Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Cage Warriors 134 Betting and Odds

We’ve gathered the stats and the Cage Warriors 134 odds for all seven bouts. You’ll see a quick MMA breakdown followed by our top betting picks for each fight.  Place your bets on CW 134 by Friday, March 18th, 2022 at 1:30 PM ET and watch the fights on UFC Fight Pass. If you’re new to MMA betting, start with our guide.

Cage Warriors 134 Main Event: James Hendin vs Jordan Vucenic

The opening bout is the CW featherweight championship. Vevenic is undefeated since his only loss in 2018. He’s gathered the title and beaten Cage Warriors finest with six wins since 2019. Vecenic has struggled to finish opponents, at higher levels, winning decisions in his last four. 
Hendin is the underdog. He’s finished a better percentage of his fights, but his recent loss to 6-1 Paul Hughes will make it a struggle for bettors to have faith in his money line. Vucenic took the belt from Paul two fights ago. 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter James ‘The honeyBadger’ Hendin  Jordan Vucenic 
Money Line Bet  +180 -220
Record 6-1 8-1
Submissions/TKO  1/2 1/2
Losses via Sub/TKO  0/0 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Team Fish Tank  Blood, Sweat and Tears

To place your Cage Warriors bet, we’ll need to look at the fight tape in a close matchup. Both fighters facd Hughes, but fight tape isn’t readily available. Vucenic’s last fight with Morgan Charriere showed a narrow win, one that Hendin will look to recreate. Vucenic was put against the cage often, and robbed of rounds as a result. Vucenic’s defensive grappling is good, but I’m surprised he didn’t opt to break off and strike more often against the grappler Charriere. 
Hendin’s last bout was a submission win over Paull McBain. His fight with the 13-11 Kris Edwards was a telling one, particularly in where Hendin stands in conditioning. He was exhausted by round three and struggled to win the takedown over a fighter with a near even record. 
Our Cage Warriors 134 betting pick is Jordan Vicenic at -220 for the Main Event. Expect a dominant but safe performance from a champion finding his rhythm in the Cage Warriors five rounder. 

Cage Warriors 134 Co Main Event: Patrick Vallee vs Will Currie 

The middleweight co main features a blow out between the #27 UK middleweight and the #15 UK middleweight. Vallee is higher ranked but a serious underdog against the young Will Currie. 
Vallee started his career with a stunning winning streak back in 2003. He won seven fights in a row on local circuits. Today, he has only won two of his last nine fights. 
Currie lost twice to the 5-0 Christian Duncan, but has finished five of his eight professional opponents via submission, in addition to an undefeated amatuer record. 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter Patrick Vallee  Will ‘Drago’ Currie 
Money Line Bet  +800 -1100
Record 21-12-2, 2 NC 6-2
Submissions/TKO  5/6 5/0
Losses via Sub/TKO  4/2 0/1
Fighter Training Camp Ecole D’arts Martiaux  Britain Top Team

Currie trains under submission master Brad Pickett at BTT. It shows through in his submission centered style. While submission styles don’t translate as well to the highest levels, they work famously for mid level fighting. 
Currie is also seventeen years younger than his 40 year old opponent. Vallee has been fighting since Currie was a toddler. 
Given Currie’s momentum and Vallee’s recent losing streak, the Drago money line of -1100 is the right pick. Look to parlay with other top bets through the weekend. 

Cage Warriors 134 Main Card: Lukasz Kopera vs George Hardwick 

Hardwick is #11 in the UK facing the unranked Kopera. Kopera has lost his last two fights in the ACA against quality Brazilian and Russian fighters. He’s dropped four of his last six. The Cage Warrior 134 odds have him at a 3.5x payout. I think Kopera might be the dark horse off this card. He’s fought and defeated much better fighters, he’s just not been to the UK yet to show his skill. 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter Lukasz Kopera  George Hardwick 
Money Line Bet  +355  -455
Record 10-6 8-1
Submissions/TKO  3/3 3/1
Losses via Sub/TKO  0/2 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Zenith Vera Fight Team  Middlesbrough Fight Academy 

Kopera has never been submitted, which is Hardwick’s preferred method of victory. He defeated submission specialist Michael Rirsh in his last win, a fighter with five submission wins out of Austria. Hardwick has the ability to win decisions, but he’s often so patient he gives up rounds as in the bout with Dean Trueman. His second round knockout finish was one that showed he believes in his power. It’s a good trait for a fighter to have, but it can cost you against seasoned fighters. 
Kopera has more power and a nasty ground game. I think the level of talent in Cage Warriors is below the ACA in several divisions. Our betting pick is an upset, Lukasz Kopera at +355. 

Cage Warriors 134 Main Card: Decky McAleenan vs Tobias Harila 

Tobias is coming off his second ever loss after a seven fight winning streak. He defeated a string of moderate fighters, but has struggled against the best CW has to offer. McAleenan is a similar fighter, with six finishes inside his seven wins. Three of his losses have been to quality Cage Warrior fighters, 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter Decky McAleenan Tobias ‘Bad Intention’ Harila 
Money Line Bet  +305 -405
Record 7-4-1 9-2
Submissions/TKO  3/3 0/8
Losses via Sub/TKO  2/0 1/0
Fighter Training Camp Team Torres BJJ,  Vasteras Fight Club 

McAleenan is the underdog if only because he has more losses. Harila has more knockouts, but I’m not convinced he’s a better striker. I think this fight is a coin toss, I could even see a Decky submission given his BJJ background and Harila’s tendency to put himself in bad positions. Our Cage Warrior betting pick is Decky McAleenan. Bet lightly, this one is basically a coin toss. When you see a 50/50 chance, go with the underdog on a small bet. 

Cage Warriors 134 Main Card: Ben Ellis vs Nik Bagley 

We have a classic striker versus grappler battle. Bagley is another fighter under Pickett at submission oriented GBTT and Ellis fights out of a school in Wales where he is also the gym’s owner. Ellis was an undefeated amatuer at 8-0 who started his career in 2017. He has multiple amatuer submission finishes. 
Bagley had a rocky amatuer career, only ever losing by decision, finishing at 6-4-1. 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter Ben Ellis  Nik Bagley 
Money Line Bet  +136 -166
Record 3-1 2-0
Submissions/TKO  0/2 0/2
Losses via Sub/TKO  0/1 0/0
Fighter Training Camp The Mat Academy  Britain Top Team

This whole fight comes down to Ellis’s submission defense. He has never submitted in his amatuer or pro career to date, but has he ever fought a submission fighter worth considering? Ellis out-pointed 5-2 Kingsley Crawford, another BTT fighter just two fights ago, one that defeated Nik Bagley back in 2016. 
While on paper Ellis looks unimpressive, I think that Bagley will have his hands full. Our CW betting pick is Ben Ellis at +136. Expect a long decision victory for Ellis, if there was an over prop, I’d bet that instead. 

Cage Warriors 134 Prelim: Aidan James vs Kingsley Crawford 

Speaking of Crawford, he’s facing the #18 UK pro bantamweight. James has lost two fights in his last three, including the knockout loss to Cameron Else in 2019. James hasn’t been very active, especially compared to Crawford, who’s fought 2-3 times a year consistently since 2015. 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter Aidan James Kingsley Crawford 
Money Line Bet  -161 +131
Record 5-2 7-3
Submissions/TKO  1/4 2/2
Losses via Sub/TKO  0/1 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Chris Rees Academy  Britain Top Team

These Cage Warrior odds are choosing surprising favorites. James has more knockouts overall, but only three of those opponents were at a decent level of competition. Crawford has gone 4-1 over his most recent bouts, winning three by finish. 
Crawford has fought more often, trains with a better team, and displays overall better takedowns and striking. Our betting pick is Kingsley Crawford at +131. 

Cage Warriors 134 Prelim: Ryan Morgan vs Lone’er Kavanagh

Morgan is another fighter out of Ellis’s team. He went 4-1 as an amatuer and beat a 1-8 fighter for his pro debut four years ago. He faces Lone’er, who won via two finishes over moderate fighters in 2019. Kavanagh was an active but ineffective amatuer from 2013-2018 and faces the better athlete in Morgan. 

Cage Warriors 134 Betting Odds and Prediction

Fighter Ryan Morgan  Lone’er Kavanagh
Money Line Bet  +210 -270
Record 1-0 2-0
Submissions/TKO  0/0 1/1
Losses via Sub/TKO  0/0 0/0
Fighter Training Camp The Mat Academy  Britain Top Team 

What little fight tape we do have on Morgan shows that he’s shredded. The man is an athlete if anything else and he’ll bring serious intensity to the cage. Kavanagh doesn’t carry nearly as much muscle. The only thing I can find that tips the scales toward Kavanagh is that this was a short notice fight. Morgan has been training, but not in preparation for a return. Meanwhile, Kavanagh has been training full time in hopes of getting signed to a larger organization. I see Kavanagh taking the win at -270. 

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