Casino Games With the Best Odds

Casino Games Best Odds

Some gamblers think that they can win casino games when their lucky stars align or when they get a smile from Lady Luck herself. Contrary to this misconception, almost all casino games involve probability, randomness, and statistics of some sort when it comes to the frequency of winning.

A simple way to determine which casino games are going to pay out winnings more often than others is by checking the house edge percentage. Your best-case scenario is to find casino games with lower house edges. What this means for you is a higher probability of winning. With a low house edge, you have better odds of getting higher returns.

Let’s take a look at some of the best real money online casino games that allow you to experience more wins, better odds, and a low house edge. If you’re serious about making some coin at the casino tables, these are the games you will want to be playing, hands down!


This beloved table game is commonly played by the professionals and high rollers of the world because it’s relatively easy to achieve a low house edge by employing a basic strategy.

Players who know what they’re doing can grind the house edge down to as low as 1%!
Those going in with no strategy can expect a house edge anywhere from 2% to 3%.

That’s still great compared to a lot of other gaming choices at the casino, whether that’s online or in person. With this being the best casino game as far as a low house edge goes, it is important to strictly adhere to your blackjack strategy for it to work in your favor!

The whole point is to get the house edge down to that optimal level of 1%!

So do not be misled by hunches you may be getting. This can lead to your whole strategy being sabotaged.

The only exception to this rule is if you are counting cards.
For a great blackjack strategy to get the house edge down to around 1%, look at what some of our experts are suggesting here.


Baccarat is another casino game where the house edge dwells down around 1%, making this one of the more lucrative games for those looking to rake in some hefty wins. The thing to keep in mind about baccarat is that there are three types of bets you can place, and each will contain a different house edge.

So, it’s important to place the right type of bet in order to get better odds!

Keep in mind that the odds of the player winning are a hair under 50%, and the house’s win rate is slightly over 50%. The house edge for baccarat is roughly 1.09%.

The three types of bets in baccarat:
The “banker” bet, which is betting on the house winning the hand, the “player” bet, which is betting on the player winning, and the “tie” bet which is essentially a draw where neither wins the hand. By far, the worse of these three bet types to make is the tie bet where the house edge is 14.4%. we recommend you avoid these as they are a sucker bet where the house makes a nice, tidy profit.

Because the house has the slight advantage in this game, it is best to place the banker bet, containing a house edge of 1.06%. Player bets will have a significantly higher house edge with 1.36%.

Bet on the banker for the best return on your money!

Check out some of our favorite online casinos for some hot baccarat and some of the other best table game action!


The estimated house edge and the best bets for winning at roulette all depend on which version of the game we examine. There are two popular versions of roulette: European and American. Each one contains numbers 1-36 with alternating red and black spaces and an extra green space, which is labeled with a single zero.

Please Note:
They are the exact same in every sense except that an American Roulette wheel has an additional green space labeled with a double zero space. This will change the respective house edge for each game as well as the bets you can place each time you lay down your wagers.

Let’s look at American Roulette. Because of the extra space with the double zeros, this version of the game is going to have a higher house edge and, therefore, will not be as lucrative to play as the European version. 36 red/black spaces with two green spaces makes 38 altogether.

If you place a red/black or an odd/even bet, your chance of hitting correctly will be 18/38 which means your chances of success are 47.37% and your chances of failure are 52.63%. This means that the total house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%. This percentage remains constant for single number bets as well.

With European Roulette, you’re dealing with one less green space on the wheel. So, your odds of hitting on a red/black bet, an odd/even bet, or even a single number bet are going to be better than with American Roulette.

For example:
A red/black bet or an odd/even bet have a chance of you winning at 18/37 which boils down to 48.65%. Inversely, your chances of losing will be 51.35%. The house edge will fall at 2.7% for European Roulette, which pegs it about 2.56% over the high 5.26% house edge for the American version! We recommend you play European Roulette for better results!

The fun gets more interesting and even better when you play live dealer roulette online. Find out more about this exciting way to win real money and enjoy the interactivity of a real game of roulette except from the convenience and comfort of your desktop, tablet, or smartphone!

Are you ready for more frequent wins at the gaming tables and a bankroll that keeps building?

Check out these three great real money casino games that offer better odds over the others, a lower house edge, and an increased chance of winning! If you’re serious about making more money on the casino tables, these are the games for you.

  • #3: European Roulette – 2.70%
  • #2: Baccarat – 1.09% on average, 1.06% with placing the “banker” bet
  • #1:Blackjack – 1.00% using a set strategy, 2-3% with no strategy
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