BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 Event Overview and Betting Predictions

Blast Premier Fall Showdown

Believe it or not, BLAST Premier Fall Showdown betting opportunities are by far the most diverse bunch in quite a while. We have a ton of American teams playing against some of Europe’s finest. Obviously, European teams that already qualified for the Finals through the regular season are not here, but there are still more than enough fiery challengers.

The demand for CSGO betting opportunities for this particular event is through the roof. The world of CSGO betting is slowly waking up after a twisty and turny 2020. We still have no news on the first LAN event to come, but I guess that’s alright as far as we have proper international CSGO action to talk about and bet on!

  • Competing Teams: 16
  • Dates: 24th to 29th November
  • Location: Europe Online
  • Stream: BLAST Twitch
  • Outright Favorites: Evil Geniuses and FURIA
  • Dark Horses: Team Liquid and

Where to Bet on BLAST Premier Fall Showdown?

First and foremost – if you are to place bets on CSGO, you’ll have to find a proper bookmaker! There are tons available online, but many of them won’t be available in your country. First off, it’s best to check if you can legally place bets in your country of residence. If you can, here’s a short piece that ought to point you in the right direction as far as esports betting sites go.

Should I Bet on This Event?

Then again – is this event even worth betting on? I mean, it’s not like it’s the Finals. It’s basically the final round of qualifiers; the last chance train for teams who’ve either failed in the regular season or missed out on the opportunity to compete.

It’s the latter that make BLAST Premier Fall Showdown betting opportunities so interesting.

There are still plenty of top-tier teams eyeing one of two final tickets to the Finals. There’s a lot to play for here, mind you, which is why we expect all teams will give their 120% out there!

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Betting Preview | Betting Favorites

Here’s the stuff you’ve all been waiting for – a quick look at the best, most competitive teams set to participate in this event.  The list could’ve gone on and on, but here are the five teams we’ve chosen to investigate:

  • Team Liquid
  • Faze Clan
  • pro
  • Evil Geniuses

All except EG belong to group A. They’re all the favorites to win the opening round of matches and are likely to play against each other in the second round. Liquid, FURIA, Faze Clan and – only one of them will go through!

EG’s group is pretty straightforward. Mousesports and Complexity are the biggest threat… assuming they reach that far. Overall, we’re looking at a nicely poised event, one that ought to attract a massive demand for CSGO betting options.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s form is, slowly but surely, going back to normal. They’re on track to contest EG in the grand finals of IEM XV Beijing­, having aced the group stage with two quick 2:0 blowouts.

However, prior to Beijing, the boys in blue had a bunch of disheartening campaigns. Fourth place on ESL Pro League, two grand final losses on ESL One Cologne and DreamHack Open Summer, and then another batch of semifinal losses. It’s been a tough year for Team Liquid and their fans, that’s for sure!

However, they now have an awesome opportunity to get back to the top of the NA region. If they win IEM XV and qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals, no one will be able to question their might. The real question is – can Team Liquid succeed?

I reckon they can because

  1. EliGE is in fine form – 1.43 average HLTV rating over the last month (six maps).
  2. This event could be the make it or break it campaign for Stewie2K, so he’ll have to show up.

There’s a tough road ahead of Team Liquid, though. First off, they’re going up against MAD Lions who are in a bad shape and shouldn’t put up too much of a fight. However, they’re going up against the better of Faze Clan vs. MIBR, and that’s going to be a proper thriller. If Liquid can come out on top and reach the finals, everything is possible no matter who they play against. It will most likely be either FURIA of, so we’re in for a cracker!

Faze Clan

Faze Clan has lost NiKo! That’s already old news in the CSGO world. Even with olofmeister back in the starting lineup, many are questioning Faze Clan’s ability to stay relevant in harsh European CSGO waters. However, Faze shocked everyone on IEM XV Beijing, following exceptional wins against Spirit and Vitality. They’re through to the playoffs and seem ready for another show no matter who’s going to be on the receiving end.

Faze Clan is starting its BLAST Premier Fall Showdown journey against MIBR. These two met on ESL One Cologne EU back in August; Faze Clan took the big W after a tightly contested 2:1 win. Obviously, olofmeister and the company will have to bring their A-game to squeeze through to the playoffs in such a tough group. If they can beat MIBR in the opening round, I wouldn’t be surprised if they overcome Liquid too, assuming Stewie2K and the blue boys don’t mess up their opening round.


I’m sure you know just how tough FURIA is (at times). They’ve been the top contender in Brazil ever since coldzera left MIBR. Since then, FURIA has not only established itself as a true ruler in Brazil, but the toughest contestant in the entire NA region.

EG and FURIA were the bee’s knees in 2020 NA CSGO. Team Liquid was the third, sometimes even the fourth-best team out there. How did FURIA reach such heights so quickly? Well, the answer lies in their collective! Four out of five players have been playing for almost two years straight. HEN1 is the last one that joined the pack, and he’s been in the starting roster for just over a year.

It takes time to make a good team out of a potentially good roster… and FURIA has done exactly that with yuurih and the boys. Talking about yuurih, the 20-year-old Brazilian rifler has been an absolute champion throughout the majority of 2020. KSCERATO was there too – these two form the fragging potential of this FURIA roster that’s bound to carry them to great heights!

What can we expect from FURIA at this event? After all, we’re in the middle of our BLAST Premier Fall Showdown betting preview! Well, yuurih and the boys have a proper fight on their hands in the opening round. They’re going up against Isurus who could pose as a dangerous bunch.

Next up, FURIA will have to play against the better of Team Spirit vs. I trust Jame’s boys will squeeze through and face off against the Brazilians. FURIA’s favorite customers (Liquid) are likely to be waiting in the final round… assuming both teams reach that far, of course.

We haven’t seen compete on international events in quite a while. Even when they did, they didn’t exactly leave good impressions… up until now, that is. I know it’s too early to call standout performances in Flashpoint S2, but I’m sure will be in the talks once we start with those discussions. Two matches into the group stage, are two from two and have already snatched their playoffs tickets.

YEKINDAR has been one heck of an upgrade! got themselves a top-notch fragger with a bright future ahead of him. He’s just 21, yet he’s already’s best and most consistent player. Some have begun comparing him with ZywOo… and while I think he has exceptional potential; I don’t dare to put the two massive talents into the same sentence… at least not yet.

What about VP’s chances here? Should you include in your BLAST Premier Fall Showdown betting slips? The first match should be fairly easy, but it’s too early to start discussing what’s to follow. FURIA is most likely the winning side on the other end of the bracket, but we’ll have to wait and see how both teams perform in the opening round before drawing any concrete conclusion. No worries, our esports picks section won’t lack content over the next few days!

Evil Geniuses

Now let’s dive to the bottom half of the round of 16! Yessir – all four of the teams we’ve talked about thus far belong to the top bunch. You see, BLAST Premier Showdown basically features two groups, and the winner of each group advances to the playoffs. We’re talking about single-elimination groups here, and it’s safe to say EG had a fair share of luck in the draw. The biggest threat to EG in group B is Mousesports.

In Fact:
Mousesports and EG are by far the strongest teams here. The same cannot be said about group A which has four top-notch contenders.

Can EG push forward and clinch a spot on the Finals? Well, it’s going to be tougher than most people imagine, but I think they can make it through. Hopefully, they’ll manage to win IEM XV Beijing NA – that should give them the boost they’ll require to clinch BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

Their chances aren’t just problematic morale-wise – they’ll need their star players to kick it up a notch. Sure, Ethan and Brehze have been nothing but amazing. However, CeRq has to get back in form! He’s far from his usual heights, and that will need to change if EG is to win IEM XV Beijing and qualify for the BLAST Season Finals.

Outright Betting on BLAST Fall Showdown 2020

Yessir! Outright betting odds are back in the equation! Even though many bookies stopped offering outrights for online events, it seems as though they’re making an exception when it comes to online events featuring both NA and EU teams.

This is one such event and we’re happy to inform you all the biggest CSGO bookies offer (quite solid) outright winner betting odds!

On top of that, you can also expect a ton of specials during the event. We already know the opening round matchups so you can expect match-winner odds to appear any moment now! They might even be available at the time you read this…

Outright Winner Predictions

It was always going to be difficult to predict the winner in such a tight contest that features both NA and EU teams. Here’s a quick look at the top ten outright winner betting odds before we start digging deeper into the subject.

Team Odds
Evil Geniuses +150
FURIA +150
Complexity +175
Liquid +300 +400
MIBR +550
Cloud9 +800
Faze Clan +900
Mousesports +1200
Spirit +1500

Evil Geniuses and FURIA, the two most crowned 2020 teams in NA, are topping the chart at +150. Both competed in the regular season and both were swept away by tough European contenders right off the bat. True, some people say it was all jet lag and that they’ll perform much better now… but I’m not buying any of that stuff.

If you’d like to go for a high-value bet, you should go with or Faze Clan. I’m going with Jame’s boys; at +400, they bring forth the perfect mixture of value and risk.

That’s it for our BLAST Premier Fall Showdown betting preview! It’s been a real pleasure, as always…

Donnie out!


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