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CS Summit 8 CSGO

We’ve had plenty of thrilling CSGO action on the European RMR event Flashpoint. What about NA? What about teams like Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and FURIA? They’re eager to get their RMR story going too, hoping to snatch one of the spots leading to this October’s PGL Major Championship in Stockholm.

Well, their show is just about to start!

The first NA RMR this year is organized by Beyond The Summit. Yep, cs_summit 8 is the event we’re referring to here, the first step on NA teams’ road to the Major! Betting on cs_summit 8 is already a hot topic across the Atlantic pond, with the closed qualifiers being in full flow.

But, we’re not here for the qualifiers; we are here for the main event and it is just around the corner! In fact, let’s check out the main facts about the event before we start exploring its betting aspects!

  • Competing Teams: 8
  • Dates: 20th to 30th May
  • Location: NA Online
  • Stream: BTS Twitch Channel
  • Outright Favorites: FURIA, Liquid
  • Dark Horses: O Plano, Extra Salt

How to Start Betting on cs_summit 8?

Would you like to place a few wagers on cs_summit 8 matches, to spice things up in the watching department, if nothing else? Here’s a quick look at what you can expect as far as cs_summit 8 betting is concerned!

Where to Bet on This Event?

Betting on cs_summit 8 closed qualifier matches is available across the board. All somewhat important bookies feature odds for these CQ encounters. That said, we can expect even better coverage once the main event kicks off.

We can expect better odds too, and superior bet variety as well!

For a short list of the best CSGO betting sites out there, check out our CSGO bookies guide!

Tournament Format

If you’re going to be betting on cs_summit 8, you have to know some of the basics behind its format! The main event consists of two distinctive phases. The first one features two double-elimination groups with four teams and bo3 matches from start to finish.

Just one team in each group gets eliminated following the end of the group stage.

The tournament then switches to the second phase, playoffs! We’re looking at a double-elimination bracket here, one that also features bo3 matches. However, there’s a catch – the grand finals is scheduled for a bo5 which means the battle for 1600 RMR points is going to be epic!

cs_summit 8 Betting Preview | Participating Teams

Even though we still don’t know all eight participants (because the closed qualifier bracket isn’t done just yet), we’re still going to inspect the most notable participants.

No worries, we’ll say a word or two about CQ qualifiers too!

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses are the first thing we’re going to be discussing here! Brehze and the boys have gone through two important roster alterations. For those of you who aren’t in the know, MICHU and oBo are in, Tarik and Ethan are out.

the Pole’s debut didn’t go according to their plans! They lost both Funspark ULTi 2020 matches and were eliminated without a single win. Overall, their track record is absolutely heartbreaking. Just three wins over their last thirteen matches; that’s really bad coming for a team of EG’s caliber.

What can we expect from EG on cs_summit 8? Will they finally make a statement and perhaps turn a new page with solid performance? Well, I honestly don’t think so. I mean, MICHU and oBo are fine individuals, but it seems to be the spark from this EG roster is gone. They have to put in more work into the alterations if they want to get some decent results.


What’s up with EXTREMUM? Well, we’re looking at a relatively fresh roster that got formed following major disbands in the region. More precisely, EXTREMUM’s roster consists of ex 100T and Gen.G players. AZR, jkaem, Liazz, Gratisfaction, and BnTeT. Yep, EXTREMUM have a lot of fragging potential, that’s for sure… especially when you take into account that they have kassad as the coach and LETN1 as team manager and analyst.

They don’t yet have any major breakthroughs to boast about. Spring Sweet Spring #1 was their first somewhat decent campaign. They reached the quarterfinals but got beaten 2:1 by Fnatic.

Overall, though, EXTREMUM Could have a solid contest here. Every RMR point is important, and I’m sure the seasoned Aussie veterans are well aware of it.


The Brazilians are far from good form! They’ve been struggling since late 2020 and just can’t pick themselves up. And it’s not for the lack of trying – FURIA have been experimenting with a six-man roster following junior and honda’s arrival earlier this year… but so far, nothing has yielded good results. They are struggling across the board and are in dire need of a good result.

Please Note:
If they are to qualify for the upcoming PGL Major, they will need to rise up to the challenge and earn much-needed RMR points. But, even though they are already in the main event, looking back at their track record, FURIA boys will be in an uphill struggle.

The likes of yuurih and KSCERATO are in solid form, but they’ll need the rest of the team to push forward for a chance to do something notable here. So yeah, long story short, FURIA might not be the team to bet on for your cs_summit 8 betting campaign!

Team Liquid

The last of four direct main event participants is Team Liquid. Once the prime NA team and the second-best team in the world is barely scratching the top three in its own region. Team Liquid have a long way to go if they are to retrieve their long-lost glory.

  • Can they make it happen here?
  • Can they take the first step to secure qualification for the upcoming PGL Major this October?
Well, their recent track record doesn’t really suggest they’re going to have a blast on this event. If you’re thinking of betting on cs_summit 8 and Team Liquid is one of your go-to teams, you might be in for a shocker.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, though, it depends on how EliGE and NAF come into the first map.

Additional Contestants

We already know one contestant that’ll participate on the main event following two wins in the closed qualifiers. Extra Salt clinched the qualification following two 2:0 wins. First against GODSENT, then against the brand-new Brazilian contestant, O Plano.

We’ll find out the second of four teams in a few hours; the clash is between Bad News Bears and paiN Gaming.

However, this is a double-elimination bracket meaning no team is out of the equation just yet. The lower bracket starts tomorrow and we’re bound to see some exceptional matches going forward. The likes of Triumph and Team One are still in the mix, promising an interesting end to the closed qualifiers.

Outright Betting on cs_summit 8

At the time of writing this guide for betting on cs_summit 8, not a single bookie offered outright winner betting odds. That’s understandable since we still don’t know all participating teams. But, even once the last remaining teams qualify for the main event, I doubt CSGO bookmakers will accept the risk and present us with outright.

It’s just too risky, is all! These smaller online events have been nothing but one big upset after another, and it’s logical that bookies don’t want to deal with such unpredictability anymore.

If you’re a fan of outrights/futures, your best bet is to wait for IEM XVI Summer. It’s not that far away but it’s a big a** event, one CSGO bookies won’t be able to ignore as far as futures are concerned. Until then, I guess match-betting is what we’re doomed for!


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