Everything You Need to Know About Betting on Your Favorite Esports

Esports Betting

Betting has been around since the dawn of mankind. If there was a sport, there were people willing to gamble on it. It’s as simple as that! From cavemen sports and ancient Olympics all the way to modern-day wonders such as football, soccer, MMA and so on. However, these last couple of years gave birth to a brand-new type of sport – esports. And, you’ve guessed it, there’s a ton of people already betting on it! The esports betting industry is snowballing and people seem to be getting into esports betting without knowing much about the esports scene.

That’s why, today, we’re going to talk about getting into esports betting, the differences between traditional sports betting and betting on esports, as well as general tips such as esports bet types, the importance of stats, and more.

Getting Into Esports Betting

We’re going to cover seven important things every esports betting beginners should know about. Some of them are strictly tied to betting, while others are leaning more towards the unique aspects of the esports betting sphere.

There’s a bunch of stuff to cover so let’s dive right on in!

#1 – The Market Is Dynamic but Not Chaotic

Even though the betting aspect in and of itself is pretty similar for both conventional sports and esports, the latter poses a much more dynamic market. And we’re not talking about the volatility of the betting sphere but the sheer dynamics of esports titles.

Rules in conventional sports aren’t that prone to changing.

For Example:
The most significant change in soccer in the last decade or so has been the introduction of VAR (video assistant referee) on top-tier competitions. And that’s it, all other major parts of the sport remain the same and will probably never be changed.

Esports titles, on the other hand, are always getting updates, patches, bug fixes, balances, and meta alterations. If we’re talking about MOBA games, the introduction of each new champion/hero brings a potentially groundbreaking shift in the meta. FPS games and their economy is another great example, with CSGO introducing a revamped economy system that shook both casual and pro scenes.

If you’re just getting into esports betting, you need to be aware of these changes. As the title implies, the esports betting market is dynamic but not chaotic. Information is readily available, and it’s on you to find it, assess it, and understand how it affects your future esports betting endeavors.

#2 – Pay Attention to the Biggest Competitions

The quantity of top-tier events dramatically varies from one esports title to another. Their professional leagues and competitions are not integrated into one massive schedule, so you’ll often find them scattered throughout the year. Most popular esports events to bet on are as follows:

League of Legends

  • LoL World Championship
  • Regional LoL Leagues
  • Mid-Season Invitational

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Six Invitational
  • Pro League
  • Six Majors

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

  • CSGO Major Championships
  • Esports Championship Series
  • ESL Pro League
  • BLAST Pro Series

Dota 2

  • The International
  • Dota 2 Major Championships
  • Dota 2 Pro Circuit in general


  • Overwatch League
  • Overwatch World Cup

#3 – Keep Tabs on Roster Changes

Being in the know is of utmost importance in the world of esports betting. Even though we’re living in the age of the internet, where every information is readily available and is a mere click away, people who are just getting into esports betting can quickly get stuck. Most often, they don’t know where to look for information such as roster alterations, injuries, visa problems, and stuff like that.

The bread and butter of general information about all significant esports titles out there. Not only does it have a ton of useful info on each of them, but it also possesses in-depth event overviews, competing teams, current rosters, match schedule, brackets and more. If you’re just getting into esports betting, Liquipedia should be your best friend.

#4 – Stats-Crawling Websites Are a Must

Talking about Liquipedia, there are several additional websites you can use for crawling stats on your favorite esports betting titles.

For example, HLTV.org is the go-to place for everything CSGO related. Teams, players, individual stats, world rankings, comprehensive match analyses, and individual/team-based comparisons. HLTV.org has it all and is, alongside Liquipedia, the leading website for CSGO betting knowledge.


League of Legends, on the other hand, has several stats-crawling websites of its own. Gol.gg is the first one that come to mind. Of course, Liquipedia’s LoL hub can be used as well, although more for event-based inquiries rather than game-specific stats and info.

DotaBuff and DatDota are the go-to options for Valves Dota 2. They offer comprehensive match statistics as well as heat maps, champion kills, Roshan contests, and much more. If you’re interested in Dota 2 betting, visiting these two websites is a no-brainer!

Another source of betting-related info we need to mention here is a smartphone app called Strafe. It features a whole heap of esports to keep track of, including the big guns like LoL, Dota 2, CSGO and Overwatch. It allows you to set up your favorite teams and games, features a solid stats depth, and sends you notifications when your favorite teams are playing. Strafe is a great way to keep track of your favorite esports titles, and to boost your chances of winning big!

#5 – Finding Good Esports Betting Sites is Crucial

Here comes the tricky part – finding proper esports betting sites. This is where most wannabe esports bettors make their first mistakes. They don’t pay attention when creating/registering their accounts, so they end up with a good-for-nothing bookie running a shady betting platform with huge profit margins and terrible (sometimes even non-existent) customer service. And don’t even get me started on their allegedly legit betting licenses.

Picking your first esports betting site can be a troublesome and time-consuming process. There are just so many options to choose from. It’s nothing new, though, the esports industry has been rapidly growing over the last decade or so and competition is abundant out there. In general, a ton of competition always means better things for end-users, but in the case of esports betting, it has created a ton of confusion. Especially for beginners who either don’t know what to look for or can’t be bothered spending too much time picking out their first bookie.

Needless to say, picking your bookie is of crucial importance for your overall esports betting experience. If you opt for a lousy choice, chances are you won’t be satisfied with the service. If, on the other hand, you go for one of the best names in the business, you can rest assured you’ll get the esports betting experience you deserve.

Getting into esports betting isn’t that scary when you have an excellent esports betting site by your side. If you want a list of the best ones, make sure you check out our esports betting sites guide!

#6 – Most Popular Types of Esports Bets

Apart from knowing where to dig for stats and where to find the very best esports bookies, you’ll also need to know what sort of bets you can place on your favorite esports. And this is where the abundance of competition on the market led to good things. You see, most notable esports bookies offer a plethora of esports-related betting options. We’re talking match-winners, long-terms, totals, and a whole bunch of props.

Don’t know much about esports props? Here’s a short list containing the most popular ones:

First Nashor/Roshan Kill

Let’s start off with a simple esports prop for matches in the MOBA genre (read LoL and Dota 2). For those of you who aren’t passionate about MOBAs, Nashor and Roshan are the most powerful neutral mobs in LoL and Dota 2. Killing them yields valuable buffs and often decide the contest if killed in late game. That’s why teams always battle each other near global objectives such as this one, even in the earliest of stages.

This bet allows you to invest your money in exactly that. You just have to guess which team will emerge victorious in the first team fight and kill the first major global objective, Nashor (in LoL) or Roshan (in Dota 2).

Highest HLTV Rating

HLTV Ratings

This bet type just goes to show you what an authority HLTV.org is in the professional CSGO scene. To win this bet, all you have to do is guess which player will have the highest overall HLTV rating in a given match. People often confuse this bet with the highest number of kills or think they’re the same thing.

Yes, sometimes players with most kills do have highest HLTV ratings, but it doesn’t happen always. Assists, bomb plants, MVPs, defuses, average damage per round, and crucial clutches all count towards HLTV rating. Keep that in mind before you end up wasting a ton of money on this exciting CSGO prop.

Total Maps Over/Under

This type of CSGO bets is only available in Bo3, and Bo5 matches since it’s based on the number of maps in a given match. If you bet under 2.5 on a Bo3 match, you need 2-0 to be the end score. If you bet over 2.5 on a Bo3 match, you need 2-1 as the end score.

Player vs. Player Number of Kills

You’ll have two players, NiKo vs. S1mple, for example, and you have to guess which of them will have more kills in the next match. Additionally, there are also phase-based player vs. player bets which focus on an entire phase of the tournament instead of just one match. These are mostly available during the biggest events such as CSGO Major Championships.

#7 – There’s This Thing Called Skin Betting

Last but not least, if you’re getting into esports betting and you’ve stumbled upon skin betting, the next few lines will tell you all you need to know about it.
Desert Eagle CSGO
For starters, we can’t recommend skin betting as an excellent alternative to conventional esports betting. First off, many skin betting websites don’t have licenses issues by governing bodies in charge of international online gambling regulation. This means you’ll be investing your money on a fishy betting platform that doesn’t operate in a 100% legal way. Furthermore, this also means there is no guarantee you’ll get your skins back alongside your winnings in case you win something.

And that’s not all – skin betting sites are known for promoting and facilitating online gambling to minors, so you’ll basically be helping them fund their marketing campaign targeting minors and luring them into the world of online gambling.

If you’re just getting into esports betting, stay on the safe side and use well-known names in the industry with legit betting licenses and state-of-the-art security systems. Even though it might not seem that important when you’re just starting off, you’ll be grateful you listened to us once you find out just how many security breaches lousy sites were victims of.

Is Getting Into Esports Betting Challenging?

  • No, difficult is not the right word for it. Becoming good at esports betting, having a consistent run of winning tickets and being in the green at the end of the month is better described by the word time-consuming.
  • Yes, it will take a ton of time to familiarize yourself with the esports title(s) you wish to bet on. You may be good at the game and know everything there is to know about it, but being able to consistently predict outcomes of the top-tier teams is a different ballgame.

You’ll have to dedicate much time and effort to understand how each team plays, their approaches to certain tactics, and their ability to control the gameplay and counter their opposition’s moves. Furthermore, you’ll also have to stay on top with all meta changes, game updates, and roster alterations. It’s little things like this that can make or break your tickets.

So yeah, getting into esports betting does require a lot of time, but it’s not difficult if you’re passionate about the games you’re betting on!

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