Cage Warriors 136 MMA Odds and Predictions

Cage Warriors 136 April 2nd

Cage Warriors 136 is a fourteen fight card, and twelve bouts are open for betting. We’ve researched the stats and fight tape to bring you our top betting predictions across all twelve fights, including money line odds and the occasional prop bet. Cage Warriors 136 airs on April 2nd, 2022 at 1:00 PM ET on UFC Fight Pass, so make sure to palace your bets for preliminary fights by 10:00 AM! 

Top Cage Warriors 136 Predictions

Here are our top three betting picks from our Cage Warriors 136 Predictions: 

Main Event Pick:
Christian Leroy Duncan at -275
Upset of the Night:
Piotr Chmielecki at +125
Top Parlay Pick:
Aleksi Mantykivi at -500


Cage Warriors 136 Main Event Prediction and Odds for Duncan vs Melan

Fighter Christian Leroy Duncan  Djati Melan 
Money Line  -275 +205
Age 26 NA
Height 6’2’’ 5’11’’
Record 5-0 8-0
Submissions/TKO  1/3 0/3
Fighter Training Camp Range Martial Arts Academy  Kong Smashing Club Paris 

This fight is for the CW 185 pound title, currently held by underdog Djati Melan. Melan took the title off Matthew Bonner just four months ago. 
Both fighters are undefeated, but Duncan’s 80% finishing rate among wins stands out as the biggest difference between these two fighters. Duncan has defeated one undefeated pro in Will Currie, while Melan has never fought another undefeated fighter. 
There is a massive experience difference. Melan started fighting in 2014, and took several year long breaks. Duncan amassed a twenty two fight amatuer career spanning back to 2015. He’s been active in competition, and has finished more fighters overall. 

Fight Tape for Duncan vs Melan

Duncan’s bout vs Justin Moore last December showed just how dynamic he is, catching Moore early, working patiently into a cage takedown and submission finish. It also demonstrates Duncan’s size, he’s going to be far bigger than Melan on fight day. 
Melan relies on getting fighters to the ground and likes takedowns from outside clinch range. Against a striker like Duncan, this is going to be a dangerous game. His biggest wins are via decision, as with his title win and Robert Valentin in 2019. He was dropped by Valentin in the third round but used his grappling to recover, something I don’t think he’ll be able to do against the larger Duncan. 
Our betting pick is Christian Duncan at -275, and this is a fight we feel comfortable parlaying on any ticket. 

Cage Warriors 136 Main Event Prediction and Odds for Aby vs Fanny 

Fighter Aaron Aby  Gerardo Fanny
Money Line  +144 -190
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds  O -190 U +145
Age NA 27
Height 5’5’’ 5’6’’
Record 12-4-1 11-2
Submissions/TKO  4/1 3/6
Fighter Training Camp MMA Academy (England) Ringer Sportplaza
Losses via sub/TKO 0/1 2/0

Fanny is a dynamic fighter with 9 of 11 wins via finish. He’s been active since 2015, and has fought once or twice a year. His only losses come from undefeated fighters, namely Jack Cartwright and Daan Duijs. 
Aby has done well in his last six, losing only once since 2017 and outperformed Samir Faiddine as a +165 underdog in his last fight. Fanny was the underdog in his last two, defeating Gittins and Hignett at +130 and +115. 

Fight Tape for CW 136: Aby vs Fanny Prediction

Fanny lost the first round to Hignett on any scorecard, and the second wasn’t much better for him until he landed a very illegal knee which Hignett decided to continue from. The Fanny win in this fight was an upset that came after an illegal blow, not one that was earned outright. 
Aby is a submission fighter through and through. He will box, but his feet are moving and his hand speed is centered on landing a volume of punches to build into a takedown. 
Aby losses against athletes, usually by decision. 
Our betting pick is Gerardo Fanny at -190. He’s the more athletic fighter and his striking is higher quality. I don’t see an Aby submission, so avoid the prop bets. 

Cage Warriors 136 Main Card Prediction and Odds for Ndiaye vs Cullen

Fighter El Hadji Ndiaye ‘Gaindeh’ Adam Cullen
Money Line  +305 -460
Record 4-0 3-0
Submissions/TKO  0/1 3/0
Fighter Training Camp Obyfight Next Generation Liverpool
Losses via sub/TKO 0/0 0/0

Cullen is a strong favorite if only because of his amatuer experience and 100% finishing rate. Next Generation is a high quality fight camp, while Obyfight is a French school with no major fighters to their name and a ten person fight team. 
Gaindeh is a big underdog for an undefeated fighter, and we can only assume it’s due to an underdeveloped ground game. El Hadji Ndiaye has only fought on the French local circuit, and his belief in his striking and grappling is impressive. He scores double leg takedowns against all of his opponent’s and his striking is high level, including spinning heel kicks and combination punching that we don’t see at lower levels. 
Cullen was the underdog against Bayram at +105, and the favorite against Josh Plant at -220, winning all three pro bouts last year. The only question for Gaindeh is if he can defend the takedown of Cullen, something the three fighters he’s faced to date couldn’t do. 
While I’m convinced Cullen has the better ground game, Gaindeh has the better striking by far. We’re taking a long shot bet, El Hadji Ndiaye money line at +305. Don’t parlay the ticket, but we see an upset as slightly more likely than not, and given the payout on Ndiaye it’s tough to miss. 

Cage Warriors 136 Main Card Prediction and Odds for McEwan vs Spencer

Fighter Reece McEwan Sam ‘Smooth’ Spencer
Money Line  -200 +160
Age 27 28
Height 5’7’’ NA
Record 3-1 6-2
Submissions/TKO  2/1 0/4
Fighter Training Camp Griphouse Predators Gym
Losses via sub/TKO 1/0 1/1

McEwan is coming off a loss, his second over the last six fights. He finishes the majority of opponent’s with ease using a dominant ground game, but met his match in two undefeated pros. Spencer is primarily a striker, but hasn’t fought since 2019. His last win over the undefeated Ryan Holdham was a first round TKO. Since that time, Sam has gained his purple belt in BJJ, and it’s clear he’s spent this time training. He’s coming off a serious jaw injury that looks to be less than a year old. 
Reece centers much of his training around strength and conditioning, a good sign for a young fighter. His kickboxing looks improved, but still a bit pushy. 
Fight tape shows that Spencer’s conditioning isn’t up to par, and will likely fade against McEwan’s pressure. Our betting pick goes to the favorite, Reece McEwan at -200, a $50 return per $100 wagered. 

Cage Warriors 136 Main Card Prediction and Odds for Riley vs Eglin

Fighter Luke Riley  Jack Eglin
Money Line  -120 -110
Age 22 NA
Record 2-0 2-0
Submissions/TKO  0/2 1/1
Fighter Training Camp Next Generation MMA Liverpool Dragons Lair Melksham

Riley was undefeated in both his professional and amatuer career. Eglin’s amatuer work includes four losses overall, but each against much higher quality opponents including Muhammad Mokaev, undefeated amatuer and now a 6-0 professional in BRAVE FC. 
Eglin focuses more on his ground game, while Riley hasn’t ran into anyone he can’t knockout. After seeing Eglin strike with Fell in 2021, I’m sure that Riley will have his hands full with striking. Riley has quality knockout power, but Eglin is easily the best fighter he’s faced to date, in either his amateur or professional career. Our betting pick is Jack Eglin at -110. 

Cage Warriors 136 Main Prelim Prediction and Odds for Fontes vs Stanton

Fighter Alex ‘The Storm’ Fontes Mick ‘The Huyton Hammer’ Stanton
Money Line  +150 -180
Age NA 35
Height 5’11’’ 6’0’’
Record 4-1 7-6
Submissions/TKO  4/0 1/2
Fighter Training Camp NA, France Atherton Submission Wrestling 
Losses via sub/TKO 0/1 3/1

Fontes trains at an undisclosed location in France. He hasn’t defeated anyone of note, with two of his wins coming over debuting fighters with no amateur background. Mick isn’t much better off. He’s been submitted three times, most recently by the 9-5-1 Aaron Khalid in 2020. Khalid has since lost two straight. 
Stanton has a catch wrestling style, pursuing footlocks and other risky finishes. He looks better than Fontes, and his Cage Warrior experience should give him an advantage over Fontes.
Our betting pick is Mick Stanton at -180.

Cage Warriors 136 Prelim Prediction and Odds for Quayhaegens vs Lister

Fighter Jan ‘Q-bomb’ Quaeyhaegens  Kieran Lister 
Money Line  +235 -325
Age 29 NA
Height 5’11’’ 5’11’’
Record 8-4 6-2-2
Submissions/TKO  3/5 0/4
Fighter Training Camp Combat Brothers The Dungeon BJJ
Losses via sub/TKO 2/2 0/1

Lister is a clear favorite due to the fighters he has beaten. In his amatuer run, he defeated multiple undefeated fighters, including top Cage Warrior prospect George Hardwick. The CW 136 odds reflect Lister’s wins over undefeated Johnny Brocklesby and a split draw with Decky McAleenan, a 7-3 fighter with good finishing ability. 
Q-Bomb has no amatuer record and his last two wins were over fighters with losing records. His biggest win was over 2-0 Dhimitri Herri. 
Fight tape shows Lister to be the better athlete. His stronger understanding of BJJ and striking are apparent even in losing bouts. Our betting pick is Kieran Lister at -325. 

Cage Warriors 136 Prelim Prediction and Odds for Hazan vs Bruno

Fighter Dylan Hazan  Raymison Bruno 
Money Line  -240 +180
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds O -250 U +170
Age 27 30
Height 5’7’’ 5’5’’
Reach 69’’ NA
Record 7-0 12-3, 1 NC
Submissions/TKO  0/3 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Aurora MMA  Victoria Team (Spain)
Losses via sub/TKO 0/0 0/2

Hazan is an undefeated favorite with knockout power. Bruno is wildly inconsistent, but a good fighter. He defeated Pietro Menga, a 13-0 fighter in 2018, but his most recent win was over the 1-6 Alberto Ibanez. His loss to 21-9 Asatryan was a split decision, and a shock to fans and oddsmakers. 
Hazan has been the favorite since his +120 underdog win over Josh Reed. This is his third CW event and I’m confident in saying that Bruno is his toughest test to date. However, I believe size and power will win the fight. Fight tape shows Hazan has physical advantages in nearly every category, and Bruno’s losses have historically been to aggressive athletes, including his two knockout losses.  

CW 136 Prop Betting

Given that Bruno has a knack for taking fights to a decision, the over is a strong favorite. In losses, Bruno hasn’t been finished since 2019. Hazan’s finishing percentage fades as he faces tougher competition, so if you have faith in Bruno, the over is an easy bet. Still, Hazan is a better knockout artist than the last man Bruno went to decision with. I see a knockout as very possible, a 50/50 chance of a finish from Hazan. 
Our betting pick is the favorite Dylan Hazan at -240. 

Cage Warriors 136 Prelim Prediction and Odds for Duijs vs Reed 

Fighter Daan Duijs  Josh ‘Crazy Horse’ Reed 
Money Line  +110 -145
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds O -145 U +105
Record 7-1 12-6
Submissions/TKO  3/2 6/3
Fighter Training Camp Gracie Barra Oss Shore MMA
Losses via sub/TKO 0/0 2/2

Duijs only loss to date has been to the 5-1 Shamil Banukayev, a decent grappler that Duijs couldn’t keep down. Duijs has no betting odds history, and his wins have been primarily over lower level fighters with his top victory coming over Gerardo Fanny. Fanny was 8-0 at the time and a sprawl and brawl style striker. 
Reed has fought in Cage Warriors for his last nine fights, with odds ranging from +180 to -300. Reed has lost three of his last six, winning every other bout. He has some of the best grappling that Duijs has faced to this point in his career. 

Cage Warriors 136 Prop Betting

Daan Duijs fought to a decision in his only loss. Since we believe that Reed is a high quality grappler, we have to assume we’re going to see a back and forth battle. Reed has the occasional knockout win, but he doesn’t have the kind of power to finish someone who’s never been knocked out. 
Our betting pick is the Over at -145. We’re predicting a long fight between two grappling centered fighters. 

Cage Warriors 136 Prelim Prediction and Odds for Rees vs Molloy 

Fighter Ben ‘Flubber’ Rees  Liam Molloy 
Money Line  +285 -425
Age 28 NA
Height 5’10’’ NA
Record 3-4 2-2
Submissions/TKO  3/0 0/2
Fighter Training Camp Lions Den MMA Next Generation Liverpool
Losses via sub/TKO 1/2 2/0

Molloy comes out swinging for the knockout in every bout. IN his amatuer career he was taken to decision twice, but all other bouts have ended fairly quickly. Rees has struggled in his early career, but has stayed dedicated to his submission centered style. 
I’m leaning toward the more athletic fighter in Molloy. He’s at a good fight camp, he’s in great shape, and Rees brings only one thing to the table. If Molloy can stop the armbar attempt, we should see a victory. 
Our betting pick is Liam Molloy at -425. 

Cage Warriors 136 Prelim Prediction and Odds for Castro vs Mantykivi

Fighter Jeanderson ‘The Jackal’ Castro Aleksi Mantykivi
Money Line  +375 -500
Record 6-5 13-7
Submissions/TKO  2/3 2/6
Fighter Training Camp Nordeste Jiu-Jitsu Tea East Front 
Losses via sub/TKO 2/3 2/2

While it looks like Castro has a chance, Aleksi is head and shoulders above him. Aleksi has recently defeated 9-0 Kruschewsky and ruined the streak of 8-0 Soren Bak. Outside of his last win, Castro has never beaten a fighter with a winning record (at the time of their bout.) 
Each of Castro’s steps up in competition have been met with finishes, while Aleksi’s losses have been to top tier fighters, like his recent brush with the UFC’s Rhys McKee. 
Our betting pick is Aleksi Mantykivi at -500, and this fight is a shoe-in for any parlay ticket at $0.20 payout per dollar wager. 

Cage Warriors 136 Main Event Prediction and Odds for Chmielecki vs Tchamou

Fighter Piotr ‘The Hitman’ Chmielecki  Michael ‘Jaguar’ Tchamou
Money Line  +125 -155
Age 37 30
Height 6’2’’ 5’11’’
Record 5-1 1-1
Submissions/TKO  2/3 0/1
Fighter Training Camp Ludus Magnus  Itaipava Jiu Jitsu
Losses via sub/TKO 1/0 0/1

This fight is our upset bet of the evening. Chmielecki has run through a few cans, including 23-73 Shaun Lomas. He had an 8-0 amatuer record, but unfortunately failed his first test against a quality fighter in Jose Canellas. The Jaguar has finished fighters in 100% of wins, but his recent loss to Samir Kadi showed why Tchamou will have fundamental issues at middleweight; he’s too small. 
Our betting pick is Piotr Chmielecki at +125. This is our most confident underdog bet of the night. 

Cage Warriors 136 Odds and Predictions Wrap up

Still struggling to make your MMA betting ticket? Our guide fills in the blanks on top betting strategies.  CW 136 has some of the more competitive fights between undefeated fighters that I’ve seen on any card in 2022. That said, there are plenty of betting picks that offer confident outcomes, including the Main Event. 

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