Betting on BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 | How and Where to Bet on CSGO in 2021?

Blast Premier Spring Showdown

The regular season of BLAST Premier Spring 2021 went down in history books as one of the most upset-friendly events out there. We’ve had at least one massive upset in each group, meaning the Showdown is going to be rather competitive. This resulted in a massive demand for betting on the BLAST Premier Showdown too. A ton of hype surrounds the event, and esports betting enthusiasts want to make the most out of it!

Even though we’re looking at an online competition here, we can expect AAA production quality and plenty of top-notch action. I mean, a quick look at the main favorites in each bracket will tell you everything. This competition is packed with heavyweights and is perfectly poised to be a spectacle.

  • Competing Teams: Sixteen
  • Dates: April 13th through April 18th
  • Location: Online
  • Stream: BLAST Premier Twitch

We already know six teams that are set to compete in the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Finals. Showdown will decide the remaining two in what’s bound to be a proper slaughterhouse!

Outright Favorites:

  • Bracket #1: Astralis and G2
  • Bracket #2: Heroic and Gambit
Dark Horses:

  • Bracket #1: Spirit, Liquid
  • Bracket #2: Vitality, FURIA

Where to Start Betting on BLAST Premier Showdown?

CSGO betting sites are plentiful! These days, pretty much every online sportsbook offers betting on the most popular esports. That said, finding options for CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends shouldn’t be an issue.

But, since a lot of newcomers tend to read these event previews, here’s a quick look at the most noteworthy esports bookies right now:

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Are These Online Bookmakers Safe to Use?

Online safety and security, in general, are of utmost importance. But, with data breaches happening to some of the biggest platforms out there, no one can guarantee security anymore. But still, when it comes to the latest and greatest in SSL encryption, you can rest assured the above-featured bookies won’t let you down.

As for the legality of betting on BLAST Premier Showdown, the best way is to closely inspect your country’s online gambling regulations. Ask around, call the regulators, and test the waters – that’s the only way you can be 100% sure on whether or not betting on BLAST Premier Showdown is fully legal where you live.

BLAST Spring Showdown | Tournament Format

As stated earlier, the event starts on April 13th and lasts through April 18th. That’s six days of CSGO; six days of highly competitive CSGO, to be more precise.

How come?

Well, sixteen teams are here and even though there’s $162,500 in the prize pool, the main prizes are actually tickets for the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Finals. The thing is, there are sixteen teams and just two tickets left.

In fact, we’re actually looking at two separate contests here. There are two single-elimination brackets, each featuring eight teams. A loss equals elimination – three consecutive wins equal a spot on the Spring Finals… the format is rather simple, once you wrap your head around it.

Bracket Predictions | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Betting Tips

Here comes the fun part! Here comes the part that’s going to be of special interest to everyone thinking of betting on BLAST Premier Showdown next week. No worries, in-depth picks are coming in the next couple of days. For now, here are our thoughts on how both brackets are going to pan out!

Bracket #1 Betting Predictions

Here’s a closer look at the first bracket:

  • Astralis vs. OG
  • Endpoint vs. G2
  • Team Spirit vs. Extra Salt
  • Dignitas vs. Team Liquid

The top section of this bracket is absolutely crazy. Astralis should cruise to a win in the opening round, just like G2. The two European heavyweights are up for a proper battle in the second round of their bracket. However, neither of them will come into the event with a winning stride. Both got eliminated by FURIA on ESL Pro League S13, meaning motivation won’t be lacking.

The bottom end of the table could be interesting.

The first match is straightforward – Team Spirit shouldn’t have any major difficulties with Extra Salt. However, Dignitas vs. Team Liquid could be a whole different story. F0rest and lekr0 are in fine form; they could be the leading catalyst in Dignitas’ opening-round upset against the NA org.

No matter which team from the bottom portion goes through to the final round, the winner of G2 vs. Astralis ought to cruise to the Finals’ ticket. Not only are they, at least on paper, much superior, but they’ll also have a proper winning mentality ahead of the final round.

Bracket #2 Betting Predictions

Here’s a closer look at the second bracket:

  • Vitality vs. 9z Team
  • SAW vs. Heroic
  • FURIA vs. MIBR
  • NASR vs. Gambit

The second bracket doesn’t lack excitement, don’t worry! Even though there’s no Astralis or G2, we still have several notable contenders to talk about. In the upper portion of the bracket we have Vitality and Heroic. They are the heaviest favorites coming into the opening round; anything but strong 2:0 wins will be a major surprise.

Assuming they go through, we’ll be in for a proper clash in the second round.

Who do you think will win Vitality vs. Heroic?

Form-wise, the Danish side has a slight advantage. However, we know ZywOo and his individual brilliance… if he gets things going, he’s going to be impossible to stop. However, I like Heroic’s collective prowess more than ZywOo’s individual approach. That said, I’ll probably go with Heroic to reach the finals here.


The lower part of the bracket features FURIA vs. MIBR, the toughest clash of the opening round. The two Brazilian powerhouses will be coming into it with totally different forms. FURIA are doing wonders on ESL Pro League whereas MIBR have been nothing but struggling lately. FURIA should take the big W here, though I’m not sure how they’ll perform in the second round.

Please Note:
As for the second opening-round match, Gambit should cruise to the second round over NASR. However, the second-round match will be all but straightforward, especially if it’s FURIA on the other end. Long story short, the second bracket is incredibly tough to call, more so than the first one. Both portions of it are equally matched, with the likeliest favorites (Gambit and Heroic) bound for difficult clashes in the second round.

Wrapping Things Up

That’d be all for this piece, boys and girls! There are just a few more days until the start of the Showdown, so make sure you’re not late to the show.

Heck, some esports bookmakers already have match-winner options; some even have to qualify for BLAST Spring Finals options too. There’s a good mixture of props out there, so make sure you do proper research before big investments.

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