Why Betting on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas Still Reigns Supreme

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Sports betting is an industry that is becoming more popular and accepted on a national level on a yearly basis, especially when talking about the Super Bowl. But regardless of how great of a deal betting the world’s biggest entertainment event becomes, the focus always comes back to one place: Las Vegas.

As online sports books and widespread legalization becomes more of a norm, it is easy to forget about the importance that Vegas serves for Super Bowl Sunday. Betting on the big game has been in many ways a rite of passage for sports bettors, and even with the use of gambling websites, Super Bowl wagering at its core is still done on the spot, in Sin City.

Much of the appeal of betting on the Super Bowl in Vegas rests in the fact that it is a form of pilgrimage. Every February, thousands of passionate sports fans and professional sports bettors flock into the Las Vegas valley to get a piece of the action.

It is here where the workings of the new school take a back seat to the old school approach, as it is this element that land-based sports books pride themselves on.

Yet, for someone (particularly those of younger age) who has crafted their sports gambling skills with more modern conventions, the appeal of making a bet on the Super Bowl in Vegas may be something that has been glossed over in recent years.

The first thing to remember when playing the action within the borders of Las Vegas is that the human interaction element is something that will, and should, be emphasized. Online sports betting erases this factor entirely, but traditional sports bettors have made their bones with it for decades.

The customer-house relationship varies depending on the circumstances at hand but given that so much of the industry’s success over the years is a direct result of this working dynamic, it is still highlighted by professionals as a key influence.

Here are some of the benefits of making your Super Bowl bets in person:

  • You are in the same location as the operation itself-no communication gap
  • Eliminates technology or internet connection errors
  • Treated like a person rather than a statistic in a computer
  • No doubt left on table about bets made, instant verification
  • No need to worry about deposits into online accounts, action is done at counter
  • No wait in payout
  • Customer perks such as coupons, vouchers, players cards, discounts, refreshments, comps etc.

In Need of a Shopping Spree?

Another important note to be mindful of is that tourists who journey into Vegas for Super Bowl betting festivities are essentially making a shopping trip.

Land-based sports books serve as a true market; a hub where patrons can find entertainment and comfort in a casino setting while partaking in sports gaming. Bars, restaurants, drink vouchers, slot machines, special promotions, and sweepstakes are all common for many sports book locations as the idea for these bettors is not only to attract them to the counter but to keep them on the property. This idea is commonplace all year long but is kicked into extra gear for Super Bowl Sunday.

Because of this, customer satisfaction is prioritized as is the availability of good betting value. Line shopping is just as important if not even more important if someone is sacrificing their time and money to take a weekend trip to Vegas for a championship football game.

Being able to detect good value and stay away from prices that won’t be beneficial are tools that will help any type of customer in any capacity, but when doing it on-location surrounded by countless other players, one will quickly realize it takes a different mindset.

Therefore, when betting on the Super Bowl at a Las Vegas-based shop, it is imperative to have a general idea of the type of bet one wants to make beforehand.

Customers wait in line at a sportsbook betting counter to get action on the Super Bowl.

Customers often populate sportsbooks with dozens upon dozens of plays prepared in the style of sides, totals, in-game bets, props, and futures. This is due to the fact that unlike online sportsbooks, land-based properties often attract a particular clientele that intends to make all their bets at one time in a specific location.

This is exaggerated tenfold for Super Bowl weekend, as the surplus of game-specific prop bets and the magnified focus on line movement makes the game the most analyzed and dissected 60 minutes of athletic competition in the world.

On top of that, every property is different in terms of exactly what is offered, so it is very hard to find oneself limited of opportunity on the day of the big game.

Line shopping for the Super Bowl often leads to unknown plays that a bettor may not yet be aware of, as in addition to tracking the preferred betting value, people can also find new lines and prop bets entirely.

However, on the day of the game a patron is going to want to have as many of their bets finalized as possible and consolidating them all at one book is common if a player has not made bets at other markets prior.

Visitors who have already shopped other books or those who simply want to stay put in one location often strategize how they want to make all their in-house bets over the course of sports world’s biggest Sunday. This differs from the use of betting websites where the process is far more disjointed and has less of an emphasis on the business of the house and its bookies.

The Sports Betting HQ

Vegas bookmakers with Super Bowl odds also provide a sense of legitimacy as they are the ultimate source of expertise in the industry. No matter how or where you bet, the sports gambling world is all channeled through the city of Las Vegas.

Emphasizing professionalism and strong, reputable business models is one of the enduring principles of bookies and the companies who employ them, so it is worth noting that one should approach Super Bowl gambling in Vegas with an open mind as they are likely to be surprised at the hospitality, entertainment, and perks they receive.

In fact, those who take the traditionalist approach swear by it, as they believe that the sports wagering realm is one of the last beacons of the “old Vegas” that must be preserved.

Knowing how to bet on the Super Bowl in Vegas is essentially understanding the day 1 basics of how to wager sports, and whether a person does it only once or regularly, they will then forever know the formula of betting a game at a casino.

If a frequent online bettor has found success using the internet, more power to them. But being able to beat a physical-existing casino rather than a cyber one will always be a better look to those involved in the field.

Not to mention, it is a greater thrill as well. When playing the Super Bowl in-house at a Las Vegas-based sports book, there is a greater competitive thrill as at some point, you personally dealt with and handed over your money to your opposition rather than just depositing it online to a faceless entity.

This adds a greater sense of competition and makes one feel more a part of the Super Bowl Sunday atmosphere. And it is that sense of inclusiveness that online markets will never be able to fully grasp for reasons that ultimately are not their fault.

While betting sports online presents a new form of convenience, betting them in Vegas adds a certain level of credibility (and more importantly if you are an inexperienced or casual bettor, fun) that gambling through the internet cannot equal.

Much like historical landmarks and tourist attractions around the globe, the purpose of Vegas-based sports books is to lure people in and keep them there. There is a reason why they have been successful in doing so and even after so much development with technology, the city of Las Vegas remains the center of the industry through these practices.

Surviving and Thriving

Although online gambling has its perks and makes the sports betting life much easier for many people, the science still operates and flows out of Vegas. Therefore, Sin City will always be a sort of “mecca” for those wanting to get in on the Super Bowl action.

While certain aspects of these casino markets have dwindled in favor of more modern and technologically advanced methods, land-based sports books will always exist if the concept of sports gaming does.

Due to their emphasis on human interaction and shop-patron chemistry, there is a personable element that these shops hold that an online betting site simply will never be able to maintain.For this reason, sports books (especially those in the Vegas valley) not only fill a niche but serve as a representation of an entire community that depends on them.

Online sports books could never serve as ambassadors of an industry the way a world-renowned casino or bookmaker can. To put it simply, they are the roots of the science, while websites are the branches.

And it is the importance of those proverbial roots that has done more than just keeping the sports gambling world thriving and profitable; they are the reason the Super Bowl is the premiere betting event on the planet.

So, whether you’re a novice or a savvy bettor, just realize that anybody who has ever made their mark handicapping or wagering football, has done so on the spot in the entertainment and gambling capital of the world.

There is a reason for that, and it is the same reason why no matter how big online gaming gets, betting the Super Bowl in Las Vegas will never lose its luster.

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