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NaVi are the BLAST Premier Global Final champions! Yep, S1mple and the boys have hoisted the BLAST Premier 2020 title, wrapping up a fine year of CSGO in which they’ve been by far the most consistent team out there. It was another fine display by S1mple, but his teammates’ contributions aren’t to be taken for granted either. NaVi’s title is a well-deserved one, that’s for sure… but we’re not here to sing songs of praise for the CIS champions.

We’re here to hype up new esports betting endeavors… and betting on CS_Summit 7 ought to be the next big even worthy of your undivided attention!

Even though we’re talking about a smaller-scale event here, the stakes on CS_Summit 7 are still quite high. There’s $200,000 in the prize pool alongside twelve top-tier contestants hoping to start 2021 off on the right foot. Which of them will succeed? Well, that’s something we’ll discuss later on. For now, let’s focus on the betting aspects of the event!

Where to Bet on CS_Summit 7 | Best CSGO Bookies

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Tournament Format

This event features twelve teams, a mixture of NA and EU talents. It starts with three double-elimination groups with four teams in each. All matches are bo3, not just in the group stage but the playoffs as well (including the grand finals).

The top two teams from each group advance straight to the playoffs while all third-place teams and the best fourth-place team advance to the last chance stage. There, we’ll see a short single-elimination bracket that’ll give us the two final playoffs’ contestants. The main playoffs are also going to pan out in a single-elimination bracket.

The winning team is going home with $90,000, almost half of the total prize pool ($200,000).

The first group stage matches are set to stat in just a few hours. If you’re going to be betting on CS_Summit 7, the opening-round matches to be more precise, I’m afraid you don’t have a lot of time left! Hurry up or you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s contests!

CS_Summit 7 Betting Preview | Favorites

Obviously, seeing as the BLAST Premier Global Final has just been wrapped up, it would be silly to see some of the finalists participating on CS_Summit 7 too. Instead, BTS is proud to present some of EU and NA’s finest teams that didn’t quality for last week’s BLAST Premier madness.

Since there’s no NaVi, G2, Astralis, or Vitality, the race for the top spot will be that much more thrilling. At least five teams have excellent chances of hoisting the title here, which means betting on CS_Summit 7 is going to be all but straightforward.


Heroic LogoHeroic is the prime candidate for lifting the CS_Summit 7 trophy at the end of the event. And there are several reasons behind this claim. First off, they’ve been absolutely spectacular last year. Their rise to greatness has been well documented and they ought to continue pushing onward! Additionally, they’re coming into this event without a single roster alteration. We’re still looking at the good old Heroic 2020 roster that shook the scene last year!

Unfortunately, the end of 2020 is a period Heroic players will want to forget ASAP! After amazing summer and fall performances (for the most part), came a rough wake-up call that left Heroic scraping the bottom of several notable events.

Will their displays improve at the start of this year or are we to expect more of the same for the fallen Danes?

Well, it’s difficult to predict, really! Momentum means a lot in competitive CSGO, and it’s safe to say Heroic is all out of it. But, looking at NaVi’s BLAST Premier Global Final triumph, one could say they didn’t have any momentum either… but that didn’t stop them from stealing the show.

If Heroic can do the same, if they can rise from the ashes of poor late 2020 displays, I’m sure they’ll have a positive campaign… though I wouldn’t advise you to bet on them to win the event.


Team OG RedBull LogoOG was one of the nicest surprises in late 2020. They didn’t win any notable events, that’s true, but they almost went all the way on Flashpoint S2 which is a hefty feat in its own right. Combine that with a stellar display on IEM XV New York and you’ll understand why people label them as a nice surprise. To be honest, though, they didn’t leave a good impression on BLAST Premier Fall, but I’m expecting better things to come for OG this year.

OG are set to participate in group A together with Complexity, Fnatic, and Dignitas. It takes no genius to realize OG are the heavy favorites here. They ought to live up to that flattering title, especially knowing just what a form mantuu and valde were in late last year. At +500, OG to win outright might be the ideal long-term for betting on CS_Summit 7.

They are in good form, their roster is intact, and they have the perfect opportunity to start the event on the right foot!


FURIA LogoFURIA and Complexity are the only two teams that participated in BLAST Premier Global Final that will also participate in this event. However, both failed to win a single match on BLAST Premier, which means their form isn’t exactly a thing to admire.

Despite that, the Brazilians are still considered the second-best team on the event. Why is that so? Well, you can never count them out, especially on events that don’t feature top-tier EU sides like G2 or Astralis. FURIA’s consistency against lower-tier teams is through the roof, and that’s exactly what they’re basing their expectations around ahead of their first CS_Summit 7 matches.

There is a catch, though! You see, FURIA will be playing with not one but two new players.

Junior is their newest acquisition that will be replacing HEN1 in the starting roster. However, honda (FURIA Academy prospect) will have to step in for junior who’s having documentation issues. It’s a short-term thing, I’m sure of it, but he’ll definitely be missed! Are we going to see yet another poor performance by FURIA due to roster issues?


Mousesports LogoMousesports is the next team on our to-do list here. If betting on CS_Summit 7 is a must for you, you’ll definitely have to keep Mousesports on your radar. They might not have had the best 2020, but they’ll want to improve this year… and what better way to start off than with a proper performance on their first event of the year.

There is one big change in Mousesports’ roster that could expose their burning issues. As some of you already know, ChrisJ is no longer a part of Mousesports starting roster. He’s been replaced by acoR just a few days ago, prompting a potentially shaky competition that ought to bring winds of change to mousesports’ CSGO roster.

Mousesports is in group B with Heroic, Faze and MIBR. Typically, this wouldn’t be a problematic group for Mousesports, but it’s potentially the group of death for them, especially if we assume acoR is going to go through a baptism by fire in his Mousesports debut. It all depends on how the Dane adapts to his new surroundings. If he rises to the occasion, we might even see Mousesports contend for the silverware!


Virtus.Pro LogoLast but not least -Virtus.pro! How come Virtus.pro are on our list of the most notable CS_Summit 7 teams? Well, their 2020 was pretty good, actually! They did a splendid job with YEKINDAR – the young Latvian prodigy has developed into a world-class player and was the leading catalyst behind VP’s 2020 titles.

Yep, Virtus.pro has won a couple of events last year; a couple of notable events, to be more precise. The biggest one is obviously the Flashpoint Season 2 triumph which got them a hefty half a million in prize money.

What are VP’s expectations coming into 2021? Well, the most important one would be to keep YEKINDAR in their starting roster for at least another year. We’re talking about a world-class youngster here; a youngster that already has plenty of top-tier experience, but needs a ton more if he is to properly transition to a top-tier side. I’m not belittling VP, but there’s a whole new level of competitive CSGO above them.

As for this particular event, VP shouldn’t have issues with qualifying for the playoffs, be it straight through the group or via the last chance stage. Either way, in-form YEKINDAR should be enough to push them through, though their performance in the playoffs mainly depends on their luck of the draw.

Have we forgotten about Faze Clan?

They’re set to participate on CS_Summit 7 and surely they’re among the main title candidates seeing as the likes of NaVi, G2, and Astralis are out of the equation?

I’m afraid we haven’t forgotten about them – they’re just not the same team without NiKo. They still have a solid, relatively competitive roster, but the above-featured teams are either on point roster-wise or have been in vastly superior form than Faze Clan.

That said, if you’re already set for betting on CS_Summit 7, it’s best to avoid betting on Faze Clan. It’s just not worth it, no matter who they go up against… at least not until they figure their next move and do a good job on the transfer market.

Outright Betting on CS_Summit 7

According to all CSGO betting sites out there, Heroic and FURIA are the main favorites coming into this one. The odds on one of these two to win the event vary from +220 to +280. The Scandinavians enjoy the flattering title of the main favorites, though the Brazilians aren’t too far behind either.

Here’s a quick look at the entire outright winner table for betting on CS_Summit 7:

Heroic +220
FURIA +280
OG +500
Virtus.pro +600
Mousesports +700
Faze Clan +1000
Complexity +1200
Fnatic +1200
NiP +1200
Cloud9 +3000
MIBR +3000
Dignitas +10000

Value-wise, I don’t think there’s much to choose from here other than Virtus.pro at +600 and Mousesports at +700. The odds on FURIA and Heroic just aren’t worth the hassle and the rest of the table seems pretty bleak in comparison. In other words, either try going with Virtus.pro or Mousesports or skip outright betting on CS_Summit 7 altogether.


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