Celebrity Boxing Betting: Logan Paul vs. KSI Rematch Odds & Preview

Celebrity Boxing - Logan Paul vs KSI II

I knew we’d be back for more Logan Paul vs. KSI talk. I just didn’t realize time would fly by so quickly. It feels like yesterday where I was perusing through YouTube videos and watching KSI’s first celebrity boxing bout, trying my hardest to correctly pick a fight that nobody really cared about.

I mean, this wasn’t Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. But then again, nobody really cared about that, either.

That isn’t to say it isn’t worth tuning into, buying into the hype or even betting on. It 100% is. That’s kind of the whole point. I don’t care about the Kardashian family, the Oakland Raiders or Donald Trump, yet I can’t turn away.

This is what dumpster fires do to us.

The wreckage is difficult to ignore and that’s especially the case when money is involved. Also, when it’s two dudes you simultaneously wouldn’t mind seeing get popped in the chin, it suddenly gets more appealing.

Truly, can this please happen?


If so, awesome. Let’s predict that, put some cash down on it and go home big winners. We’d be all growns up, rich as heck and ready to cash in on the next spare vs. spare boxing match involving two idiots that seem to think they’re way cooler than they actually are.

Oh no, I just got myself pulled into a Logan Paul/KSI table/ladder/chair match. See, this is what Logan Paul vs. KSI II is doing to me. I’m getting scared and irrational all at once.

Here I logged onto the interwebs to break down the rematch to end all rematches we don’t care about, and instead I’m taking deep breaths trying to calm myself down. And I’m thinking about hypothetical WWE matches that include me and these two dudes.


Logan Paul vs. KSI Betting Odds

Long-winded intro aside, these two internet celebrities are prepared to bash each other’s faces in for a second time. As you may recall, fans and bettors alike were rather disappointed when there ultimately was no winner from the first bout.

Yes, that first fight was rather anticlimactic, with the bout ending in a literal draw. That makes fight number two more than a tie-breaker. It’s almost as if there was no first fight at all.

We could get another draw or maybe one of these dudes knock the other guy’s lights out. One can hope.

For a quick refresher, take a look at how Logan Paul vs. KSI panned out the first time around:

Going into this first fight, I noted that KSI had more experience and was certainly scrappy, but Paul seemed like the bigger and possibly stronger fighter. Neither of these guys necessarily came off as punks, either, and I was actually pleasantly surprised that they seemed to know what they were doing.

Looking back, Paul held his own quite well, but both of these guys were absolutely gassed to close the fight. KSI got a few more licks in, too, and was the slightly more aggressive fighter. If you had to pick a winner, it was probably KSI, but I can’t really argue against the Draw call.

Going into the second fight, Vegas is calling this one even closer to the chest. Here are the latest Logan Paul vs. KSI odds, per Bovada:


KSI returns as the mild underdog. That doesn’t make much sense since he arguably should have won the first time around and most entertainment betting websites pegged him as the winner prior to the first match, but hey, little does make sense about this celebrity boxing world we now live in.

There are two massive takeaways from the first Logan Paul vs. KSI fight. One, that everyone wants to see these guys get beat up and two, that they’re really evenly matched.

Both fighters displayed better technique than I expected and on the flip-side, just like many probably predicted, the fight ended up being super sloppy.

In the end, a Draw was the best thing anyone could have been awarded, short of a double knockout.

KSI vs. Logan Paul Fight Prediction

While both Logan Paul and KSI crashing to the ground with their eyes rolling back in their heads is what every fan is hoping for when they bump gloves again, that dream isn’t likely to come to fruition.

Instead, somebody is winning this second meeting. Whether that’s by knockout, disqualification or merely by judge scoring – I don’t know – but a second draw just isn’t going to happen.

There has been some speculation as to just how real the beef between these two guys is, but nobody wants to get beat up and/or lose at anything just for the sake of publicity. Both guys are making mad coin off of everyone falling in love with two popular jocks throwing their fists around like punching the air releases magical fairy dollars, but they probably still want to win.

After the first fight, both Paul and KSI exchanged barbs, with Paul suggesting KSI had a puffy face and KSI noting Paul had been bleeding a bit. Both were somewhat true. They gave and got their licks, but nobody won.

And I mean nobody.

Unless, of course, you’re focusing just on the financial aspect. And I’m here to tell you that’s all you should be doing.

That was the case the first time I broached this fight last summer and it remains the same in 2019. I don’t really care who gets beat up or loses, but I do want to profit off of these two meatheads slapping each other around like they owe each other money.

The big problem with that is there isn’t a whole lot of room for upside.

Your best price is with KSI and at -110 you’re earning money as if you’re placing cash down on some random NFL playoff prop bets. Except in order to truly bask in the glory (should you be correct) of your win, you probably need to bite the bullet and actually (gulp) watch this monstrosity of a boxing match.

My suggestion is you just bet on the guy you want to win.

These guys can fight a bit in terms of amateur ability, they both want to win and neither of them want to be embarrassed. Judging by the tape, though, the fighter more likely to let a big punch in and get knocked out is probably Paul.

Paul and KSI don’t defend well, but Paul’s defense is a bit weaker as the fight drags on. He also looked considerably more gassed and threw sloppier punches at the end. Even with mere seconds left on the clock, he also took a couple of good punches to the face that a smart fighter simply wouldn’t have allowed.

The betting value is negligible. KSI is a fun underdog and probably the lesser of two evils. Place some cash on him and forget about tuning in, or watch as one random YouTube sensation bashes the other. Either way, everyone loses unless you pick the winner. And even then, you’ll need to go really hard in terms of volume to win big.

Still, KSI was a fine pick going into the first fight and he offers the most value in the second showdown. I’m following the cash in an evenly graded rematch.

My Pick