BKFC Jackson 2 Odds and Predictions

Belcher Vs Tate BKFC Fight Night

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds are up, and we’ve made predictions on the full fight card. Get ready to place your top bets for Bare Knuckle fighting. BKFC Jackson 2 betting odds and predictions start with the main event, the UFC’s Alan Belcher vs Frank Tate of Alabama. 

How to Watch and Bet on BKFC Jackson 2

BKFC airs on the BKFC App and FITE PPV June 11th, 2022 starting at 7:00 PM ET. Click any of our Place Bet buttons to be sent to Betonline.ag, one our top Boxing and MMA betting sites. Betonline.ag is one of the only sportsbooks with odds covering the full card, offering money lines for each bout. No prop bets are currently available. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Predictions

  • Alan Belcher -260
  • Robbit Peralta +160
  • Quentin Henry -260
  • Billy Wagner -205
  • Arthur Walcott-Cessay +105
  • Stanislav Grosu -150
  • Brett Williams -265
  • Parlay Pick Tim Hester -170


BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Frank Tate vs Alan Belcher 

Fighter  Frank Tate  Alan Belcher 
Money Line Odds  +200 -260

Belcher spent most of his career at Middleweight and 205. He climbs to 265 to face Tate, an aging knockout artist from The Cage MMA and Fitness. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Tate vs Belcher

Fighter Frank Tate  Alan Belcher 
Age 46 38
Reach 83’’ 75’’
Bare Knuckle Record  2-1-1 1-0
MMA or Boxing Record  6-7 18-8
Knockouts Across All Sport 6 10
Losses via Knockout  2 0

Belcher has never been knocked out. He fought at the highest levels of MMA and has eight years of youth on Tate. Tate is massive, and has an eight inch reach advantage over Belcher. Belcher’s lifetime of technical muay thai is up against Tat’s willingness to take and dish out hits. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Belcher’s now 3-0 with three knockouts in professional boxing, all at the heavyweight level. He’s making a secondary career out of knocking out big boxers across the US. He’s more than happy to do the same to Tate, giving up weight and reach for easy matchups. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction

People still see Belcher the middleweight, but only because the 240 lbs version is yet to be televised. Bet the BKFC Jackson 2 odds for Alan Belcher. His money line pays out at $38.46 per $100 wager.

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Peralta vs Brown

Fighter  Robbie Peralta  Martin Brown
Money Line Odds  +160 -200

Peralta is a short lived UFC fighter who switched to Bare Knuckle in 2018. He’s up against a Bare Knuckle veteran in Brown. Peralta is the underdog due to his two years off from competition. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Peralta vs Brown

Fighter Robbie Peralta  Martin ‘Trey’ Brown 
Age 36 37
Reach 71’’ 73’’
Bare Knuckle Record  2-0 3-1
MMA or Boxing Record  19-9, 1 NC 14-5
Knockouts Across All Sport 4 7
Losses via Knockout  2 0

Peralta has been knocked out more often and scored less total knockouts. However, this is mostly because of the level of competition he’s faced. Brown’s biggest career win is over Zach Zane in BKFC, but his MMA career left plenty on the table, not advancing beyond Titan FC. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Expect Brown to come out with superior boxing and for Peralta to seek the clench.

He’s the more advanced grappler, and will use dirty boxing for an advantage on the score cards.

I see Brown being outclassed, though he has the advantage in chin and power. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction

Bet UFC veteran Robbie Peralta to take the decision win. Peralta pays out $160 per $100 wagered in this underdog BKFC Jackson 2 prediction. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Depee vs Henry 

Fighter  Sawyer Depee  Quentin Henry
Money Line Odds  +200 -260

Both fighters are TKO specialists, though Henry is an athlete with extensive combat sports and grappling experience. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Depee vs Henry 

Fighter Sawyer Depee  Quentin ‘The Hero’ Henry
Age 28 32
Reach NA 76’’
Bare Knuckle Record  2-1 4-1
MMA or Boxing Record  2-1 amatuer MMA 12-6
Knockouts Across All Sport 3 7
Losses via Knockout  1 4

Henry has much more experience overall, including a loss to BKFC pioneer Chris Leben. He’s been knocked out many more times, but has faced better competition. 
Depee was last knocked out by 41 year old boxer and BKFC competitor Ulysses Diaz.

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Depee will swing for the fences early on. If Henry can survive Depee’s best work, we’ll see a late knockout from The Hero. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction for Depee vs Henry

Depee is lacking experience and composure. In facing fighters with both, he has the tendency to wilt. Bet Quentin Henry at -260, a $38.46 payout per $100 wagered (138.46 net payout.)

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Tomlinson vs O’Shaughnessy

Fighter  Zion Tomlinson Scott O’Shaughnessy
Money Line Odds  +180 -220

Odds are still up but this fight has been scrapped due to fighter injury. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Riggs vs Wagner 

Fighter  Jeremiah Riggs  Billy Wagner 
Money Line Odds  +165 -205

Wagner has more boxing experience, more knockouts and a decade of youth on Riggs. Riggs trains with Finney’s Hit Squad and ascended to the Bellator level of competition back in 2013, some nine years ago. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Riggs vs Wagner 

Fighter Jeremiah ‘Big Rig’ Riggs  Billy Wagner 
Age 39 29
Reach NA NA
Bare Knuckle Record  1-1 1-0
MMA or Boxing Record  7-8 5-2 Boxing Record 
Knockouts Across All Sport 2 3
Losses via Knockout  2 1

Both fighters have one knockout loss in BKFC, and both fighters have lost the majority in steps up in competition they’ve faced. Riggs was knocked out by Connor Tierney in the fifth in his last bout during BKFC Fight Night March, 2022. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Riggs had just enough skill to finish off the 0-4 punching bag that is Eric Thompson.

He’s struggled in nearly every other showin for the last decade.

Wagner needs some traditional coaching, but seems to have a natural knack for knockout shots. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction

Wagner is on the rise, and should finish off this fading veteran. Bet Bill Wagner for $45.45 per $100 wager. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Ceesay vs Taylor 

Fighter  Arthur Walcott-Ceesay Bobby Taylor 
Money Line Odds  +105 -135

Taylor made it higher levels of the game than Ceesay, but has struggled in recent bare knuckle bouts. He has more knockouts overall and an additional twelve years of MMA experience ranging back to 2009.

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Ceesay vs Taylor

Fighter Arthur Walcott-Ceesay Bobby Taylor 
Age 32 44
Reach NA 73’’
Bare Knuckle Record  1-0 3-2
MMA or Boxing Record  4-3 6-11
Knockouts Across All Sport 1 7
Losses via Knockout  1 4

Ceesay is just getting started. He struggled in MMA but did well against then 2-0 Joshuah Alvarez. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Bobby Taylor is an aging BJJ specialist with a background in law enforcement. He’s been knocked out more times than Ceesay has losses. I think Taylor has taken more damage than the oddsmakers are letting on. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction for Ceesay vs Taylor

Our pick is the upset Arthur Walcott-Cessay for a payout of $105 per $100 wagered. He’s younger, more athletic, and is ready to take on more aggressive fighting than the aging favorite,  Bobby Taylor. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Kelly vs Grosu 

Fighter  Brad Kelly Stanislav Grosu
Money Line Odds  +120 -150

Kelly is 40 years old, and his history of MMA losses seems to be one of his biggest setbacks. He lost to Elvin Brito in his last fight, and has lost three of his last four bouts. Most of his knockouts are over fighters with losing records. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Kelly vs Grosu

Fighter Brad ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly Stanislav Grosu
Bare Knuckle Record  1-1 1-1
MMA or Boxing Record  5-4 0-1 Amatuer MMA
Knockouts Across All Sport 4 1
Losses via Knockout  1 1
Fight Camp American Killer Bees  Disciple MMA 

Grosu has power. He was brought in to lose against Christian Torres but knocked him out in one minute. The fighter he lost his debut to is David Mundell, who went to decision with Hector Lombard. If my MMA bath is correct, Grosu is as tough as Hector Lombard. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Expect Grosu to come out swinging. The aging Kelly will need to control how many exchanges he enters into, while Grosu will focus on moving forward for another TKO. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction

Stanislav is one of the first fighters I’ve seen to say they “train Bare Knuckle fighting.”

Clearly he’s taking the sport seriously, when most fighters view the training specifics as an afterthought. Bet the BKFC Jackson 2 odds for the favorite. Grosu pays out $66.67 per $100 wagered. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Shughart vs Williams 

Fighter  Frankie Shughart  Brett Williams
Money Line Odds  +205 -265

Frankie is a struggling MMA fighter making a bare knuckle debut. He’s only one one fight as a pro and one as an amauer. His opponent Bret Williams is new to the fight game, but an undeniable athlete. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Shughart vs Williams

Fighter Frankie ‘FourFingers’ Shughart  Brett Williams
Age 32 28
Bare Knuckle Record  Debut Debut
MMA or Boxing Record  4-1 1-0 Amatuer
Knockouts Across All Sport 0 0
Losses via Knockout  6 0

Shughart has the most knockout losses of anyone on the card. Williams has one MMA performance online, and he’s an athlete but displays little striking expertise. This one fight was eighteen months ago, and Williams has since worked with multiple academies. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

Expect Williams to struggle to land shots. His striking is still in development, but Shughart isn’t much of a threat. You can bet Brett will win, but I’d keep this fight off parlay tickets. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction for Frankie Shughart vs Brett Williams

Our betting pick is Brett Williams, paying out at $37.74 per $100 wager. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Torres vs Hester 

Fighter  Christain Torres  Tim Hester
Money Line Odds  +140 -170

Torres struggled in MMA where Hester has succeeded with ease. However Hester fails to have knockout power. His only loss is via submission, but his finishing mechanics on the feet aren’t great. 

BKFC Tale of the Tape for Torres vs Hester

Fighter Christain ‘The Terminator’ Torres  Tim Hester
Age 35 27
Reach 67’’ NA
Bare Knuckle Record  1-1 debut
MMA or Boxing Record  4-5 7-1
Knockouts Across All Sport 1 0
Losses via Knockout  3 0

Torres has been knocked out multiple times. He’s been active since 2013 as an amatuer and still hasn’t found his rhythm, going 1-3 in his four outings as a pro. Hester lost his first bout and took two years off. His last win was in March over an 0-1 pro. 

Bare Knuckle Boxing Breakdown 

After a look at both fighters’ fight tape, it’s clear that Hester will win the decision. Torres isn’t getting better with age, as the athleticism he relies on for his style slowly fades. Expect Hester to win a jab heavy decision. The BKFC Jackson 2 odds are generous to Torres with his +140 status. 

BKFC Jackson 2 Prediction Torres vs Hester 

Bet the Hester money line for a $58.82 return per $100 wager. This is one of our top BKFC Jackson 2 predictions! 

BKFC Jackson 2 Odds for Bowen vs Pedreira

Fighter  Kobe Bowen  Jordan Pedreira
Money Line Odds  +120 -150

Another fight that’s still available for betting on some sites, but has been scrapped by BKFC officials. 

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