What Cities and Stadiums Are Home to the XFL Teams?

Raymond James Stadium - XFL Logo

Whew, okay.

Week one is in the books for the XFL and I think I can confidently say that it was a success.

The game play was rather smooth. The NCAA referees did a solid job, especially considering all the rules differences from the college and NFL game, and the level of play was nearly on par of some of the boys who just finished playing on Sundays.

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Before all of that, though, let’s just talk today about where each team plays. All the teams are from major market cities but not all will be playing in the NFL teams’ stadiums.

That’s okay, though! I think it is a better look and feel as well if they pack a smaller joint instead of having more than half of FedEx Field in Washington DC empty.

Oh, that happens even in the NFL? Okay, so the Redskins aren’t the best example but you get the point.

Let’s take a look at each XFL team and where they will play their home games this year.

St Louis Battlehawks

St Louis Battlehawks LogoHome: The Dome at America’s Center

The St Louis Battlehawks are playing in a bigger home than some of their XFL counterparts. That’s okay, though, because the Hawks of St Louis are the only XFL team playing in a city with no NFL team. The Rams packed it up years ago when they left for LA.

The Dome at America’s Center has a capacity of over 67,000 people. The surface is Astroturf. Oops, did I say the “A” word? It makes us all sick. I digress, though.

St Louis should have a rabid fan base as the Rams were Super Bowl winners when they were there and the city has always had tremendous sports fans.

Tampa Bay Vipers

Tampa Bay Vipers LogoHome: Raymond James Stadium

Better be careful Jameis… Check your six, big guy. You put up some big numbers in 2019 but there could be a new sheriff in town.

Heck, the Tampa Bay Vipers have a couple of quarterbacks, though. Aaron Murray had a rough go of it as his team got squashed in their debut in New York against the Guardians.

Hometown boy and University of South Florida alum Quinton Flowers has shown promise as a dual-threat. The offensive line didn’t give either QB much time back there so maybe the fleet of foot Flowers is the man for the job.

Raymond James Stadium is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, of course, and I expect the locals will be out showing their support for the Vipers as well.

The weather is tremendous in the Tampa Bay Area this time of year.

New York Guardians

New York Guardians LogoHome: MetLife Stadium

Better known as the Meadowlands, this stadium is now home to three professional football teams. This is pretty bad for the biggest market in the world. Come on, New York! Get your stuff together!

You make the Jets and Giants share a forever downtrodden field and now the grass gets no relief with the XFL’s New York Guardians ripping it up over the next couple of months.

The Guardians had the most impressive showing of any of the four home teams this past Saturday and Sunday on the XFL’s inaugural kickoff weekend.

Washington looked good as well but I would keep an eye on this New York team because we have to remember, neither the Giants or the Jets made the playoffs this season.

Seattle Dragons

Seattle Dragons LogoHome: CenturyLink Field

With a capacity of 72,000 seats, CenturyLink Field in Seattle is one of the largest stadiums in the XFL as well as one of the most beautiful.

Home to the infamous “12th Man” of the Seattle Seahawks defense, CenturyLink funnels the decibels directly down towards the opposing teams’ huddle.

While I don’t expect fans to be screaming and hollering as loud as they do for their beloved Seahawks, Seattle is a very young town and plenty of techies and artists will hopefully be inspired to be a little different and become XFL fans… for life!

Los Angeles Wildcats

Los Angeles Wildcats LogoHome: Dignity Health Sports Park

Oh, Wildcats… While an entirely appropriate team name for a Los Angeles squad, the Wildcats monaker just isn’t doing it for me.

They may get more love than the Chargers this year especially since long-time star QB Philip Rivers is now on the move. Actually, the city and whatever fans they have left may be happy to see the old man go.

I always loved his energy but his play this season was bordering on unwatchable. The Dignity Health Sports Park is not Club Med. I wouldn’t even put it up there with half of the SEC schools’ practice facilities.

But, hey, that will just add to the intimacy of the whole thing. It’s LA, though, and intimacy went out in the 80s.
This is Lebron’s town now and I don’t expect the Wildcats to get too much support when playing at home.

DC Defenders

DC Defenders LogoHome: Audi Field

Audi Field has been home to the Major League Soccer fan favorite DC United team for years now.

I have some good friends who have been superfans of this team for years and I don’t see why anyone else in the DC Area wouldn’t like to jump on board.

After an 11-point win in week one, it is already apparent that the DC Defenders are not only a better ran organization than the Washington Redskins but the Defenders would also be favored in a grudge match.

I’m not serious but I kinda am.

I like where this team is going with Pep Hamilton calling the plays and Cardale Jones under center. Also, the 20,000 seat capacity makes Audi Field a fun place to attend a game.

Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks LogoHome: TDECU Stadium

You gotta love a team named the Roughnecks, right? The Texans are a lot of fun, of course. Who doesn’t love DeShaun Watson’s magic from week to week? As stated earlier, though, the Astros are a disgrace and I hope their loyal fans aren’t in denial.

The Roughnecks couldn’t secure the same home as the NFL’s Houston Texans but they did find a spot of grass at the University of Houston.

It’s just a 40,000 seat capacity but we know how intense college football crowds and games can become. I love that the now 1-0 Roughnecks are playing at the U of H’s digs.

Dallas Renegades

Dallas Renegades LogoHome: Globe Life Park

The Renegades… It sounds… cliche for a Texas based team. But, goodness knows, anything is better than Cowgirls.

The Renegades will also have the advantageous pleasure of not having to play inside ‘Girl Stadium where Jerry’s Boys never forget to disappoint.

Globe Life Park was a baseball only facility but the XFL is a big deal now, y’all. Move over Rangers, we now have Renegades.

This just in:

Globe Life Park now belongs to the Dallas Renegades as Globe Life Field will be home to Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers beginning in the 2020 season.

In Conclusion

There you have it, XFL fans. Not every XFL team is sharing grass or turf with an NFL squad. Some will use the same stadiums as MLS teams.

Will a big stadium give a home XFL team more pride and a greater home-field advantage? Or will the smaller capacity stadiums make it truly feel like home and possibly even give some of these players a flashback to their glory years in high school or college?

We will see! I’m as excited as anyone for this season. XFL Week one went over without too many bumps in the road.

There was an f-bomb dropped on national television but these guys aren’t exactly baking cookies out there.

Now that we know where these teams play, maybe we can use these home-field advantages or lack thereof in our picks to cover or take the points.

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