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Counter Strike Blast Premier Fall Series

The fourteenth season of ESL Pro League is behind us! Natus Vincere snatched the title right in front of ZywOo and the Vitality boys after five whole maps of nothing but brilliant CSGO gameplay. The fifth and final map went to full thirty rounds, with NaVi stealing the show right at the very last breath of the game. Not only that, the CIS champions have \won the $1 million Intel Grand Slam too!

  • Competing Teams: 12
  • Dates: 16th Sep to 26th Sep
  • Location: Online (EU)
  • Stream: BLAST Twitch

Our ESL Pro League betting picks have been mostly good. We nailed down a few extraordinary returns, and our overall score was well into the green. That said, we aim to continue on the same note, so feast your eyes on our in-depth guide for betting on BLAST premier Fall Groups!

This is just the first of several betting guides we’ll have for this event. This one will touch on outright group stage predictions, with closer looks at some of the key teams. In the next few days, you can expect predictions for individual groups and matches too.

If CSGO betting is what you’re here for, we’re going to deliver!

Format & Schedule

Astralis G2 NaVi
Vitality NiP Faze
Liquid BIG Complexity

We’re looking at three double-elimination groups here! No worries, the upset potential won’t be boosted by bo1 openers. Instead, betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups revolves around bo3 group stage matches from start to finish.

Outright Favorites:

  • Group A: Vitality
  • Group B: G2
  • Group C: NaVi
Dark Horses:

  • Group A: Liquid
  • Group B: BIG
  • Group C: OG

As expected, the groups won’t play simultaneously. In fact, here’s a closer look at the schedule so you know when and what to bet on!

Group A of BLAST Premier Fall starts this Thursday at 4.30 PM CEST with Astralis vs. EG and Vitality vs. Liquid at 7 PM CEST.
Group A of BLAST premier Fall starts on September 20th at 4.30 PM CEST with G2 vs. MIBR and NiP vs. BIG at 7 PM CEST.
Group C of BLAST premier Fall starts on September 24th at 4.30 PM CEST with NaVi vs. OG and FaZe vs. COL at 7 PM CEST.

Betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups | Favorites

Group A starts this Thursday, meaning we don’t have a lot of time to waste. Let’s jump into the action and see what betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups has in store for us!

Group A Predictions

Astralis to Win:
Vitality to Win:
Liquid to Win:
EG to Win:

Even though Liquid had a solid run on ESL Pro League last week, and despite Astralis being… well, Astralis, there’s another team that’s worthy of the top-contender title. Of course, it’s Vitality! The EPL S14 grand finalists just narrowly lost the title and will be hoping to get back on track as soon as possible. Their opener vs. Liquid is the perfect opportunity to stick to the upper bracket and wait for the better of EG vs. Astralis.

I doubt we’ll see any significant surprises in this one. Vitality should be able to take down both Liquid and Astralis on their way to the Finals’ ticket… unless that loss to NaVi broke their spirit, that is. As for the group A finals, Vitality’s top spot could be up for grabs.

But, will their opponents be Astralis or Liquid? I guess we’ll find out this in a few days! All in all, Vitality to win this at +150 is the obvious choice here. ZywOo and the boys are looking good and won’t be easily surprised here!

Tips for Betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups:
Vitality to Win Group A!

Group B Predictions

NiP to Win:
G2 to Win:
BIG to Win:
MIBR to Win:

Group B is surely the most interesting one out of the bunch! There are three top-tier teams that have equal claim on the top spot (or top two spots, for that matter). MIBR is the outsider, and I will do what I don’t do very often – cross them out right off the bat.

That leaves us with NiP, G2, and BIG. On paper and according to CSGO bookies, G2 are the favorites. But, they just had an awful campaign and I reckon they won’t be able to pick themselves up right off the bat. I’m not saying they’re going to be downgraded to the Showdown, but they definitely aren’t’ the ideal group winner material.

NiP will want to prove themselves; device will want to prove themselves… and that could be big! At +160, NiP are the second favorites, but now it’s a question of value more than anything else.

Is BIG at +280 better than NiP at +160?

Well, even though I fancy NiP’s chances more than BIG’s, I just can’t ignore the value at +280! The Germans were rather unlucky on ESL Pro League, and I’m confident in their ability to turn a new page here. They might even be the biggest surprise of the group stage. At +280, it’s exceptional, so don’t sleep on it!

Tips for Betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups:
BIG to Win Group B!

Group C Predictions

NaVi to Win:
OG to Win:
Faze to Win:
Complexity to Win:

Group C won’t be as straightforward as it might seem at first. Sure, NaVi should go on to win it, but the battle for the second spot leading into the Finals ought to be legendary! Faze Clan, who just narrowly missed out on the EPL S14 playoffs, couple with playoff tandem in OG and Complexity.

OG are the odds-on favorites at +200! They had a great group stage on ESL Pro League and followed it up by eliminating NiP from the competition. Vitality, in the end, proved to be too much for flameZ and the boys.

But, if you’re interested in betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups, then all you should care about is the group winner. Going with NaVi to win group C at +110 is the only choice you have for this one. There won’t be any surprises here, just like there won’t be any in group A!

Tips for Betting on BLAST Premier Fall Groups:
NaVi to Win Group C!

That’s just the fraction of the stuff you need to know if you’re going to be betting on BLAST premier Fall Groups later this week. No worries, though, we’ll have more coverage for you in the following days!

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