Dream Fight Betting Preview: Georges St Pierre vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Vs GSP A Possibility

Could this fight really actually happen?

No way.


I believe it will.

It is really screwing with my fandom, though!

I like Justin Gaethje and his approach to fighting.

  • He simplifies things so well and his head coach, Trevor Wittman, is my favorite in the game today.
  • He doesn’t have a ton of fighters he works with but the ones he does are at the highest level.

I am seriously pulling for Justin Gaethje against Khabib Nurmagomedov when they scrap on Fight Island in just a couple of weeks.

If Gaethje wins, though, there definitely won’t be a Georges St Pierre vs Khabib fight.

I don’t even want to think about this mental conundrum any longer. GSP and Khabib is a dream fight if I ever heard one.

If GSP fought Conor McGregor, he would be heavily favored due to his offensive wrestling.

So, that fight is no fun.

Besides, Conor McGregor is working on a rematch with Dustin Poirier to use him as a warm up for a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao!

Fighting has never been more exciting!

Let’s assume for a second that Khabib defeats Justin Gaethje in dominant/convincing fashion on October 24th.

What are the odds that he fights Georges?

That I don’t know but I believe they are good.

I have seen “Rush” doing more interviews lately and the subject always comes up.

He isn’t denying it either. These guys are businessmen so I expect nothing less from the best.

BetOnline.AG has betting odds available for this hypothetical dream matchup.

Let’s look at those, break down the fight, and make a preliminary prediction on a winner for the potential super fight between Georges Rush St Pierre and Khabib The Eagle Nurmagomedov.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Georges St Pierre

Opening Betting Odds

Khabib Moneyline
St Pierre Moneyline

Current Betting Odds

Khabib Moneyline
St Pierre Moneyline

There are no prop bets available and there were no other online sportsbooks who have released betting lines for this possible fight.

BetOnline.AG leading the way again?

I can totally understand the money coming in on Khabib at (-200).

That denotes only a 66% chance of victory.

That’s about the best I could do, though.

I don’t think I can go higher than that in a bet against Georges St Pierre.

He was the longtime champion at 170 pounds and even came back not too long ago, albeit only for a few minutes, and won the 185-pound strap as well.

I don’t necessarily think he is that much bigger than Khabib, though.

I have trained with Georges a couple of times and he does not really have a big frame.

There are plenty of Welterweights at 170 pounds who have much larger bone structures than St Pierre.

The UFC website has him listed at 5’11”.

Where’s Maury Povich at?

That is a lie. I’m a 6’1” and have been for a long time and I towered over Georges.

His legs were bigger than my waist and his shoulders bigger than my legs but he is not a naturally big dude.

Khabib is listed at 5’10 with a 70-inch reach.

That sounds about right. Most of his size is in his thickness, not his length.

GSP, though, as long as they aren’t fudging the reach like they did the height, has 6 inches to his advantage vs the Dagestani star.

Georges’s massive reach paired with his near perfect jab for mixed martial arts was a great start to any fight.

Georges St Pierre has always been able to take the fight where he wants it or just keep the fight where he wants it.

Against a great wrestler like Josh Koscheck who was merely a huge right hand or bust kind of striker, Georges just stood and jabbed his way to victory.

If he didn’t want to stand and strike with someone quite skilled on their feet and/or muy peligroso, GSP would just take them down, with ease I might add.

Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz are two perfect examples of excellent strikers who he dominated with offensive wrestling.

He took the two men down a combined 16 times.

I never really looked at Georges’s takedown accuracy statistics and my gawsh!


I just wrote a piece on the best takedown artists in mixed martial arts today. I didn’t look at GSP because he is retired but 74% over a career like his should have gotten an honorable mention or something.

He averaged over 4 takedowns per 15 minutes so he was attempting almost 6 per fight throughout his UFC career.

To maintain a 74% takedown accuracy percentage through all of those title defenses and wins is just incredible.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is widely known as the best wrestler in MMA today.

His perfection of the leg tie and the Dagestani handcuff have changed the game.

Khabib, though, has not faced nearly the level of grapplers in his MMA career that GSP was able to defeat.

I’m gonna make some people mad with this one but Khabib’s resume is not mind-blowing nor is it complete.

Georges St Pierre, as much crap as I give him for not being the GOAT over Anderson Silva, has a completed resume.

Khabib’s Incomplete Resume
  • He began his UFC career 16-0 after running through many of his countryman who I assume were mostly decent fighters but no big names yet
  • He walked through most of his early competition inside the Octagon until he got to Gleison Tibau
  • The Brazilian powerhouse is built like, well you know
  • His wrestling and grappling along with his muscles were very strong
  • Khabib was able to win but some still say it was a bad decision
  • His first big name was another Brazilian, Rafael Dos Anjos, and he won a unanimous decision
  • This put Khabib on the map
  • Next up-well he has 3 fights in a row cancelled and the first of the Tony Ferguson series that never was
  • So, 2 years off, and he fights Darrell Horcher to knock off the rust and he does
  • At 23-0, Khabib fights Michael Johnson who is 17-10 at the time, a very athletic wrestler with fast hands and a knack for fighting up to his competition
  • He’s a decent wrestler but as an MMA fighter, MJ is a striker
  • Khabib had fun with him talking smack the entire fight.
  • Maybe he wanted a higher level opponent and that was his way of showing the UFC he was tired of fighting guys below his level
  • Next was Edson Barboza another Brazilian striker, ehem theme here
  • Barboza is a horrible matchup for the BJJ guy with okay to good wrestling but he is a perfect matchup for the Kevin Lee’s and Khabib’s of the MMA world
  • Two more fights against Tony Ferguson have been cancelled by now
  • This leads us to Tony tearing his knee ligaments off the bone by tripping over some cords, hmmm, and now Nurmagomedov is fighting a late replacement for the vacant belt
  • Enter Al Iaquinta-a good wrestler but for MMA, he is a striker and not that good of one as he refuses to use any of his other 6 limbs in a fight other than his hands
  • Now, Khabib is the champ after beating how many top five fighters?
  • Dos Anjos was pretty good in 2014. That is his biggest win so far and RDA now has 13 losses on his record
  • Dustin Poirier is next-another striker, primarily a boxer who wrestled in high school but was never high level
  • Then, most recently, of course, he fought Conor McGregor-boxer

Do you see now why his resume is incomplete?

Where are the All American wrestlers?

He fought Pat Healy who lettered in high school and also wrestled in college at the Division II level.

Pat lost his next 3 fights after Khabib and was cut from the UFC, though.

He finished his career with a record of 36-24.

I just gave you guys about 20 more reasons to tune into UFC 254 and see Justin Gaethje, an All American wrestler at the Division I level, challenge Khabib Nurmagomedov and his gameplan.

I don’t have much doubt that Khabib will take down and defeat most anyone in the UFC, at 155 and probably 170 pounds too.

He is rumored to cut down from 190 to the Lightweight limit of 155 pounds.

That’s intense.

I have heard of Gray Maynard cutting that much to make 55.

Blows my mind!

If those guys are cutting 35 pounds then who is to say someone who walks around at 210 isn’t cutting down to 170.

When I met GSP, I asked him what weight he walked around at and he said 194.

That seems like a good number for Welterweights.

Let’s take a look now at the resume of Georges St Pierre.

GSP’s Complete Resume
  • Georges has been fighting big names ever since he turned pro
  • He didn’t wait until fight number 18 to step it up like that bear hugger
  • Jay Heiron, Thomas Denny, Pete Spratt, Karo Parysian…these are dangerous guys
  • Those were fights professional fights 3 through 6 for the French Canadian
  • At 23 years old with 6 pro fights, GSP fought Matt Hughes, arguable the most dominant wrestler in the history of MMA
  • This was for the UFC’s Welterweight World Title and GSP came up short
  • Hot got reversed into an armbar as he searched for the kimura
  • What was important is that he was searching for a sub. That meant he could get back to that position again
  • He beat Mayhem Miller next who was a solid fighter, bat guano crazy but he beat Tim Kennedy in the Green Beret’s prime
  • That was impressive right there
  • GSP did have the fluke loss to Matt Serra because he was jabbing down to the shorter man without lowering his level thus allowing his shoulder to protect his chin
  • He redeemed that loss bigtime finishing the New Yorker with knees to the body on the ground
  • Rough way to go
  • Since then, GSP is 13-0 and while not many finishes to note, his domination was undeniable
  • He fought and defeated fighters from several generations and they came in all shapes, styles, and sizes

Most people will tell you that GSP is the GOAT but the longer Khabib keeps taking down and submitting boxing based fighters, the more casual fans will jump off the GSP wagon and onto the Dagestani GOAT truck.

Who Wins?

We can’t make that call just yet.

Definitely don’t miss the main event of UFC 254, though!

That will tell us quite a bit.

Justin doesn’t have the same style as Georges Rush St Pierre but he is an excellent wrestler and if Khabib is able to shut him down completely, then a GSP fight would be even more intriguing.

I think where the betting odds are right now, the value lays with the Canadian.

(+200) is pretty solid.


If Nurmagomedov dominates Gaethje, we can get an even better price on Georges.

I will wait on that.

In Conclusion

What a fight this would be!

Georges St Pierre vs Khabib Nurmagomedov would undoubtedly be the biggest mixed martial arts fight of all-time.


All the people still crying about Tony and Khabib even though their gangly hero was exposed are going to have to accept that Tony isn’t GSP.

Only GSP is GSP.

Much like the greats before and after him, Georges remains one of a kind.

There hasn’t been another MMA fighter to come along and blend the styles together so seamlessly.

Khabib is dominant. We have to give him that.

He is one of the GOATS, yea, but the GOAT.

The (-250) favorite over St Pierre, a fighter who matches up with him on paper FAR better than anyone he has ever fought?

I don’t know about all of that.

GSP is 39. There is that but he has something like 1 mile on his tires post 35.

Gonna be a great fight if it happens!

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