Odds and Predictions on Which AFC Teams Will Make it to the NFL Playoffs

Odds and Predictions on Which AFC Teams Will Make it to the NFL Playoffs

America’s most popular sport is back!

For some, football gets old, but I’m still enthralled by the college game as well as the NFL every year.

Today, let’s look at some yes or no betting odds on every AFC team to make the playoffs.

What I like about these betting odds is that they last you all season long, well mostly I hope.

Another cool aspect is that you can bet yes or no.

It isn’t just focused on the few select teams that we think will make the playoffs or win the AFC Championship.

The AFC doesn’t possess the depth of the NFC this year, in my opinion.

Teams like the Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers, and Browns are all virtual locks for the postseason but who else?

MyBookie has the juice!

Let’s get after it.

Baltimore Ravens

  • YES (+145)
  • NO (-175)

I think they might have got this one backwards.

I like the Ravens this year.

Their defense did take a hit but according to their coaching staff, they will be stronger. They always say that, though.

Their success will fall on the shoulders or the legs I should say of their quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Nah, he is going to need to show he can pass the ball down the field 15+ yards with efficiency.

I don’t care if he runs for 1,000 yards or not.

I like the Ravens but I think I have the divisional winners and one wild card already figured out. That leaves them to fight for one spot with the rival Steelers, Titans, Colts, and maybe a surprise squad.

My Pick

Buffalo Bills

  • YES (+250)
  • NO (-325)


I like Josh Allen and I had to become a semi-fan for a while when they had a Hokie at quarterback, shoutout to Tyrod Taylor!

It’s a stretch, though, a big one.

My Pick

Cincinnati Bengals

  • YES (+500)
  • NO (-800)


Just NO!

My Pick

Cleveland Browns

  • YES (-125)
  • NO (-105)

I can’t believe we have come to this but Cleveland is going dancing in December!

Baker has two out-stinkin-standing wideouts in Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr, probably the best duo in the league.

I’ve been a huge fan of Nick Chubb since his day at Georgia.

They can rush the passer with Myles Garrett while a steller secondary keeps the ball in the quarterback’s hands.

I think Cleveland wins the AFC North by 2 games.

My Pick

Denver Broncos

  • YES (+300)
  • NO (-400)

Could they possibly?

They were 6-6 last season before they lost four straight to end the year.

Their defense is incredible and they possess a home-field advantage like no other team in football due to the thin Colorado air.

Joe Flacco is a vet who can keep them in games as the D keeps the score down.

Their schedule, though. It is rated as the second most difficult in football. If the Chargers and Chiefs weren’t in their division.

I think the (+300) is tempting but not quite this year Denver.

My Pick

Houston Texans

  • YES (-110)
  • NO (-120)

I’m not drinking the Houston sizzurp this year.

Their schedule is atrocious while they played the easiest in the NFL last season. I think the Titans will be vastly improved and don’t sleep on Jacoby Brisset in Indy.

I took the Colts off my potential playoff team list but they are still a good team overall.

Deshaun Watson is a good player but he has yet to return to that rookie form that had everybody saying he was the next RGthr…I mean Steve Young…

My Pick

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • YES (+160)
  • NO (-200)

Here’s a solid bet. The Jags aren’t making it to the postseason and they are only (-200).

I’ll take that.

Only the Arizona Cardinals scored fewer points in 2019.

15/game is not going to cut it, so how did they improve?

Nick Foles!

Eh. He’s only good once he’s in the postseason.

Decent team but great betting value on a NO bet here.

My Pick

Kansas City Chiefs

  • YES (-450)
  • NO (+325)

If this team can hold opponents to 20 points a game, they might go undefeated.

My Pick

LA Chargers

  • YES (-210)
  • NO (+165 )


Questions questions surrounding the Bolts.

They place a “home game” in Mexico this year.

Melvin Gordon is still holding out and now requesting a trade.

That is bad juju this close to season kickoff.

Philip Rivers is one year older. The offensive line appears weaker. They will be without their leader on defense safety Derwin James.

I love the pass rush with Joey Bosa and company but if the Chargers are losing, that pass rush loses some of it’s umph.

My Pick

Miami Dolphins

  • YES (+650)
  • NO (-1200)

No way, man.

My late uncle was buried in a Dan Marino jersey and a Mountain Dew can in his hand so I’ve always had a sweet spot for the Dolphins even though it seems like they aren’t even part of the league sometimes playing on a baseball field in the scorching heat.

Sorry, Uncle Ronald.

My Pick

New England Patriots

  • YES (-900)
  • NO (+550)

I’m calling it right now…

This is the year…

The year that the New England Patriots…make the playoffs but lose to the vengeful Kansas City Chiefs.

My Pick

New York Jets

  • YES (+220)
  • NO (-280)

Okay, I like the Jets chances at the playoffs…next season.

It’s going to take a little bit and the front office, coaching staff, and players are well aware of the plan.

ESPN has them at about a 30% chance to make the postseason.

I’m tempted. Darnold could very well have a much better year than Mayfield and Le’veon Bell, after a year of resting his bones, could be stronger than ever.

Most of their talent is still developing, though.

It’s a no from me, dawg.

My Pick

Oakland Raiders

  • YES (+350)
  • NO (-500)

The year before they move to Vegas, they make the playoffs?

It would be cool.

I lived in Vegas for years and it’s definitely a football town.

I think they will have a welcome home.

Look at how Sin City took to the Knights.

The Raiders are getting better but it’ll be a while still.

My Pick

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • YES (-155)
  • NO (+125)



This seems expensive, like the books are trying to scare people off.

You would think the bettors outside of actual fans would have been scared off when Antonio Brown left for Oakland.

When Bell was out, it seemed like the only thing that would work for Big Ben’s boys was just to heave it deep to AB.

The offense was continuously and consistently stalling until Ben and AB would hook up for 60 yards.

I know there was more to it but that’s all I remember.

Their defensive woes appear to be a thing of the recent past.

Devin Bush, TJ Watt, and Terrell Edmunds bolster each level with supreme athleticism and football IQ.

Fun fact: Big Ben has never had a losing season. They are expensive but we will make out money back.

My Pick

Tennessee Titans

  • YES (+200)
  • NO (-260)

Okay defenses, say it with me real slow-like: Derrick Henry is my daddy.

He is the key to the team’s success so if he gets hurt, they are going to have a rough year.

With him, I think they take the second wild-card spot with the Steelers.

Quarterback Marcus Mariota needs to take care of the ball. They invested in the offensive line and in the receiving corps over the offseason.

They even picked up quarterback Ryan Tannehill to hopefully light a little brushfire under Marcus’s booty.

Yea, I said booty. So what. He’s a handsome guy.

Seriously, though. I love their coach Mike Vrabel and their defense. The Colts will be weaker.

(+200)? Okay.

My Pick

In Conclusion

It’s time!

Football is here and we have some bets for you that will last much longer than your picks for this Sunday.

Hey, I hope your picks win this weekend but I also really like these we did today. Will they all hit?

Probably not considering how unpredictable the NFL can be at times and how many injuries occur but we did our best.

Now it’s time for our favorite teams to do the same on Sundays…and on Mondays too…And Thursdays….and hopefully Saturdays as well.

You get the point. Crack open a few this weekend and enjoy the games and above all, remember that it’s a long year.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Mike Pruitt / Author

Mike has been covering sports professionally since 2017 but on the amateur scene for 25 years since when he was 12. Before the internet changed the world, he would keep detailed statistical box scores of NFL and NBA contests, write recaps, and voluntarily commentate games and fights alone in his room. Mike's military experience, Bachelors Degree, and employment thereafter were always rooted in engineering, science, and teaching. Now he enjoys being able to express himself through writing about football, golf, and car racing among other sports but most of all fighting as his life has been rooted in mixed martial arts including competing and teaching for the past 15 years.