Can Klopp’s Liverpool Finally Lift The Premier League Trophy?

EPL Betting - Liverpool’s Chances of Winning the Premier League

The English Premier League is close to its business end. With less than ten rounds remaining, the two title contenders, Liverpool and Manchester City, are separated by a single point. That said, the remaining two (and a half) months are going to decide this season’s winners, with both sides hoping their campaign is the superior one. Realistically speaking, Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League title are at an all-time high. The electric Merseyside fans are already biting their nails, thrillingly watching every matchday and hoping their team doesn’t make the same mistake as they had done back in 2013/2014 season. Need I remind you, Manchester City won the league back then even though they lost against Liverpool just four rounds before the season’s end. All thanks to Liverpool dropping points against Crystal Palace and Chelsea.

Are we going to see the same story once again? Well, Jurgen Klopp’s tactical prowess is a bit more advanced than that of Brendan Rodgers. Their football philosophies are drastically different, with Klopp being an overall much more tactically superior manager. That said, you can rest assured Klopps’ Liverpool won’t go down without a proper fight, despite the fact Manchester City’s lineup is stronger than ever.

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Liverpool’s Chances of Winning the Premier League | Can Klopp Do the Impossible?

Realistically speaking, Liverpool’s 2017/2018 was a proper blast. Perhaps they haven’t lived up to their domestic expectations with a fourth-place finish, but they sure did excel in the premier European competition, the Champions League. Sure, they ended up losing to Real Madrid in the Grand Final match, but they were the first Premier League side to get to the grand final since Chelsea’s triumphant 2011/2012 campaign.

However, today’s topic isn’t about Liverpool’s European aspirations or successes. It’s about their chances of lifting the EPL trophy at the end of this season, and that’s a completely different pair of shoes. Think of the Champions League as a 100m spring; in that case, the EPL would be a true marathon.

It takes consistency, effective tactics, injury-free roster, and a relatively lenient schedule to win the Premier League. And need I remind you, Liverpool haven’t lifted that shiny trophy since 1989/1990 season, driven by the brilliance of their leading scorer, John Barnes.

The Never-Ending EPL Drought for the Reds

Yep, if Liverpool doesn’t win the season this year, next year will be the 30th anniversary of their last domestic success. Truth be told, this is a harsh reality for the second most decorated English team, right after Manchester United.

But it surely wasn’t for the lack of trying. Throughout the years, Liverpool has had a plethora of successful seasons but the end result always managed to get away.

They’ve had an abundance of talent in their squads, on the bench and in the tacticians’ bunch, but the biggest domestic trophy just wasn’t meant to be.

Steven Gerrard desperately craved the title during his last season and the stage was perfectly set for the happiest story ever to be told… only to get smashed by Crystal Palace and Chelsea, with the trophy eventually going into the hands of Pellegrini’s Manchester City.

That said, if Jurgen Klopp finally manages to bring the trophy to Anfield this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Liverpool’s electric fans make a life-size statue of the German strategist right in the middle of the center circle.

Attacking and Defensive Potential is Undisputable

Lastly, there’s one more thing I’d like to talk about here and that would be Liverpool’s undisputable attacking potential. Don’t get me wrong, their defensive line isn’t half bad either, especially with Alisson and Van Dijk keeping the clean sheets in check. To be more precise, Liverpool is sitting at 16 clean sheets, 3 more than their main title contenders Manchester City.

Midfield, on the other hand, has been solid thus far. No real remarks in that department, with the likes of Wijnaldum and Milner taking care of the dirty work.

Still, Liverpool’s attacking prowess is arguably the main reason why they are currently at the top of the standings. They’ve scored 64 goals thus far (only Pep’s City scored more, 75) and conceded only 15, fewest in the league. Salah, Mane, and Roberto Firminho are doing themselves justice and pushing their team to the next level, scoring a total of 40 goals combined.

With all that in mind, if Klopp can keep his essential players injury-free till the end of the season, Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League are pretty solid. Thanks to Klopp’s undeniable tactical discipline, Liverpool is the most consistent team in the league. In their remaining matches, they’ll mostly be playing against the middle of the pack teams with the addition of two London-based teams, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Long story short

Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League this season will most likely depend on the outcome of those two matches. If Klopp’s side emerges victorious in front of their home crowd (both matches are played on Anfield) and doesn’t drop crucial points against middle-of-the-pack teams, that life-size statue of the German tactician I mentioned earlier might even come to life!

Summary | Can Liverpool Snatch the EPL Trophy?

Once again, the English Premier League’s title race is going to be a thrilling contest. With roughly nine matchdays left till the end of the line, the main title contenders, Liverpool and Manchester City, are separated by a single point.

That being said, Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League are at a record high; at roughly the same level as they were back in 2013/2014 season. Need I remind you though, it will take just one bad match (like that against Crystal Palace) to gamble the title once again. And we all know Liverpool still has issues with closing out crucial matches despite the fact their defensive line is stronger than ever.

On the other hand, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is still a well-oiled machine, obliterating everyone that gets in their way. With that in mind, it’s no wonder bookies are favorizing the Manchester’s blues to win the title, with outright betting odds set at -188. Still, we can’t count out Klopp’s Liverpool just yet…

At the time of writing this article, Liverpool to win the EPL sits at +150 which seems like a solid value bet for your long-term accumulators. Knowing Jurgen Klopp and the squad he’s managing, it’s worth a shot, that’s for sure!
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