Better Call Saul Odds: Will Kim Wexler or Lalo Salamanca Die in Final Season?

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At long last, Slippin’ Jimmy is back. A whopping 728 days passed between the end of season five and the Better Call Saul season six premiere earlier this week.

If nothing else:
That two-year hiatus gave us more than enough time to catch up on the first five seasons on Netflix. To say there’s a lot still on the line for Jimmy and friends entering the final season would be an understatement.

One of the main questions surrounding Better Call Saul season six is: What will happen to the characters from this show that we don’t eventually see in Breaking Bad?

Of course, the vast majority of the events that occur in Better Call Saul take place before Breaking Bad begins. However, there is clearly some overlap. The showrunners have already confirmed that both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will appear in BCS’ final season, in some capacity.

While the final season has already started, there is still time to take a gander at Better Call Saul betting odds offered at some of the best entertainment betting sites on the web. What will happen to the likes of Kim Wexler, Nacho Varga, Lalo Salamanca, and Howard Hamlin before the end of season six?


Will Kim Wexler Survive Season Six?


Kim has been Jimmy’s co-conspirator for most of the series to this point. While she originally tried to distance herself from some of Jimmy’s sketchier impulses in previous seasons, she is now arguably even more conniving than Saul Goodman himself. Given Jimmy’s history, that’s no small feat.

Of course, we don’t see Kim or hear anything about her at any point in Breaking Bad. For continuity purposes, the writers have to find a way to write her out before the end of Better Call Saul season six. Does that mean she’ll die, go to jail, or something else?

At the end of season five, we saw Kim make the shocking decision to leave her promising career at Schweikart and Cokely in order to continue as a public defender, instead. Rather than spending the vast majority of her time doing a job she didn’t care about, she is now free to do pro bono work…and get back to scheming with Jimmy.

As we’ve seen in the past with both of these shows, nobody is truly safe. However, we do know that Jimmy goes on to perpetuate his Saul Goodman persona after Kim is out of the picture. If Jimmy’s actions as Saul eventually result in Kim’s death, would he really be able to continue in that life?

Given what we now know about Jimmy’s actual personality, I doubt it.

I think the more likely outcome is Kim either lands in jail or goes into hiding. If her plan with Jimmy to take down Howard Hamlin results in a serious financial windfall for the couple, who’s to say she doesn’t just take the money and start a new life elsewhere?

With the number at an even -120 on both sides of this bet, I much prefer wagering on Kim’s chances of surviving through the end of the season.

Just because we don’t hear about her in Breaking Bad doesn’t mean she’s doomed. I prefer the -120 Better Call Saul odds on Kim to live.

Best Bet:

What Will Happen to Howard Hamlin?

Goes to Jail:
Continues with HHM:

A show like Better Call Saul doesn’t necessarily have any classic protagonists or antagonists. Sure, we’re rooting for Jimmy, but he’s not exactly the most wholesome hero we’ve ever seen.

For all intents and purposes:
The primary antagonist in the show these days is probably Howard Hamlin. Howard is an uppity, self-absorbed jerk, but that doesn’t necessarily make him any more objectionable than anybody else on the show.

Regardless, he’s still the target of Jimmy’s ire after what happened to his brother, Chuck. Through the first two episodes of season six, we’ve seen Jimmy and Kim put their plan to bring Howard down into motion.

Howard is already wise to some of Jimmy’s shenanigans, and it likely won’t take long before he figures out the two McGills are once again scheming to take him down. Eventually, it seems fairly likely Howard will somehow find out about Jimmy’s ties to both the cartel and Gus Fring’s burgeoning drug operation.

Would Jimmy actually kill Howard?
As much as he hates his brother’s former associate, Jimmy isn’t a killer. However, there does seem to be a pretty strong chance that Howard will stumble onto Saul Goodman’s illicit operations. If Howard eventually learns too much, there are others involved that would have no qualms with silencing the high-powered attorney.

Jimmy and Kim aren’t trying to end Howard’s life, they’re just planning to end his career. We could easily see Howard wind up in prison (+150), but I think he’s more likely than not to wind up six feet under instead. The best way to attack these Better Call Saul betting odds is to bank on Howard Hamlin to die at +110.

Best Bet:

When Will We See Walt and Jesse?

Episodes 3-7:
Episodes 8-13:

Better Call Saul season six features a whopping 13 episodes. We know Walt and Jesse will show up at some point, but when? As you can see, the Better Call Saul odds say they’re just as likely to show up between episodes 3-through-7 as they are in 8-through-13.

Spoiler alert:
We didn’t see either of them in the first two episodes that aired earlier in the week. We also know there is some overlap between the timelines of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

Because Jesse is always running afoul of the law before linking up with Walt, he’s almost surely required legal representation at some point. There is a very good chance we see Jesse meet Jimmy for the first time before Walt gets involved in some capacity later on.

The showrunners know what they’re doing, of course. Walt and Jesse are longtime fan favorites, and their cameos likely won’t be quick and glancing. Back in season five, we saw Hank Schrader and his partner, Steve Gomez, play real roles over the course of a couple of episodes.

Please Note:
I expect Walt and Jesse to be fairly heavily involved whenever we do see them again. I think that’s far more likely to happen in the latter stages of the season as we get closer and closer to the events depicted in Breaking Bad.

Remember, we’ve been watching Jimmy transform into Saul Goodman for most of Better Call Saul to this point. With his career beginning to gain steam, he’s going to spend less time being Jimmy and more time being Saul as we move forward with Better Call Saul season six.

Bet on Walt and Jesse to appear in the second half of the season, which means some time between episodes 8 and 13.
Best Bet:
Episodes 8-13

Will Ignacio Varga Die?


We don’t see Nacho at any point in Breaking Bad. Nacho has already endured a few different brushes with death, including in the first couple of episodes of Better Call Saul season six. He’s a very wanted man in light of his involvement in the Lalo Salamanca assassination plot.

Please Note:
Gus previously appeared more than willing to let the Salamancas eliminate Nacho themselves, but Mike seems to have talked Mr. Fring into trying to get their associate out of harm’s way.

Of course, we have no idea what’ll eventually happen with Ignacio. However, we do know both he and Lalo survive at least long enough for the events in Better Call Saul to intersect with Breaking Bad. How? Jimmy mentions both by name back in Breaking Bad season two:

Nacho is just trying to get out of the game and move on with a new life. Unfortunately, he keeps getting roped into new plots as a result of his association with Gus. Nacho clearly reminds Mike of his own son, which is why Mike is so insistent that Gus does everything he can to do right by Nacho. It’s taken some convincing, but Gus finally appears ready to try and keep Varga safe.

That clip above also shows that Jimmy is more than willing to throw Nacho under the bus in order to save his own skin, if necessary. Even if Mike is able to successfully rescue Nacho from his current predicament down in Mexico, I’m not too optimistic that he’ll escape season six alive.

There is value in betting on Nacho’s -350 Better Call Saul odds to survive at +200. We don’t know for a fact that he’ll die. For all we know, he could wind up escaping like Jesse at the end of Breaking Bad. For now, though, the best bet would seem to be on Nacho to perish at some point in the show’s final season.

Best Bet:

Will Lalo Salamanca Die?


If Howard Hamlin isn’t the show’s primary antagonist at this point, it’s clearly Lalo Salamanca. He’s not the most hateable bad guy, but he’s certainly no hero, either.

Lalo is awfully similar to his volatile cousin, Tuco, in that every single scene involving Lalo feels incredibly tense. Lalo is out for revenge on a number of fronts. He knows Gus “El Pollero” Fring was the one that tried to have him killed. He knows Nacho was the middle man. He knows Jimmy is involved in some form or fashion. Nacho’s first priority, as of now, is likely to kill Nacho, but there’s no telling whether he’ll be successful in that endeavor.

Frankly, it’s very hard to imagine Lalo escaping Better Call Saul season six alive. Later in Breaking Bad, we actually hear Gus say that he’s killed every member of the Salamanca family.

Lalo is a Salamanca:
So we can put two and two together on that one. Of course, we also know Gus later dies at the hands of the only Salamanca he has yet to kill by that point.

The only thing I feel truly confident in predicting about this season is that Lalo will not survive it. He’s gotta go. Lalo’s -1000 Better Call Saul betting odds to die don’t offer much upside, but I don’t see a viable alternative, either.

Best Bet:
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