CES 67 Odds, Predictions and MMA Breakdown

CES 67 Billy Goff Vs Justin Sumter Red Background

CES is back with betting odds on ten fights, April 1st, 2022. CES 67 Odds cover money lines for all fights, and we’ve analyzed ten bouts to produce our top CES 67 predictions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the East Coasts up and coming athletes and win big on top talent. 

Top CES 67 Predictions

For this CES MMA breakdown, each tale of the tape is followed by a betting pick. If you’re looking for quick bets to place, check out our top three: 

CES 67 Main Event:
Billy Goff at -185
CES 67 Parlay Bet:
Armus Guyton at -150
Upset of the Night:
Triston Lindi at +375

Looking for more guidance on your MMA betting picks? Our MMA sports betting guide should fill in the blanks. Keep scrolling to get the other seven picks and breakdowns of our three favorites. 

CES 67 Main Event Prediction and Odds for Goff vs Sumter 

Fighter Billy Goff Justin Sumpter 
Money Line  -185 +155
Age 23 32
Height 5’10’’ 6’2’’
Reach 72’’ 78’’
Record 6-2 8-4
Submissions/TKO  0/4 4/2
Fighter Training Camp Dexter MMA Fighting Arts Academy 
Losses via sub/TKO 0/1 1/3

This fight is for the CES middleweight Championship. Goff is the current Welterweight champion, facing Bellator MMA import Sumpter in the first attempt at two CES titles simultaneously. The first thing you’ll notice about Goff is that he’s small for a middleweight and Sumpter dwarfs him. What Goff loses in size he makes up for in durability, showing a massive ‘losses via finishes’ advantage over Sumpter, who’s BJJ style game is foiled by athletes with knockout power like Goff. 

Back to back title wins at two weight classes is quite the feat. Goff’s only disadvantage is his weight discrepancy.

How Can Sumpter Win at CES 67?

Sumpter is looking for the takedown and submission in the majority of fights. He’s lost three of his last five fights, winning only by submission against quality fighters. Against his top opponents, Sumpter doesn’t have the striking acumen for standing knockouts and kickboxing wins to a decision. He’ll need the takedown against Goff, early and often. 

Betting Odds History for Goff vs Sumpter

Goff has only two betting odds to his record, a -145 win over Gary Balletto Jr for the CES belt, and a +475 upset over Robson Gracie Jr. Goff finished Gracie in the second round via standing elbows, and given the submission skill of Robson, Sumpter’s focus needs to be ground striking to take the win. 
Sumpter has spanned +385 to -150 over his last five fights. He was upset by Maki Pitolo in 2019 as a -155 favorite, but was beaten all three times as the underdog, most recently at +205 from Romero Cotton. 

CES 67 Main Event Betting Prediction 

Goff has bested a high quality submission specialist in Robson and shows accurate knockout strikes and high durability against quality knockout finishers. Our betting pick is the favorite, Billy Goff at -185, a $0.54 payout per dollar wager. 

CES 67 Co-Main Event Prediction and Odds for Baataryn vs Lopez

Fighter Azjavkhlan Baataryn Johnny Lopez
Money Line  -115 -115
Age 29 38
Height 5’6’’ 5’4’’
Reach NA 66’’
Record 7-6 12-5
Submissions/TKO  1/4 5/0
Fighter Training Camp CORE Underdog MMA
Losses via sub/TKO 3/0 1/2

This co main event appears to be Baataryn’s first time fighting at Bantamweight, coming off a fight two weight classes heavier. The Japanese fighter is a former professional wrestler. Lopez is a submission specialist, and Baataryn has three submission losses to less qualified fighters, but he is coming off a leglock win and hasn’t fought in two and a half years. That’s plenty of time to improve your submission defense. Neither fighter has much in the way of odds history, except one underdog win for both fighters. 

Fight Tape and Prediction for Baataryn vs Lopez

Baataryn’s 2018 appearance shows rudimentary striking with occasional moments of brilliance. His ground game looks good for MMA, but he made mistakes that I believe Lopez will be able to capitalize on. Baataryn is one of the old guard of Japanese MMA, coming out in 2014 after the fall of Pride FC. He has no head movement and focuses on either landing punches or shooting takedowns. 
Lopez’s ground game looks decades above Baataryn. His striking is terrible, but it doesn’t matter. I see this fight inevitably going to the ground, and a win for Johnny Lopez at -115, an $0.87 return per dollar wager. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Casey vs Guyton

Fighter Pat ‘The Gorilla Ninja’ Casey  Armus Guyton
Money Line  +120 -150
Age 31 26
Height 5’8’’ 6’1’’
Reach 70’’ NA
Record 8-4 5-2
Submissions/TKO  3/2 1/4
Fighter Training Camp New England MMA  Jackson-Wink MMA
Losses via sub/TKO 1/2 0/1

Casey’s biggest issue is his size. At high level welterweight, 5’8’’ isn’t exactly par for the course. He’s coming off two wins over fighters with losing records, including 16-100 Jay Ellis (that isn’t a typo) and 2-6 Timmy Tyler. This New England fighter has  beaten only one fighter with a winning record, 2-1 Xhema in 2018. 
Guyton trains at one of the best gyms in the world and is looking to pad the record a bit after a loss. He has finished in all his wins and should produce a stunning victory. Our betting pick is Armus Guyton at -150, a $67 payout per $100 wager.  This is our parlay pick for the CES 67 event. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Lindi vs Kimbel

Fighter Tristan Lindi Mike Kimbel
Money Line  +375 -500
Age 25 25
Height 5’7’’ 5’9’’
Reach 68’’ 73’’
Record 2-4 3-3
Submissions/TKO  0/2 0/2
Fighter Training Camp Rogue Combat Academy  Hard Knocks 365
Losses via sub/TKO 2/1 2/1

Clearly, this is a fight between strikers with poor grappling games. Kimbel is brave as they come, facing Da’mon Dlackshear in his last loss. Lindi is the underdog, if only for his physique. However, something may be overlooked here. Lindi wrestled in college, and has four amatuer submission wins.

Kimbel is shredded to the gills, but against a high quality grappler this can be a disadvantage to his overall cardio.

I think the oddsmakers are assuming that Kimbel is going to out athlete Lindi, but I see something else. Lindi has been waiting for a fight to show off his long lost wrestling skill against a fighter with no submission ability. Our betting pick is the big upset, Tristin Lindi at +375. Bet lightly and don’t parlay this bout, even if you decide to go with Kimbel, this fight is more competitive than oddsmakers and bettors believe. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Baiyina vs Panferov

Fighter Mus’Aib Baiyina Yuri ‘The Russian Polar Bear’ Panferov
Money Line  +500 -800
Age 28 25
Height 6’0’’ NA
Reach 76’’ NA
Record Debut (4-2 amatuer) 1-0
Submissions/TKO  Amatuer 1/2 1/0
Fighter Training Camp Synthesis BJJ Ultimate MMA
Losses via sub/TKO Amatuer 0/1 0/0

Yuri was an undefeated amatuer with all four coming by way of submission. Herecently won his match with ADCC trials competitor Mike Deeb. Baiyina is a good ground fighter, but Panferov is competing near the highest levels of BJJ. 

We found 2019 competition footage of Baiyina, where he struggled to finish a 3-2 local out of WNY MMA. Yuri’s fight with Fiasconaro showed accurate boxing but limited head movement, however he’s been cross training with the UFC’s Joe Lauzon MMA and other high level East Coast organizations. Our betting pick goes to Yuri Panferov’s money line -800, but I won’t be parlaying this bout due to a possible knockout from Baiyina. Yuri’s kickboxing simply isn’t there yet.  


CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Maldonado vs Durao

Fighter Daniel Maldonado David Durao
Money Line  +300 -400
Age 32 31
Height 5’3’’ NA
Reach NA 66’’
Record 0-4 0-1
Submissions/TKO  0/0 0/0
Fighter Training Camp NA Fighting Arts Academy 
Losses via sub/TKO 2/0 0/0

In 2017, Maldonado won a split decision amatuer title. He’s won only one fight since. His pro record has been a struggle, including two clear decision losses and two chokes. Durao was a 5-2 amatuer who finished with  four fight winning streak. His loss to the 1-2 Galvan in September 2021 was unexpected, and showed he still had many exploitable holes in his game. 
Fight tape shows Durao isn’t far above Maldanado, but a submission victory should be within his grasp. Our betting pick is David Durao at -400, a $0.25 payout per dollar wager. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Villa vs Norton

Fighter Pedro ‘Hulk’ Villa Casey ‘The Wonderboy Warrior’ Norton
Money Line  +170 -210
Age NA 24
Height NA 5’9’’
Reach NA 71’’
Amatuer Record 4-1 4-0
Submissions/TKO  0/2 1/0
Fighter Training Camp Empire MMA Ascension Athletics 
Losses via sub/TKO 0/0 0/0

Both fighters are making their professional debut. Hulk took time off after 2015, not fighting again until 2021. His opponent Casey took a similar hiatus from 2018 to 2021. Neither fighter has faced particularly strong competition, with Villa’s one loss coming by 6-3 Kelvin Sterling; the most experienced fighter either man has faced. Neither fighter has a massive advantage in training camp or opponent quality. 
Fight tape shows Casey Norton to be a very strong wrestler who spent the majority of his amatuer career grinding out fighters from top position. Villa is strong, but his technical grappling leaves plenty to be desired. Our betting pick is Casey Norton at -210. This is a tentative bet, and we believe this is possibly the closest fight on the card. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Calderon vs George

Fighter Emiliano Calderon Eddy George
Money Line  +500 -800
Age 28 30
Height 5’7’’ NA
Record 1-1, (1 NC) 4-0
Submissions/TKO  0/1 0/4
Fighter Training Camp Houdini Fight Club Fighting Arts Academy
Losses via sub/TKO 1/0 0/0

George has won his last eight fights straight. He had some of the toughest tests of his career early on against talented amateurs, but his 100% finishing ratio as a pro is tough to argue with. Soon he’ll need to face tougher competition, but not until he blasts through yet another unproven athlete. Santana has struggled against strong strikers in the past, like Emiliano Calderon. Our betting pick is Eddy George at -800 for a fight we’re comfortable putting in a parlay bet. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Huntley vs Bonfigli

Fighter Jason Huntley Harris Bonfiglio
Money Line  +400 -550
Age 43 30
Height 5’7’’ 5’5’’
Record 6-10 3-1
Submissions/TKO  1/2 3/0
Fighter Training Camp Academy MN Ultimate MMA 
Losses via sub/TKO 3/1 0/1

This battle of the grapplers takes place between two fighters with recent TKO losses. If one of them can show some dynamism, we may see a knockout finish. Still, Huntley’s last TKO was 2015, when he was 35. Huntley is out of the Academy, a Minnesota school known for quality BJJ and a golden age circa 2012. 
Bonfiglio struggled in his amatuer career, but his BJJ for MMA looks better than ever. It’s tough to bet on a 43 year old fighter that isn’t named Couture. Our betting pick is Harris Bonfiglio’s money line at -550. 

CES 67 Prediction and Odds for Hayes vs Pappas

Fighter RJ ’Bad Intentions’ Hayes  Markos Pappas 
Money Line  +160 -200
Age 34 NA
Height 5’8’’ NA
Amatuer Record 3-10 0/0

Hayes has thirteen amatuer fights and now both fighters are making their professional debut. Who is Markos Pappas? He’s the Director of Partnerships for CES MMA. I’m struggling to find anything on this fighter but oddsmakers seem to think he’ll beat Hayes. I’m going with the underdog. Hayes has knockouts in Muay Thai, and despite mostly getting submitted since 2015, he I can’t bet on a fighter I don’t think has any experience at all. Our pick is RJ Hayes at +160. 

CES 67 Wrap Up 

CES has plenty of debuting professionals and dark horse upsets. If you’re looking for fights to parlay CES 67 alongside, check out the CW 135 card with plenty of easy choices. 

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Jacob Clark had a 15 year career as a professional MMA fighter, coach, and Greg Jackson’s alum. Now, TikTok’s 12th most important BJJ influencer is bringing his sports and betting knowledge to you here at TheSportsGeek. He spends his time cooking vietnamese food and playing D&D with his family. You can meet him at jiu-jitsu open mats all over Indiana.

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