in upcoming primaries who are taking on establishment favorites has added to the unease felt by some Democrats.

“He should be out there every week, reminding his supporters of what’s at stake,” said one Democratic strategist. “He needs to start mending fences now. Not two or three months from now. Anything less isn’t good enough.”

Philippe Reines, a longtime adviser to Clinton, said that the biggest area of need from Sanders is on the fundraising front. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) raised $6 million at a virtual fundraiser for Biden. Another event co-hosted by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) raised $3.5 million.

Sanders, who crushed his competitors in fundraising during the primary “could in one hour raise Biden north of $10 million, and the symbolism would be worth twice that,” Reines said.

“The opportunity cost of him not doing significant events of any type isn’t simply leaving money on the table. It can be construed that he’s not fully on board,” Reines added.

Sanders has said he will not raise money for the Biden campaign, but he has been a vocal supporter in nearly every other way.

See where this is going? It’s 2016 all over again.

That way, if Biden fails to win over Sanders supporters, after spending the entire election cycle making overtures to moderate Republicans, it won’t be the fault of corporatist Democrats failing to offer any tangible policy platforms – it’s on Bernie for not asking his people to send money to Joe.

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