Does Betting on the Overwatch League Make Sense in 2022?

Does Overwatch League Betting Still Make Sense

The 2022 season of the Overwatch League is right around the corner which means it’s the perfect moment for us to pose an endlessly interesting question: does betting on competitive Overwatch still make sense? It’s been over six months since the last time the league was in session which, frankly, is an eternity in esports terms.

In the meantime, VALORANT took over, the whole world went through yet another bout with the COVID-19 pandemic, Activision Blizzard got acquired by Microsoft, and Overwatch, as a whole, became even more irrelevant.

In other words: the esports landscape has changed a ton.

It’s not that there’s no more room for Overwatch and its competitive component, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that the game itself has lost a lot of its luster. It’s “old news” by this point, and even though there’s a sequel coming out it’s not going to change much in that regard — if anything at all.

It will draw a fair bit of attention, but all of it will be short-lived. Of that you can be certain.

A lack of updates and balance changes and hero releases have left a huge mark on its growth and overall popularity.

The number of mistakes Blizzard made throughout the last few years is beyond counting. There’s really no other way to say it. Their read on what fans wanted and what the game needed to further grow and evolve was completely off the markand we’re really putting it nicely here.

So no one should be overly surprised to see Overwatch fade from memory and dwindle in popularity. It was inevitable. And even though there’s still a respectable number of people playing Overwatch, no one’s optimistic about its future nor is anyone fostering any kind of hope that things will somehow take a turn for the better further down the line.

We’ve gone past the point of redemption. And it pains us to say it, too. The game is as fun and electrifying as it gets, and even its competitive side — flawed though it certainly is — had its many unique standout moments and surprisingly long stretches of brilliance.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough — Blizzard botched it in basically every single way they could, and so now we are left to wonder: does competitive Overwatch have a future and, perhaps more importantly, does betting on it still make sense in 2022?


2022 | Overwatch Betting — Definitely Worth It

Betting on competitive Overwatch always made sense, and that still holds true even in 2022 — in spite of all the many unfavorable circumstances surrounding this most idiosyncratic MOBA-like FPS.

The reason why is quite simple: outcomes are fairly easy to predict (at least more often than not). Overwatch, as an esport, is much less volatile than, say, League of Legends or DOTA. Upsets can still happen, of course, but nowhere near as often.

There’s a very big gap between the few best teams and everyone else; the gap is basically insurmountable, and the same goes for individual players as well — the best ones are so much better and more adept at the game that most match-ups sort of feel like a foregone conclusion.

Things get a bit harder to predict once the playoffs come around and the very best challengers start trading heavy blows, but everything leading up to that point is sort of straight-forward.

The very start of the season is always chaotic as everyone’s trying to figure out what the best and most optimal way of playing the game is, but once that happens, the status quo rarely changes, and even when it does it’s in a relatively predictable manner.

2022 might be a bit more volatile in that regard, but the point stands nonetheless.

A Different Kind of Status Quo

The biggest challenge with this season, in particular, is that so many of OWL’s stars and veterans have either retired or have transitioned over to VALORANT — and they’re not looking back. This means that the League as a whole is going to look a whole lot different than what anyone expected.

In other words: we still don’t know who’s good and why. We do have a fairly solid sample size at our disposal to base certain predictions upon, but that is by no means enough for us to make any kind of sweeping statement in regards to who’ll come out on top.

This basically means that betting on the 2022 season of the Overwatch League isn’t going to be as “easy” as it was in the past. That, too, will change for the better in a few months’ time, but we’ll still witness absolute chaos early on.

So, to answer the initial question: yes, betting on the Overwatch League still makes sense, even though it’ll be ever so slightly more challenging in 2022.

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