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On Sunday, October 24th, NASCAR’s Cup Series will head back to Kansas for the second time this year as the drivers participate in the Hollywood Casino 400.

This is the second race of the Round of 8, the 8th race of the Playoffs, and the 34th overall race of the 2021 season.

Once again, Kyle Larson is the large betting favorite to win this race. However, we’re going to take a look at the best NASCAR prop bets available instead of picking a race winner. So, let’s see if we can make some money on the following Hollywood Casino 400 prop bets.

Kansas Driver Matchups

In order to win these prop bets, you must pick which driver that you think will finish higher in the Hollywood Casino 400 from Kansas Speedway:

Kevin Harvick (-120) vs Tyler Reddick (+100)

Reddick has four starts under his belt at Kansas with two Top 10s and a 13.5 average finish which is the 5th best among the field. Unfortunately, he’s paired up with Kevin Harvick who has the best stats for Kansas.

In 31 starts, Harvick has three wins, 11 Top 5s, 18 Top 10s, and a 9.1 average finish. He leads all drivers in wins, Top 5s, Top 10s, average finish, laps led, laps run, and lead-lap finishes.

If we just compare Kevin’s last four Kansas starts to Reddick’s four starts, Harvick still comes out ahead as he has three Top 5s and four Top 10s in the last four Kansas races.

Either way, you slice this, Harvick should come away with the win in this head-to-head battle.

NASCAR Bet: Kevin Harvick (-120)

Hollywood Casino 400 Car Prop Bets

Car Number of Race Winner

  • Even (+100)
  • Odd (-125)

I’m very confident in the Odd option for this prop bet. With this option, we get Kurt Busch, Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, Denny Hamlin, and Martin Truex Jr. to name a few. Combined, these five drivers have five victories at this racetrack.

Although that doesn’t equal the number of wins for the Even option, we still get the two best drivers in the field this season with Larson and Hamlin. Furthermore, both Truex and Elliott are legit Top 5 cars this weekend as well.

NASCAR Bet: Odd (-125)

Car Number of Race Winner

  • Over 8.5 (-215)
  • Under 8.5 (+170)

This one is a little harder than the previous prop bet. NASCAR betting sites have really made this more difficult in order to prevent people from just automatically taking the option that includes Kyle Larson.

The Under is a sizable underdog, but it does include Kurt Busch, Keselowski, Harvick, and Larson. Yet, if you think there’s a chance that a driver other than those four will win on Sunday then it’s best to take the Over option even though there’s no value.

I don’t like the return on investment, but the Over option is the smart choice as you get drivers like Elliott, Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Truex, and Logano who have a combined 11 wins at Kansas.

NASCAR Bet: Over 8.5 (-215)

Manufacturer of Race Winner

  • Chevrolet (+100)
  • Toyota (+215)
  • Ford (+295)

Chevy is the large betting favorite for this prop bet and rightfully so. They have the best driver in Kyle Larson, but they’ve also won 12 times at Kansas Speedway with 10 of those victories coming in the Hollywood Casino 400.

Ford has nine total wins at this track with seven coming in this race including last year. Toyota has eight wins at this track with six checkered flags in the spring Kansas race.

Over the last six years, each manufacturer has won this race twice. But, when you factor in the spring Kansas race (Buschy McBusch Race 400), Ford has two more wins and Toyota has four more wins.

I really like the value with Toyota at +215 and I’m going with them over the safer play of Chevy.

NASCAR Bet: Toyota (+215)

Team of Race Winner

  • Hendrick Motorsports (+125)
  • Joe Gibbs Racing (+190)
  • Team Penske (+450)
  • Stewart-Haas Racing (+1300)
  • Richard Childress racing (+1900)
  • Chip Ganassi Racing (+3500)
  • Woods Brothers Racing (+6000)
  • Roush Fenway Racing (+9000)
  • JTG Daughtery Racing (+13000)
  • 32XI Racing (+15000)

Sunday’s Hollywood Casino 400 is a two-horse race between Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing.

When you look at Hendrick’s current team, you see that only Chase Elliott has won at Kansas. Larson, Byron, and Bowman have never won at this track.

As for Joe Gibbs Racing, the team’s top three drivers of Busch, Hamlin, and Truex have a combined seven race wins at this track. Bell has not won in his three starts.

The JGR trio has won four of the last six Buschy McBusch races and two of the last four Hollywood Casino 400 races. I’m rolling with JGR this weekend.

NASCAR Bet: Joe Gibbs Racing (+190)

Other Hollywood Casino 400 Prop Bets

Joe Gibbs Racing to have more Top 10 finishes than Hendrick Motorsports?

  • Yes (+100)
  • No (-120)

Let’s break this down further to see which team will have more Top 10 cars on Sunday:

Hendrick’s four drivers have the following average finishes at Kansas:

  • Chase Elliott: 10.5
  • Kyle Larson: 16.6
  • William Byron: 17.6
  • Alex Bowman: 18.1

That’s an average of 15.7 for the four Hendrick drivers.

JGR’s four drivers have the following average finishes at Kansas:

  • Martin Truex Jr.: 13.0
  • Denny Hamlin: 14.4
  • Kyle Busch: 15.1
  • Christopher Bell: 20.3

That’s an average finish of 15.7 for the JGR drivers.

So, we have a tie when looking at the average finishes. However, when we look at the other categories, there’s really no comparison. JGR easily has more wins, Top 5s, and Top 10s than the four Hendrick cars.

Furthermore, only Chase Elliott has ever won at Kansas were Truex, Busch and Hamlin have all won multiple times each.

Since Elliott’s 2018 win in this race, JGR has gone on to win three of the next five Kansas races. Hamlin won this race in 2019 and the spring 2020 Kansas race. Busch won the 2021 edition of the Buschy McBusch race.

I like Joe Gibbs racing to have more Top 5 cars and Top 10 cars on Sunday than Hendrick.

NASCAR Bet: Yes (+100)

Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch to Both Finish in the Top 5

  • Yes (+255)

As you can see from the previous two prop bets, I’m high on Joe Gibbs Racing this weekend. In fact, not only do I believe that both Hamlin and Busch will finish in the Top 5, but I also think that they will compete for the checkered flag.

Additionally, I believe that Truex will finish in the Top 5 as well, which gives JGR three Top 5 cars this Sunday.

I see Larson, Hamlin, and Busch battling for the checkered flag on Sunday.

NASCAR Bet: Yes (+255)

All Penske Drivers to Finish in the Top 10

  • Yes (+310)

This prop bet is more of a stretch than the previous one.

Team Penske has three drivers in Ryan Blaney, Brad Keselowski, and Joey Logano. Both Keselowski and Logano have won at Kansas Speedway. However, their results haven’t been great over the last few years, which is what makes it a stretch.

Nevertheless, I think it’s worth a small flier considering all three drivers are still competing to advance to the Final 4 race in two weeks.

Additionally, Logano won this race last year, Blaney was 7th, and Keselowski was 4th. So, there is a precedent that the Penske trio can all finish in the Top 10.

NASCAR Bet: Yes (+310)

Any Playoff (Round of 8) Driver besides Kyle Larson to Win

  • Yes (+100)

This is one of my favorite prop bets for the entire Hollywood Casino 400 race. And, it’s because we get the Playoff field over Larson for this wager.

The Playoff field equals the following seven drivers: Hamlin, Busch, Truex, Elliott, Keselowski, Blaney, and Logano.

Everyone one of those drivers except for Blaney have won at this track. In fact, other than Kevin Harvick and Elliott’s win, these seven drivers have won every Kansas race over the last five years.

I believe the checkered flag will come down to Larson, Hamlin, and Busch. I picked Hamlin to win the race. So, I’m definitely taking this prop bet’s “yes” option, especially with the +100 odds.

NASCAR Bet: Yes (+100)

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